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 Land, Liberation, and Death Squads Jose Inocencio Alas Robin Fazio Emily Wade Will 9781498292276 Resource Publications (CA)
Jose ""Chencho"" Alas was one of the first priests in El Salvador to found Christian Base Communities and sensitize campesinos along the lines of Medellin. This work was done in Suchitoto parish, which was subsequently hit hard during the armed conflict. Unfortunately, little has been written so far about this very important period in El Salvador. In his book, Chencho writes about historical...
cena: 190,92
Land, Liberation, and Death Squads
 Kingdom Decrees for Sustaining the Vision Taquetta Baker 9780998706184 Kingdom Shifters Ministries
Equips the vision carrier with revelation on how to prayer, war, birth, release, plow, mature & sustain in destiny & one's life vision. Learn how to govern the vision, lead in excellence & walk with God in destiny & maintaining one's life vision throughout the generations.
cena: 69,64
Kingdom Decrees for Sustaining the Vision
 The Words Spoken by Moses Yvonne Young 9781365845116 Lulu.com
cena: 293,39
The Words Spoken by Moses
 Get Inspired! Cathy L. Wray 9781498496346 Xulon Press
What inspires you? If you can't answer that question honestly, it is time for you to find the answer. For too Long now, we've been satisfied with far less than God has intended for us. We put blinders on to the huge world around us, and focus on the daily rut we call life. I personally challenge you to break the cycle, remove the blinders, and check back into God's reality for you. Even in the...
cena: 62,56
Get Inspired!
 Out of Financial Hell: A Journey Into Divine Abundance Hillary Dawes 9781504361811 Balboa Press

Spiritual Counselor Hillary Dawes shares with readers her personal struggles with financial hardships, and how she was able to overcome by using spiritual principles that anyone can apply to better their life, whether they are in debt, struggling to make ends meet, or just simply wanting to enjoy more of what they have worked to achieve. This book will show the reader how to apply these...

cena: 61,25
Out of Financial Hell: A Journey Into Divine Abundance
 Built with Love Melody Carlson 9781939023964 Whitefire Publishing
cena: 66,58
Built with Love
 A Methodist in a Monastery Billy D. Haddoc 9781512110562 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Driven to seek solstice in a Benedictine monastery, Will, a psychotherapist of the Methodist faith encounters various obstacles to peace and quiet while attending a course in spiritual direction at a charismatic Catholic Benedictine monastery. During his escape from the egoism of the world, he encounters various realities that counter his expectations and challenge his beliefs about God,...
cena: 48,48
A Methodist in a Monastery
 Luther: Einfuhrung in Sein Denken Gerhard Ebeling 9783161547423 Mohr Siebeck
cena: 119,02
Luther: Einfuhrung in Sein Denken
 Discover Your Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You Tony Evans 9780736967747 Harvest House Publishers

Leave Behind the "Same Old" and
Experience Life's Greatest Fulfillment

God has ordained a custom-designed life for you that leads to the expansion of His kingdom.

Until you know the reason you were uniquely created, you will feel empty and frustrated. But understanding and living out your personal assignment from God brings deep satisfaction, God's highest...

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Discover Your Destiny: Let God Use You Like He Made You
 Strong and Courageous: Encouragement for Families Touched by Autism Stephanie Murphy 9781512770025 WestBow Press

In Strong and Courageous, the author comes along beside you as you maneuver the twists and turns of parenting a child with autism. She guides you through, not only the practicalities of each stage but also through the emotional dynamics involved in this often puzzling and uncertain journey. You will receive many nuggets of wisdom as she shares from her own experience and from the...

cena: 130,77
Strong and Courageous: Encouragement for Families Touched by Autism
 People of the Tower Vaughn Heppner 9781544971230 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 56,93
People of the Tower
 Images of Water in Isaiah John T. Willis 9781498540278 Lexington Books
This book is a study of the various metaphors, figures, similes, and usages of water found in the book of Isaiah. It covers representations of water relating to: water as a blessing in nature; the sea as a symbol of the expanse of space; Yahweh, the rider of the clouds; water or absence of water as symbol of divine punishment, hardships, and affliction; water as a defense strategy in military...
cena: 297,60
Images of Water in Isaiah
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