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 Unwrapping Tongan Barkcloth: Encounters, Creativity and Female Agency Fanny Wonu Veys 9781474283328 Bloomsbury Academic

Tongan barkcloth, made from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, still features lavishly in Polynesian ceremonies all over the world. Yet despite the attention paid to this textile by anthropologists and art historians alike, little is known about its history. Providing a unique insight into Polynesian material culture, this book explores barkcloth's rich cultural history, and argues...

cena: 621,32
Unwrapping Tongan Barkcloth: Encounters, Creativity and Female Agency
 Above the Clouds Di Only Chris Marsh 9781366325105 Blurb
cena: 212,66
Above the Clouds Di Only
 The Other American Moderns: Matsura, Ishigaki, Noda, Hayakawa ShiPu Wang 9780271077734 Penn State University Press

In The Other American Moderns, ShiPu Wang analyzes the works of four early twentieth-century American artists who engaged with the concept of "Americanness" Frank Matsura, Eitarō Ishigaki, Hideo Noda, and Miki Hayakawa. In so doing, he recasts notions of minority artists' contributions to modernism and American culture.

Wang presents comparative studies of these four...

cena: 383,67
The Other American Moderns: Matsura, Ishigaki, Noda, Hayakawa
 Architecture of Resistance: Cultivating Moments of Possibility Within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict Dr. Yara Sharif Professor Teddy Cruz Professor Murray Fraser 9781472447883 Ashgate Publishing Limited

Architecture of Resistance investigates the relationship between architecture, politics and power, and how these factors interplay in light of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. It takes Palestine as the key ground of spatial exploration, looking at the spaces between people, boundary lines, documents and maps in a search for the meaning of architecture of resistance. Stemming from the...

cena: 345,93
Architecture of Resistance: Cultivating Moments of Possibility Within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
 Lovely Leaves: Adult Coloring Book Artful Living 9781543089240 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 38,47
Lovely Leaves: Adult Coloring Book
 Best of John Legend: Updated Edition  9781495090332 Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
cena: 71,77
Best of John Legend: Updated Edition

As a young artist and musician Wesley Wehr became a friend and often a confidant of many of the painters, poets, and musicians who lived or worked in the Northwest in the 1950s and 1960s. Drawing on his journals, Wehr provides an engagingly written, intriguing, and informative series of vignettes of painters Mark Tobey, Pehr Hallsten, Helmi Juvonen, Guy Anderson, and Morris Graves;...

cena: 467,57
The Eighth Lively Art: Conversations with Painters, Poets, Musicians, and the Wicked Witch of the West
 It's Just the Normal Noises: Marcus, Guralnick, No Depression, and the Mystery of Americana Music Timothy Gray 9781609384883 University of Iowa Press
Roots rock, Americana, alt country: what are they and why do they matter? Americans have been trying to answer these questions for as long as the music bearing these labels has existed. Music can function as an escape from the outside world or as an explanation of that world. Listeners who identify with the music's message may shape their social understandings accordingly. Rock critics like Greil...
cena: 87,22
It's Just the Normal Noises: Marcus, Guralnick, No Depression, and the Mystery of Americana Music
 How to Paint Made Easy Flame Tree Studio 9781786641960 Flame Tree Publishing
Painting can be fun, relaxing and rewarding. This wonderful new book, packed with case studies and examples, will show you how to think about your subject, what materials to use, how to layer paint and construct a great piece of art, in watercolours, oils, acrylics or digitally on a computer. How to Paint Made Easy brings the tactile world around us into your hands. Painting is about responding...
cena: 55,91
How to Paint Made Easy
 Dwory i pałace na Litwie Samusik Katarzyna Samusik Jerzy 9788364505355 Fundacja Sąsiedzi
Podczas wyjazdów na Litwę szukamy zawsze polskich śladów, którymi są najczęściej zabytkowe budowle. Znajdujemy je bez trudu w Wilnie i jego najbliższej okolicy. My też szukaliśmy tych śladów, ale poza głównymi szlakami turystycznymi i zaglądaliśmy tam, gdzie trudno jest podczas grupowej wycieczki dotrzeć. Efektem tych podróży są Dwory i pałace na Litwie, będące pierwszą...
cena: 59,90
Dwory i pałace na Litwie
 Władysławowo ludzie i ich historie Abramowicz Małgorzata 9788365175281 Oskar
"Morze, nasze morze, wiernie będziem ciebie strzec" – głosiła popularna w II Rzeczpospolitej pieśń Marynarki Wojennej. Tej dewizie byli oddani mieszkańcy Półwyspu Helskiego, którzy mimo niesprzyjającego mikroklimatu mozolnie kształtowali swoją małą ojczyznę. Pełni pasji i zaangażowania, dzielnie stawiający czoła bałtyckim sztormom - warto przypomnieć ich historię. Temu...
cena: 49,90
Władysławowo ludzie i ich historie
 Pop Art Wild Pages Press 9781545498927 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 46,73
Pop Art
 Wooden Houses: From Log Cabins to Beach Houses Judith Miller James Merrell 9781849758017 Ryland Peters & Small
Wooden Houses places the wooden house into a historical, social and decorative context, explores the decorative potential of wood in our homes and provides inspiration for anyone who appreciates the beauty and soul of this wonderful natural material.

Wooden houses range from rustic log cabins and timbered country cottages to traditional alpine chalets and elegant clapboard...

cena: 155,30
Wooden Houses: From Log Cabins to Beach Houses
 Staab Architekten: Kindred Objects Staab Architekten 9783775742054 Hatje Cantz Publishers
Since founding their office in 1991, Berlin-based Staab Architekten have devoted themselves to projects ranging from new buildings in sensitive urban spaces and landscapes to conversions of landmark buildings. Based on overarching themes and a selection of projects, this volume includes text by critic Florian Heilmeyer.
cena: 304,29
Staab Architekten: Kindred Objects
 Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures Joe Jordan Gavin MacLeod Douglas E. Wise 9780692854471 Joseph R. Jordan

Robert Wise, the young editor of Citizen Kane, earned his directorial stripes at RKO, particularly with The Body Snatcher and The Set-Up, films of amazing quality and dark sensibility. Wise later found himself at Warner Brothers, MGM, and 20th Century Fox, consistently directing pictures of depth and versatility. The man behind the searing crime film,...

cena: 89,15
Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures
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