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The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular Culture Lisle W. Dalton Eric Michael Mazur 9781472514660 Bloomsbury Academic - książka


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The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular Culture

The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular Culture is the classroom resource the field has been waiting for. It provides key readings as well as new approaches and cutting-edge work, encouraging a broader methodological and historical understanding. It is the first anthology to trace broader themes of religion and popular culture across time and across very different types of media.

With a combined teaching experience of over 30 years dedicated to teaching undergraduates, Richard J. Callahan, Jr., Lisle W. Dalton and Eric Michael Mazur have ensured that the pedagogical features and structure of the volume are valuable to both students and their professors:

- Divided into a number of units based on common semester syllabi
- Provides a blend of materials focussed on method with materials focussed on subject
- Each unit contains an introduction to the texts
- Each unit is followed by questions designed to encourage or enhance post-reading reflection and classroom discussion
- A glossary of terms from the unit's readings is provided, as well as suggestions for further reading and investigation
- Online resources provide guidance on accessing some of the most useful interesting resources available online

The Reader is suitable as the foundational textbook for any undergraduate course on religion and popular culture.

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The Bloomsbury Reader in Religion and Popular Culture
Kategorie: Religia
Kategorie BISAC:
Religion > General
Social Science > Sociology of Religion
Wydawca: Bloomsbury Academic
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9781472514660
Rok wydania: 2018
Ilość stron: 448
Oprawa: Twarda
Wolumenów: 01
Dodatkowe informacje:Bibliografia
Dalton, Lisle W. Lisle W. Dalton is Associate Professor of Religiou... więcej >
Mazur, Eric Michael Eric Michael Mazur is Gloria & David Furman Profes... więcej >