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 Brass 1 Ensemble Pieces: Gold  9781860965067 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Musi
"Music Medals Ensemble Pieces" are five volumes of enjoyable and accessible repertoire for the developing ensemble. Progressively graded - Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - they contain original pieces and imaginative arrangements for duets, trios and quartets. Covering a wide variety of styles, the volumes provide excellent material for mixed-ability groups as well as being an...
cena: 41,95
Brass 1 Ensemble Pieces: Gold
 Die Kriegslyrik Theodor Korners Auf Liedpostkarten Im Ersten Weltkrieg Miriam Garmatter   9783656581178 Grin Verlag Gmbh
Masterarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich Musikwissenschaft, Note: 1,3, Universitat Osnabruck (Musikwissenschaft), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: 1.Einleitung "Das Volk steht auf, der Sturm bricht los: Wer legt noch die Hande feig in den Schoss?" Diese zwei Verse aus dem Werk Theodor Korners mogen beim Leser ganz konkrete Assoziationen wecken. Jeder, der sich mit der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus...
cena: 296,91
Die Kriegslyrik Theodor Korners Auf Liedpostkarten Im Ersten Weltkrieg
 Vers Un Paysage-Visage Sana Jemmal 9786131593932 Editions Universitaires Europeennes
Cette A(c)tude fait le rA(c)cit d'une promenade dans le paysage et dA(c)crit tous les gestes des mains nues dans une dA(c)marche qui valorise un travail trA]s physique. Il s'agit d'un retour A la terre dans la nature. Je voulais bA tir des constructions qui donnent un sens A l'environnement soit par la maniA]re d'A(c)lever soit par la maniA]re de pendre les pierres enduites de terre mouillA(c)e....
cena: 446,71
Vers Un Paysage-Visage
 Today You Received a Letter Trumper Fiona 9783659615719 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work aims to explore the links between repetition, handwriting and bereavement to determine how repetitive writing might have a potential to act as a process to relieve and document feelings of grief during bereavement. The study recognises that contemporary bereavement theories are seldom applied to art theory; it therefore intends to explore the potential of this, whilst shedding a...
cena: 200,85
Today You Received a Letter
 La Compagnia Stalker Teatro Palma Liberata Donata   9783639775631 Edizioni Accademiche Italiane
Il lavoro qui presentato mette in evidenza l'importante e duro lavoro svolto dalla Compagnia Stalker Teatro in questi anni. L'innovazione teatrale ha prodotto numerose rappresentazioni e laboratori teatrali in vari contesti sociali; con l' espresso intento di valorizzare la comunicazione, i rapporti interpersonali, ma soprattutto lasciando libero ciascun individuo di esprimere la propria...
cena: 230,55
La Compagnia Stalker Teatro
 Without a Trace & Other Plays Carol K. Mack 9781634139991 Mill City Press, Inc.

Four plays by acclaimed playwright Carol K. Mack.

-Vision lost, but Paradies found. Without A Trace is the incredible story of Maria Paradies, a brilliant but blind pianist - -- The Evening Times (Glasgow)

-The Accident is powerfully captivating Once in a very great while a new play comes along that is genuinely new . . . Seeing such a play we have the...

cena: 75,59
Without a Trace & Other Plays
 Jazz Piano Pieces: Grade 3  9781860960123 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Musi
CD containing performances of all the pieces for the grade, a sample set of aural tests, with an 'examiner' and 'candidate' showing how these will be administered in the exam, and some additional practice aural tests, and examples of quick studies and scales.
cena: 49,70
Jazz Piano Pieces: Grade 3
 Tekhnoekonomika Zhiznennogo Tsikla Izdeliy Mashinostroeniya  9783659002205 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Rassmotrena problema optimal'noy organizatsii zhiznennogo tsikla izdeliy na primere mashinostroitel'noy otrasli, v osnove kotoroy lezhit ponyatie ob ekonomicheski obosnovannom sroke sluzhby mashiny. Razrabotany printsipy i predlozheny raschetnye metodiki optimizatsii etapov ekspluatatsii, proektirovaniya, izgotovleniya i utilizatsii izdeliya. Obosnovana neobkhodimost' organizatsii massovogo...
cena: 584,03
Tekhnoekonomika Zhiznennogo Tsikla Izdeliy Mashinostroeniya
 The Shapes of Change Marcia B. Siegel 9780520042124 University of California Press
-What is strikingly new about Miss Siegel's achievement is that she goes beyond the usual kind of historical reassessment. . . . She performs on behalf of this most evanescent of the arts an act of significant recovery. By tracking down--often in rare stage revivals, on film or on videotape--as many of the works by major creators of the last half century as survive, and by describing them . . ....
cena: 139,16
The Shapes of Change
 Jedinečnost a reprodukce fotografického obrazu Ondřej Přibyl 9788086863771 VŠUP
Publikace představuje revidovanou a doplněnou teoretickou část autorovy dizertační práce, ve které se zabývá problematikou toho, co představuje originál fotografického obrazu pro diváka i tvůrce a jak se vnímání statusu originálu a jedinečnosti proměňovalo a proměňuje spolu s vývojem fotografie a fotografické technologie. V souvislosti s tím se autor snaží vymezit...
cena: 31,44
Jedinečnost a reprodukce fotografického obrazu
 Viola Time Scales 0; 0; 0 9780193358942 OUP Oxford
Viola Time Scales is filled with creative ideas to make learning scales and arpeggios easy and fun. Packed with lively original tunes, well-known pieces, and easy duets, the book is carefully paced and organized to build confidence every step of the way. The emphasis is placed firmly on having a good time while learning - with Viola Time it really is fun to play!
cena: 38,39
Viola Time Scales
 Mekhanizm Vozdeystviya Svintsa Na Sistemu Krovetvoreniya  9783659160820 LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
V dannoy rabote predstavleny rezul'taty eksperimental'nykh issledovaniy po vozdeystviyu svintsa na organy krovetvoreniya i posleduyushchey korrektsii svintsovoy intoksikatsii s pomoshch'yu pishchevoy dobavki Ekosorb-AZhK-1. Naryadu s izucheniem kharaktera krovoobrazovaniya vpervye byli izucheny i metabolicheskie izmeneniya v pecheni i selezenki.V tselom v rezul'tate raboty byli sformulirovany...
cena: 446,48
Mekhanizm Vozdeystviya Svintsa Na Sistemu Krovetvoreniya
 Acting in the Cinema James Naremore 9780520071940 University of California Press
In this richly detailed study, James Naremore focuses on the work of film acting, showing what players contribute to movies. Ranging from the earliest short subjects of Charles Chaplin to the contemporary features of Robert DeNiro, he develops a useful means of analyzing performance in the age of mechanical reproduction; at the same time, he reveals the ideological implications behind various...
cena: 139,16
Acting in the Cinema
 Between Gazes: Feminist, Queer, and 'Other' Films Camelia Elias 9788799245697 Eyecorner Press
In this book Camelia Elias introduces key terms in feminist, queer, and postcolonial/diaspora film. Taking her point of departure in the question, "what do you want from me?" she detours through Lacanian theory of the gaze and reframes questions of subjectivity and representation in an entertaining entanglement of visual with textual poetics in film.
cena: 136,04
Between Gazes: Feminist, Queer, and 'Other' Films
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