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 Die Abenteuer Von Hutzlibub Dem Wichtelmann Johannes All 9783842368668 Books on Demand
Hutzlibub - der suA e, kleine Wichtelmann ist nur 15 cm groA - aber mit seiner lustigen, liebenswerten Art gelingt es ihm immer, im normalen Alltag Abenteuer zu erleben. Wer Naturwesen mag, kommt hier voll auf seine Kosten. Man kann die Geschichten immer wieder lesen oder auch vorlesen... Fur groA e und kleine Leser Ein spirituelles, liebevoll zu lesendes (Kinder)Buch Am Ende des Buches...
cena: 69,93
Die Abenteuer Von Hutzlibub Dem Wichtelmann
 The Kid Detective Andrew Pozza 9781494716318 Createspace
Three mysteries from the case files of Kid Detective, Bobby Easley. Cookie Monster Another cookie has gone missing without a trace. No crumbs. Never any crumbs...The Crumbler. Looks like the perfect job for kid detective and cookie enthusiast, Bobby Easley, but cracking the case of The Crumbler proves to be complicated. Forensic evidence is scarce. A ten year old only has so many resources. Bobby...
cena: 42,28
The Kid Detective
 Different Dragons  9781906442064 Dodo Books
Everyone has dragons. Charlie is best friends with his. Mandy doesn't recognise hers until she loses her spaceship. The only way to travel in the universe of the imagination is by dragon. With line illustrations.
cena: 32,28
Different Dragons
 Starallax Revenger Steve Moran 9781482301069 Createspace
When the Galactic Coloniser Class starship Starallax 743 was attacked by aliens all of the adults disappeared, leaving the children to be brought up by the ship's computer. Ten years later the aliens were tracked down to a distant planet, far away from the space highways. Unknown to civilisation, it was ideal for human life. Those who live on it call it Earth. To take revenge on the aliens the...
cena: 55,32
Starallax Revenger
cena: 69,93
Bert Lloyd's Boyhood
 Wutend Rasend Amuk Isolde Feix Chris Silver 9783000483721 Isolde Feix
cena: 44,72
Wutend Rasend Amuk
 Bittersweet Farm 11: Partial Stranger Barbara Morgenroth 9780692486184 Dashingbooks
A couple who should have been together forever calls it quits. An uninvited visitor arrives and turns life upside down. An interview has surprising ramifications and, days away from the Miry Brook Hunt Club show, Greer and Talia take a trip. There is more excitement at Miry Brook than anyone counted on and a resolution to a long-standing issue.
cena: 44,32
Bittersweet Farm 11: Partial Stranger
 Beyond Heights and Depths Christian Brown Charli Infante 9781533184108 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
As I awaken in the dark warmth of this terrifying place, laid out on the strangely uneven ground, I open my eyes to see the true horrors this place was built upon...She is supposed to be near where I landed. If I don't reach her soon, we will be doomed to remain in eternal fire and pain forever. Are soul mates real, or just a fairy tale? What if you found your soul mate, but you had to fight your...
cena: 42,28
Beyond Heights and Depths
Der Maulwurf liebt sein kleines Auto und seinen Ball. Aber am schönsten ist es, zusammen mit seinen Freunden zu spielen.
cena: 32,98
Spielen mit dem kleinen Maulwurf
 Our Animals Oxfam  9781845079741 0
People all around the world keep animals for company as pets, for food & clothing, for carrying loads. Pigs, donkeys, goats & sheep are just some of the many types of animals that help us. This book, perfect to share with a young child, has large clear photographs of different children & their animals from all around the world.
cena: 66,60
Our Animals
 Exotics #3: The Subterranean Sanctuary De Kenyon 9781494755591 Createspace
Mr. Hightower snorted. "At any rate, it's only you, dear Rachael, that we need, not these others. They can go." Returning home again after the terrible events at Xanadu House, Rachael Baptiste has learned not to trust humans...because they might be part of the Lighthouse Parents, a hostile group out to arrest and destroy the Exotics. Her parents do nothing about argue. Her Exotic friends pretend...
cena: 54,29
Exotics #3: The Subterranean Sanctuary
 Elsie Dinsmore  9781406802061 The Echo Library
cena: 69,93
Elsie Dinsmore
Der Affe im Kühlschrank
Ein Kinderbuch über eine überraschende Begegnung und schlaue Geheimnisse
Markus Schnurpfeil · Marc Kirschvink
Im Kühlschrank wohnt ein kleiner Affe. Der malt Wörter in die Butter und nascht sie Stück für Stück auf. Als Wort-Erforscher kommt der Affe leckeren Geheimnissen auf die Spur.
Die Geschichte vom kleinen Affen begeistert mit ihrer einfühlsamen Sprache. In...
cena: 50,24
Der Affe im Kühlschrank
 One Blue Ribbon: Childhood Remembrances of a Home Town and School John W. Spencer 9781612252629 Mirror Publishing
Zachary Stevens begins a childhood journey with many twists and turns. Set in the Midwest during the 1950's, a boy comes into adolescence and very quickly must deal with the vagaries of life. An alcoholic father fails his family, a divorce ensues, and an ashamed, frightened youngster looks for support from a hometown, a mother, a grandmother, plus neighborhood friends.At school, kids become his...
cena: 52,00
One Blue Ribbon: Childhood Remembrances of a Home Town and School
 Ginger: Orphan Filly Frank Roderus 9781535271851 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A filly has lost its mother and will be killed if Leonard and his sister, Lynn, don't step in and save her. But talking their parents into letting them raise an orphan filly isn't easy They know nothing about horses, but they want to save Ginger and make her their own. Taking care of sweet Ginger brings the Dawkins kids more excitement-and love-than they ever could have imagined.
cena: 42,28
Ginger: Orphan Filly
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