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The Consolidated Korean Dictionary: A North Korean-South Korean Dictionary Jae-Sung Jake Tae 9781544082103 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - książka


The Consolidated Korean Dictionary: A North Korean-South Korean Dictionary

1. Summary:
North Korean and South Korean have diverged to the extent that substantial disparities exist between the two branches of the Korean language. This dictionary promotes the successful assimilation of North Korean defectors into South Korean society and also prepares for the potential unification of the Korean peninsula by seeking to minimize widening gap between the two Korean languages.

2. Purpose:
A. The number of North Korean defectors are increasing at a precipitous rate. Many defectors find themselves struggling to assimilate into South Korean society, not only due to political or economic differences that exist between the two Koreas but also the disparities in language-the prolonged geographical separation has resulted in the distinct development and divergence of the two branches of the Korean language. The Consolidated Korean Dictionary strives to help North Korean defectors struggling to realize their full potential in South Korean society.
B. Although many dismiss unification as improbable, it still remains an important long-term objective of the South Korean government. Korea is one of the few countries in the world that is split in half by an arbitrary line of ideology. Divided families agonize over the brutality of reality. The Consolidated Korean Dictionary prepares for the prospects of reunification. Whether or not a single Korea will prevail remains uncertain, yet the attempt to unify the two Korean languages is still a meaningful endeavor for the future of the Korean peninsula.

3. Features:
A. Compiled database from the National Institute of Korean Language: The NIKL is the largest governmental institution created for the sole purpose of promoting research on the Korean language. By consulting the database from the NIKL, the book ensures that students learn the correct, standard conventions of the Korean language.
B. Used in 13 specialized educational institutions for North Korean defectors across South Korea: Further feedback from North Korean students and their teachers is expected to bring continuous, substantial updates to improve the book.
C. An easy-to-read vocabulary list: Instead of adhering to the conventional dictionary design, the book follows a much more intuitive, visually appealing organizational structure, allowing students to utilize the dictionary effectively and efficiently.

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The Consolidated Korean Dictionary: A North Korean-South Korean Dictionary
Kategorie: Słowniki
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Wydawca: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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ISBN-13: 9781544082103
Rok wydania: 2017
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