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 The Art of Jeffrey Rubinoff James Fox 9781771621298 Douglas & McIntyre
Jeffrey Rubinoff is one of the great sculptors in steel of the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1970s and '80s he exhibited widely in the United States and Canada alongside Anthony Caro, Mark di Suvero and George Rickey, among others. However, in the early 1990s Rubinoff withdrew from the art world altogether and concentrated on creating an extraordinary sculpture park on Hornby...
cena: 152,95
The Art of Jeffrey Rubinoff
 Boot Camp 666 Anthony Labson 9781542881272 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Let's be honest when I say that we've all seen children who we thought needed some form of help. Whether it's watching them running around in public areas or you see them acting like fools on daytime talk shows. The fun part about those shows is watching an authority figure come out and teaching the kids right from wrong. That's where the idea came for Boot Camp 666 came in. I decided to come up...
cena: 39,60
Boot Camp 666
 The Empress of Art: Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia Susan Jaques 9781681774206 Pegasus Books

Intelligent and determined, Catherine modeled herself off of her grandfather in-law, Peter the Great, and sought to further modernize and westernize Russia. She believed that the best way to do this was through a ravenous acquisition of art, which Catherine often used as a form of diplomacy with other powers throughout Europe. She was a self-proclaimed -glutton for art- and she would be...

cena: 73,57
The Empress of Art: Catherine the Great and the Transformation of Russia
 Realistic Flowers: A Hand-Drawn Coloring Book (Volume 2) Queenie Wong 9781542393195 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This book Contains 25 hand-drawn realistic flowers for coloring. It includes flowers grow on the ground, trees, and in the water. Color pencils are suggested.
cena: 36,10
Realistic Flowers: A Hand-Drawn Coloring Book (Volume 2)
 Prince A to Z: The Life of an Icon from Alphabet Street to Jay Z Steve Wide Alice Oehr 9781925418385 Smith Street Books
An illustrated A to Z, celebrating the unparalleled artistic impact of cultural icon Prince.
This decidedly not-for-kids illustrated A-Z celebrates the many faces and facets of the legend that was Prince. From -Alphabet Street- (the first single off his iconic Lovesexy album) to Jay Z (Tidal being the only place to stream his music on his passing), Prince A to Z is densely...
cena: 65,64
Prince A to Z: The Life of an Icon from Alphabet Street to Jay Z
 Color with Music Redneck Roadtrip Newbourne Media 9781988603032 Newbourne Media
cena: 57,86
Color with Music Redneck Roadtrip
 Atelier Kempe Thill: Villa Urbaine Atelier Kempe Thill 9783775742139 Hatje Cantz Publishers
Rotterdam-based architectural firm Atelier Kempe Thill builds urban villas in cities such as Paris, Antwerp, Zwolle and Bremen. This volume features their varied projects, each nationally and even regionally specific, providing a panoramic view of the development of collective housing in Europe today.
cena: 184,33
Atelier Kempe Thill: Villa Urbaine
 Art Nouveau in Buenos Aires Anat Meidan 9788434313613 Ediciones Poligrafa S.A.
Buenos Aries boasts a number of impressive buildings in a range of architectural styles. But when Anat Meidan, an art collector with a passion for La Belle Epoque, moved to the city, she was delighted to discover how much of the city's Art Nouveau architecture from the early 20th century had survived. The author set about researching these extraordinary buildings as well as the people who...
cena: 224,60
Art Nouveau in Buenos Aires
 Milk and Honey Parody: Grab Her by the Pusheen and Other Poetries Milk and Honey Parody: Grab Her by the Pusheen and O John Trumpet 9781366268730 Blurb
This book is written for all Americans who love poetry and Donald trump. Please stop reading unless you have got good sense of humor.
cena: 39,31
Milk and Honey Parody: Grab Her by the Pusheen and Other Poetries Milk and Honey Parody: Grab Her by the Pusheen and O
 Moving (Across) Borders: Performing Translation, Intervention, Participation Gabriele Brandstetter Holger Hartung 9783837631654 Transcript Verlag, Roswitha Gost, Sigrid Noke
As performative and political acts, translation, intervention, and participation are movements that take place across, along, and between borders. Such movements traverse geographic boundaries, affect social distinctions, and challenge conceptual categorizations--while shifting and transforming lines of separation themselves. This book brings together choreographers, movement practitioners, and...
cena: 162,81
Moving (Across) Borders: Performing Translation, Intervention, Participation
 Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore Terry Newman 9780062428301 Harper Design

Discover the signature sartorial and literary style of fifty men and women of letters, including Maya Angelou; Truman Capote; Colette; Bret Easton Ellis; Allen Ginsberg; Patti Smith; Karl Ove Knausgaard; and David Foster Wallace; in this unique compendium of profiles--packed with eighty black-and-white photographs, excerpts, quotes, and fast facts--that illuminates their impact on modern...

cena: 125,33
Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore
 100 Essential Silent Film Comedies James Roots 9781442278240 Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
From the moment films were first produced, comedy has been a key feature of cinema. From just before the turn of the twentieth century until the early 1930s, audiences celebrated the brilliant humor of cinematic clowns who left their marks forever. We still remember--and laugh at--the hilarious antics of Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and many others. In 100 Essential Silent Film...
cena: 259,69
100 Essential Silent Film Comedies
 Pierre & Gilles: Clair-Obscur Sophie Duplaix Michel Poivert Marc Donnadieu 9782390250029 Lannoo Publishers
-This book offers a selection of 80 of Pierre & Gilles' hand-painted photographs from prestigious collections -Winner of the Grand Prix de Photographie of the city of Paris in 1993, their fame has grown ever since, boasting huge popularity in Asia, France and the USA Renowned for their sophisticated portraiture - a mixture of painting and photography - Pierre & Gilles magnify the ordinary and...
cena: 157,88
Pierre & Gilles: Clair-Obscur
 Think Big Paint Small: Oil Painting Easier, Faster and Better Joyce Washor 9781440346996 North Light Books
Discover the pleasures of creating big art on a small canvas

There are plenty of reasons to paint small. Smaller canvases allow you to enjoy everything you love about oil painting with less expense, less mess, less space and less time. What could be better?

Think Big Paint Small (previously published as Big Art Small Canvas and updated with new...
cena: 97,55
Think Big Paint Small: Oil Painting Easier, Faster and Better
 Intelligent Infrastructure: Zip Cars, Invisible Networks, and Urban Transformation T. F. Tierney 9780813939483 University of Virginia Press

While many of its traditional elements, such as roads and utilities, do not change, urban infrastructure is undergoing a fascinating and necessary transformation in the wake of new information and communication technologies. This volume brings together many of the most important new voices in the fields impacting modern urban infrastructure to explore this revolutionary change in the city.

cena: 191,06
Intelligent Infrastructure: Zip Cars, Invisible Networks, and Urban Transformation
 Fashion Fibers: Bundle Book + Studio Access Card Annie Gullingsrud 9781501327599 Fairchild Books

Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability is an accessible reference tool for fashion students and designers who want to learn how to make decisions to enhance the sustainability potential in common fibers used in the fashion industry. Drawing upon industry expertise, the book introduces readers to the fundamentals of fiber production and the product lifecycle. It features a...

cena: 346,40
Fashion Fibers: Bundle Book + Studio Access Card
 The Art of: Rockwell Kent Kipepeo Publishing 9781544293073 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Art of ... is a photo book series by Kipepeo Publishing.
cena: 56,27
The Art of: Rockwell Kent
 The Making of a Modern Art World: Institutionalisation and Legitimisation of Guohua in Republican Shanghai Pedith Pui Chan 9789004338098 Brill
The Making of A Modern Art World explores the artistic institutions and discursive practices prevailing in Republican Shanghai, aiming to reconstruct the operational logic and the stratified hierarchy of Shanghai s art world. Using guohua as the point of entry, this book interrogates the discourse both of guohua itself, and the wider discourse of Chinese modernism in the...
cena: 896,47
The Making of a Modern Art World: Institutionalisation and Legitimisation of Guohua in Republican Shanghai
 Contractor Job Log (Logbook, Journal - 124 Pages, 6

PERFECT BOUND, GORGEOUS SOFTBACK WITH SPACIOUS RULED PAGES. LOG INTERIOR: Click on the LOOK INSIDE link to view the Log, ensure that you scroll past the Title Page.

Record Page numbers, Subject and Dates.

Customize the Log with columns and headings that would best suit your need.

Thick white acid-free paper reduces the bleed-through of ink.


cena: 47,93
Contractor Job Log (Logbook, Journal - 124 Pages, 6" X 9"): Contractor Job Logbook (Blue Cover, Medium)
 Blank Music Sheets: Yellow Fresh with Cactus - 12 Staves, 100 Pages, Full Paper Size (8.5*11) Lilly Wade                               12 Staff Music Writing Pad 9781544234038 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

- Blank Sheet Music for Piano
- Blank Sheet Music for Guitar
- Blank Sheet Music for Violin
- Blank Sheet Music for Music Instruments
- Type: Blank Music Sheets
- Type: 12 staff music writing pad
- Cover: Matte Paperback
- Dimensions: 8.5" x 11""
- Pages:...
cena: 33,39
Blank Music Sheets: Yellow Fresh with Cactus - 12 Staves, 100 Pages, Full Paper Size (8.5*11)
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