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 Australian Military Slang: A Dictionary Aussie Digger Ray Garfield 9781495261688 Createspace
Australian Military Slang is a window into the rank and file culture of the Australian Army and to some extent the Navy and Air Force. It is an honest, confronting and often humorous look into a culture that most civilians never experience. Australian military culture has its origins in the traditions of the British military, though over more than a century it has evolved into its own distinct...
cena: 70,91
Australian Military Slang: A Dictionary
 Learn Financial Terminology in 2015: English-Spanish: Essential English-Spanish Financial Terms Jose Luis Leyva Pablo Isaac Medina Roberto Gutierrez 9781503225336 Createspace
A new year is always a great opportunity to learn. A few minutes every day will help in your goal for personal and professional improvement. Being bilingual is an asset; and mastering different fields of speciality will make a difference in your bilingual skills. This book can be a helpful resource to learn the essential English-Spanish FINANCIAL terms. Learn 4 to 5 terms each day and at the end...
cena: 75,32
Learn Financial Terminology in 2015: English-Spanish: Essential English-Spanish Financial Terms
 Wordspeller ESL Phonetic Dictionary: American English Edition Diane M Frank Jeremy Sarka Abigail Marshall 9780983038115 I.M.Press
Over 70,000 entries of commonly used American English words with multiple misspellings per word based upon their phonetic sound. Brief definitions allow for quick referral to the proper word you wish to use. Extensive cross-referencing allows for words that are either similar in meaning and/or spelling. Is it 'petal' or 'pedal' or 'peddle'? Spanish letters are cross-interpreted with American...
cena: 114,90
Wordspeller ESL Phonetic Dictionary: American English Edition
ilość książek w kategorii: 2270