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 The Evolution of Film: Rethinking Film Studies Janet Harbord 9780745634760 Polity Press
How is film changing? What does it do, and what do we do with it? This book examines the reasons why we should be studying film in the twenty-first century, connecting debates from philosophy, anthropology and new media with historical concerns of film studies.

When the common frameworks for studying film - the nation, identity, representation, Hollywood industry - have ceased to...
cena: 84,81
The Evolution of Film: Rethinking Film Studies
 Finding Order in Nature: The Naturalist Tradition from Linnaeus to E. O. Wilson Paul Lawrence Farber 9780801863905 Johns Hopkins University Press

Since emerging as a discipline in the middle of the eighteenth century, natural history has been at the heart of the life sciences. It gave rise to the major organizing theory of life--evolution--and continues to be a vital science with impressive practical value. Central to advanced work in ecology, agriculture, medicine, and environmental science, natural history also attracts enormous...

cena: 127,71
Finding Order in Nature: The Naturalist Tradition from Linnaeus to E. O. Wilson
 James Bignon Timeless Gospel Music Collection: Songs Written and Arranged by James Bignon James Bignon 9781477283943 Authorhouse
These inspirational songs are from the soundtracks of some of James Bignon's most popular music. The arrangements are simple and easy to play. Choirs and musicians around the country use these songs to enhance the worship experience.
cena: 100,72
James Bignon Timeless Gospel Music Collection: Songs Written and Arranged by James Bignon
 Leading Creators of Twentieth-Century Czech Theatre Jarka M. Burian 9780415866187 Routledge
In this invaluable and detailed presentation of the leading creative figures in a richly innovative and dynamic period of Czech theatre, Professor Jarka M. Burian provides us with insightful portraits of the directors K. H. Hilar, E. F. Burian, Alfred Radok, and Otomar Krejca: of the famous Voskovec and Werich comedic duo; of the scenographer Josef Svoboda; and of the playwright, now President of...
cena: 283,86
Leading Creators of Twentieth-Century Czech Theatre
 Der Dom Zu Koln Leonard Ennen 9783957388360 Vero Verlag
cena: 183,10
Der Dom Zu Koln
 The Beetle Richard Marsh Minervas Owl 9781533257079 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Richard Marsh (12 October 1857 - 9 August 1915) was the pseudonym of the English author born Richard Bernard Heldmann. A best-selling and prolific author of the late 19th century and the Edwardian period, Marsh is best known now for his supernatural thriller novel The Beetle, which was published the same year as Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897), and was initially even more popular.The Beetle remained...
cena: 60,48
The Beetle
 Nonverbal Reactions to Wound Malodor Baker Gloria 9783639716788 Scholars' Press
Nurse educators use high fidelity simulation to expose nursing students to various wound characteristics. To facilitate students' developing skills in managing malodor, nurse educators have designed simulations including olfactory realism. However, little is known about how nursing students react to malodor in simulation. This book reports an observational study using qualitative descriptive...
cena: 271,72
Nonverbal Reactions to Wound Malodor
 Das Todliche Buch Bernhard Mathiuet 9783732304417 Tredition Gmbh
cena: 101,26
Das Todliche Buch
 Heimo Zobernig  9783883756462 Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig
cena: 198,94
Heimo Zobernig
 Behind the Screens: Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work Jon Gann Kelley J. Baker 9781477692516 Createspace
Have you ever wondered...What's the deal with film festival programmers? What do they really think about your film? How do they make their decisions? And how can you improve your own film's odds of being picked? Why your film gets picked depends on a complex set of reasons, And it comes down to a single fact: film festivals, and programmers, aren't necessarily what you think Jon Gann, founder of...
cena: 68,61
Behind the Screens: Programmers Reveal How Film Festivals Really Work
 Simulacao Por Linhas de Corrente Da Injecao de Bancos de Polimero Pires Adolfo Priimenko Viatcheslav Vicente Bruno Jose 9783639753721 Novas Edicoes Academicas
A injecao de solucoes aquosas contendo polimeros em reservatorios heterogeneos contendo fluidos com baixa mobilidade e um metodo consagrado de recuperacao avancada de petroleo. Contudo, a injecao continua pode ser muito cara, o que faz com que a injecao de um volume finito de agua contendo polimero (banco) seja uma alternativa do ponto de vista economico. Este livro mostra como a simulacao por...
cena: 112,20
Simulacao Por Linhas de Corrente Da Injecao de Bancos de Polimero
 Candido Portinari E Sua Relacao Com a Educacao No Brasil Vallim Peres Flaviana Christine 9786130163549 Novas Edicoes Academicas
Candido Portinari (1903-1962), pintor brasileiro, conhecido mundialmente pelos paineis Guerra e Paz, doados pelo Brasil para serem instalados na nova sede da ONU, a pedido do noruegues Trygve Lie, em 1950. Mas como foram as negociacoes para a confeccao dessa obra dedicada pelo pintor a humanidade? Portinari viveu durante a efervescencia cultural e educacional do pais; qual seu legado para a...
cena: 254,00
Candido Portinari E Sua Relacao Com a Educacao No Brasil
 Screening Disability: Essays on Cinema and Disability Christopher R. Smit Anthony Enns 9780761820178 University Press of America
Depictions and portrayals of persons who live with disability in motion pictures have changed over time, sometimes reflecting, at other times influencing, societal attitudes and beliefs. Yet disability itself has no easily recognizable form. When isolated from the mainstream of human existence by artistic representations, the disabled individual is effectively transformed into an object of...
cena: 299,27
Screening Disability: Essays on Cinema and Disability
 Andy Capp  9780573080562 Samuel French Ltd
This exuberant musical, with a delightful score, conjures up the timeless dream world of work-shy, beer-swilling Andy Capp, known the world over from Reg Smythe's cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror. The story is essentially a narrative setting an upcoming wedding (of Raquel and Elvis) against the ongoing fracas in Andy and Flo's household. But it is also a faithful evocation of the cartoon, full...
cena: 88,22
Andy Capp
 Las Puertas de La Mezquita de Cordoba (SS.VIII-IX). Tomo II Pedro Marfil 9783846560419 Editorial Acad Mica Espa Ola
Esta obra representa el mas completo estudio que se haya realizado hasta la fecha sobre el conjunto de las puertas de la Mezquita aljama de los omeyas en Cordoba durante el periodo emiral omeya de al-Andalus (711-929 d.C.), valorandolas desde la perspectiva de la Historia del arte islamico. En este sentido, esta investigacion, al destacar los aspectos historicos y monumentales en relacion con la...
cena: 440,54
Las Puertas de La Mezquita de Cordoba (SS.VIII-IX). Tomo II
 The Columbo Case Files: Season One MR Paul Hughes 9781938039096 Doing Bidness
It's not "just one more thing" ... it's the first in a series of new books on "Columbo" starring Peter Falk - perhaps the best known, and certainly one of the best, police procedurals TV has produced. This first book includes all nine episodes of Season One, with comment, analysis, praise, critique, and the great quotations, plus short reflections on Lt. Columbo, and on his place in our culture....
cena: 31,22
The Columbo Case Files: Season One
 Raven's Revenge Anthony Masters 9780713686272 0
Andy's recurring nightmares aren't going to stop him going on an advanced canoeing course at creepy Greystone Grange. And, once there, he is determined to prove himself both in and out of the river.
cena: 31,92
Raven's Revenge
 Seven Discourses on Art Joshua Reynolds 9781605970158 Book Jungle
Joshua Reynolds dominated the British art scene during the middle and late 1700's. His painings and teaching led the change in British art from anecdotal pictures to the more formal continental Grand Style. Reynolds was the first president of the Royal Academy and was knighted for his work by George III. During his time at the Royal Academy his yearly discourses gave a sense of his aspirations...
cena: 52,88
Seven Discourses on Art
 Los Signos Incondicionales En El Arte Pere Here 9788498803778 Edicions Upc
Los signos incondicionales en el arte es la traduccion del Essai sur les signes inconditionnels dans l'art, obra realizada por David Giottin Humbert de Superville y publicada en Leyden entre 1827 y 1839. El Essai constituye un primer intento de explicar los mecanismos psicologicos que motivan las reacciones emocionales que se experimentan cuando se perciben las formas del mundo natural y,...
cena: 162,00
Los Signos Incondicionales En El Arte
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