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My Snow Day: Ma Journee de Neige: Babl Children's Books in French and English Ally Nathaniel Milena Radeva 9781683040644 Babl Books, Incorporated - książka


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My Snow Day: Ma Journee de Neige: Babl Children's Books in French and English

My Snow Day / Ma journee de neige
Babl Children's Books in French and English

Who doesn't love a snow day? Gabi and her siblings Adam and Abigail decide to put on their snow gear and play outside in the snow. There is so much to do on a cold winter's day, from making snow angels to making footprints in the snow, but the siblings finally decide to build a snow-woman. Putting everything together isn't easy for three children, but when they all work together, their mom says that this snow-woman is the most beautiful one she's ever seen Enjoy a snow day with Gabi, Adam, and Abigail as they build their snow-woman and see how they demonstrate importance of family, creativity, and teamwork, all while learning a new language Reviews
This is an absolutely adorable story that I will cherish and enjoy for years to come. I fell in love with the illustrations. They were colorful, vibrant, and just really enjoyable to sit and look at. This will be a book I will read to my niece when she is older. I recommend this book to parents with children. This book will have children wanting to have it read several times to them and will become a household story for years to come. - Amazon Customer
We loved the illustrations, and the story was sweet and easy to follow. I particularly liked the focus on the sibling relationships and how proud they were after working together. - Amazon Customer
About Babl BooksBabl Books partners with award winning authors to bring your favorite books to a variety of new languages for children all over the world to enjoy. Our bilingual books bring generations closer together through reading and language, help teachers connect with their students in their own language, and give children all over the world access to books they never would have access to. Babl Books is dedicated to overcoming language barriers that separate readers and great authors. The hassle is over in finding a remarkable, high quality bilingual children's book.
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My Snow Day: Ma Journee de Neige: Babl Children's Books in French and English
Kategorie: Słowniki
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Wydawca: Babl Books, Incorporated
Język: Francuski
ISBN-13: 9781683040644
Rok wydania: 2016
Ilość stron: 38
Waga: 0.11 kg
Wymiary: 21.59 x 21.59 x 0.25 cm
Oprawa: Miękka
Wolumenów: 01
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