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 Blank Comic Book: 8.5 X 11 Blank Comic Book Size with 100 Border Design for Each Page Blank Comic Book Nerd                    Kanomkrok 9781546465393 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Blank Comic Book
Gift for you. Blank Comic Book is best way to practice your creativity & relaxing in the same time.
Blank Comic Book details:
- Cover: Tough matte paperback.
- Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" easier to carry around with you all the time.
- Binding: Paper back retail standard
- 100 pages of blank comic book on thick white paper.
- Each page...
cena: 38,81
Blank Comic Book: 8.5 X 11 Blank Comic Book Size with 100 Border Design for Each Page
 Challenging Submissions: Issue 02 Writing Knights Press 9781545490778 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
...poetry should be subversive turning your heart and mind against one another, making them rivals and best friends because of it. poetry should challenge the reader without alienating them. stimulate them without stringing them out. it should be concise without being spare. poetry should be a lover you can never get enough of...
cena: 67,33
Challenging Submissions: Issue 02
 Sin Barreras Jorge Luis Oter 9781542948487 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Jorge Luis Otero Hernandez (Un ex-preso politico anti comunista), nacio en Noviembre 25 de 1954 en Guanabacoa ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. Fueron sus padres ya fallecidos, Francisco A. Otero Gallo, natural de Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, y Juana D. Hernandez Concepcion, natural de Union De Reyes, provincia de Matanzas, Cuba. Casado con Blanca Rosa Cardoso Rodriguez. Natural de La Habana, Cuba. Con ella...
cena: 51,05
Sin Barreras
 Capture the Castle  Smiles, Sam|||Craven, Tim|||Marshall, Steve 9781911408055
cena: 132,30
Capture the Castle
 The Duke of Wellington, Kidnapped!: The Incredible True Story of the Art Heist That Shocked a Nation Alan Hirsch Noah Charney 9781619029521 Counterpoint LLC
In 1961, a thief broke into the National Gallery in London and committed the most sensational art heist in British history. He stole the museum's much prized painting, The Duke of Wellington by Francisco Goya. Despite unprecedented international attention and an unflagging investigation, the case was not solved for four years, and even then, only because the culprit came forward...
cena: 71,98
The Duke of Wellington, Kidnapped!: The Incredible True Story of the Art Heist That Shocked a Nation
 Vasily Kandinsky Hajo Duchting 9783777427591 Hirmer Verlag GmbH
Vasily Kandinsky was one of the first painters of abstract art and a founding member of the Blue Rider movement. Although he trained as a lawyer, Kandinsky abandoned this career path to devote himself to art, both as a creator and an influential teacher and theorist at the Bauhaus. Over time, Kandinsky's works grew more abstract, and he is best known for large, expressive paintings that free...
cena: 56,45
Vasily Kandinsky
 Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects: Objects and Spaces Jo Nagasaka 9789492311146 Frame Publishers

The evolution of Jo Nagasaka's design process is unveiled in this unique publication about his studio's work. The wide-ranging portfolio of the Japanese firm Schemata Architects demonstrates its strengths and inspirational vision. Pinpointing the founder's creative spark is what this book is all about. Projects range from residential and retail interiors, large-scale installations and...

cena: 167,58
Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects: Objects and Spaces
 Florence Sketchbook Fabrice Moireau 9789814610216 Editions Didier Millet
Florence - capital of Tuscany, birthplace of the Renaissance, and a UNESCO Word Heritage Site -- is shown in this book through the depictions of its architectural wealth, iconic monuments and its working-class areas. From churches to museums, gardens to palaces, and small squares to twisting narrow streets, Fabrice Moireau has created a vivid portrait of the city where the Medicis, Leonardo da...
cena: 122,54
Florence Sketchbook
 Stained Glass at York Minster Sarah Brown 9781785510731 Scala Arts Publishers Inc.
-Offers an opportunity to appreciate the details of the famous windows of York Minster up close -Stunningly illustrated with new photography -The ground plan provides a valuable guide for visitors The 128 windows of York Minster are the eighth wonder of the world; they illustrate the art and craft of glass painting, extending over nine centuries. York is also an international center for the study...
cena: 81,90
Stained Glass at York Minster
 Graft - Home. Story: New Residential and Hospitality Architecture Graft 9783035611625 Birkhauser

Founded in 1998 in Los Angeles, Graft is an international architectural firm with branch offices in Berlin and Beijing. The firm is renowned for its experimental design practice and futuristic design vocabulary. This publication documents projects in the residential realm - whether permanent or temporary, or for holiday or work.

cena: 240,35
Graft - Home. Story: New Residential and Hospitality Architecture
 Slovak Architecture Yearbook: 2014 / 2015 Henrieta Moravcikova 9788055623894 Slovart Publishing, Ltd.
The Slovak Architecture Yearbook is a long-term project that will present a regular insight into Slovak contemporary architecture. The nineteen architectural pieces that are part of the yearbook are the best from the Slovak architecture scene in 2014 and 2015. The decisive factor in the shortlisted pieces was how the individual works contributed to broader architectural discussion in the...
Slovak Architecture Yearbook: 2014 / 2015
 Chromaphilia: The Story of Color in Art Stella Paul 9780714873893 Phaidon Press

Unlock the secrets of color - learn how and why it has been used in art over the centuries

This vibrant and compelling book uses 240 artworks as case studies to tell the story of ten individual colors or color groups. It explores the history and meaning of each color in art, highlighting fascinating tales of discovery and artistic passion, and offering easily accessible...

cena: 199,84
Chromaphilia: The Story of Color in Art
 Gerald Squires Gerald Squires Stan Dragland Michael Crummey 9781897141823 Pedlar Press
There could be no more generous person than was Newfoundland artist Gerry Squires. Unlike David Blackwood in Ontario, Squires was a fully participating member of his Newfoundland community. His paintings and drawings graced the covers and the guts of many books, especially but not only of poetry, books by David Elliott, Enos Watts, Mary Dalton, Percy Janes, Tom Dawe and Des Walsh, magazines like...
cena: 317,94
Gerald Squires
 50 Modern Artists You Should Know Christiane Weidemann 9783791383385 Prestel Publishing
Now available in a new edition, this chronologically arranged volume covers a century and a half of masterpieces which beautifully capture the development of art in the modern age.Now available in a new edition, this chronologically arranged volume covers a century and a half of masterpieces which beautifully capture the development of art in the modern age. Starting with James Abbott McNeill...
cena: 81,85
50 Modern Artists You Should Know
 Weymouth & Portland in 50 Buildings  Megoran, John 9781445665009 In 50 Buildings
From the days of being one of the country's most popular seaside resorts and the summer residence of George III, through prominent roles in both world wars, to being a departure point for cross-channel ferries, to their current status as a major sailing venue, Weymouth and Portland have a proud and distinctive identity. This extraordinary history is embodied in the buildings that have shaped the...
cena: 81,85
Weymouth & Portland in 50 Buildings
 Smart Landscape Images Publishing 9781864706574 Images Publishing Group
SMART Landscape is a significant contribution to the conversation on sustainable landscape design, providing energy efficient models and water saving landscape ideas. There are many factors that would help realize energy efficient landscapes, including (but not limited to) the use of energy saving lamps, such as LED; the integration and adoption of renewable energy, including solar-powered and...
cena: 182,70
Smart Landscape
 Miracle Miracle 9781366917805 Blurb
cena: 67,76
 Passivhaus-Bauteilkatalog: Sanierung: Okologisch Bewertete Konstruktionen Fur Den Sanierungseinsatz Ibo Osterreichisches Institut Fur 9783035609547 Birkhauser

Eine okologische Sanierung nach Passivhaus-Standard benotigt Know-how und Erfahrung. Das Buch ist deshalb als Planungswerkzeug konzipiert, das bestehende Losungen systematisch aufarbeitet: Bauphysikalische, konstruktive und okologische Fallbeispiele wurden nach der erfolgreichen Darstellungsweise des IBO Passivhaus Bauteilkatalogs einheitlich mit Regelquerschnitten und Anschlussdetails in...

cena: 380,92
Passivhaus-Bauteilkatalog: Sanierung: Okologisch Bewertete Konstruktionen Fur Den Sanierungseinsatz
 Epic Tales from Ancient India: Paintings from the San Diego Museum of Art Marika Sardar Neeraja Poddar Qamar Adamjee 9780300223729 San Diego Museum of Art
Exploring the topic of narrativity in Indian art, this beautiful and deeply researched book considers illustrations to the Bhagavata Purana, the Ramayana, the Ragamala, and a range of texts in the Persian language, notably the Shahnama. Featuring stunning reproductions of paintings made between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries from the Edwin Binney 3rd Collection...
cena: 142,38
Epic Tales from Ancient India: Paintings from the San Diego Museum of Art
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