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 The Moral Economy Ralph Barton Perry 9781374866119 Pinnacle Press
cena: 81,35
The Moral Economy
 Gabby's Tales Allen Border 9781535609524 Wavecloud Corporation
cena: 44,69
Gabby's Tales
 My Daughter Taught Me to Walk Karen Garvin 9781512772999 WestBow Press

This heartfelt story follows a mother's personal experiences of raising a child with special needs from unexpected, premature birth to adulthood. Her authentic feelings, emotions, decisions, obstacles, fears, joys, and triumphs include difficult medical decisions, educational placements, divorce, marriage, relationships and parenting. You will laugh, cry, get angry, feel frustrated, and shout...

cena: 59,91
My Daughter Taught Me to Walk
 The Sermon Notebook Sandra Mosley 9781546320937 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Do you attend a worship service on a regular basis? Do you attend any special services (Easter, Revival, etc.)? Some church bulletins provide a little space for sermon notes. You just can't record all that you want to remember is the space provided. Do you wish you could keep up with your bulletin so you can reference your notes for a later time? In addition, you just lose the darn things. Well...
cena: 42,62
The Sermon Notebook
 Praying the Crucifix Julien Chilcott-Monk   9781784691615 Catholic Truth Society
cena: 21,91
Praying the Crucifix
 Everything I Know about Prayer You 9781546336709 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This 100-page half-ruled (no rules) journal-style notebook is designed to help you:
  • Express yourself
  • Record your ideas
  • Focus your attention
  • Explore your interests
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Develop your imagination
  • Realize your natural talents
  • Stay focused on what matters
  • Reflect on your life experience
  • ...
cena: 46,45
Everything I Know about Prayer
 Why I Am an Agnostic Robert Gree Andrea Gouveia 9781546350644 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 36,12
Why I Am an Agnostic
 Simplify the Season Erin Olson 9781545610497 Xulon Press
cena: 63,90
Simplify the Season
 What Happens After You Die: A Biblical Guide to Paradise, Hell, and Life After Death Randy Frazee 9780718086046 Thomas Nelson

Popular pastor Randy Frazee answers perennial questions about life after death with an accessible exploration of what the Bible has to say on the subject.

In both Christian and pop culture, there is a certain fascination with the afterlife. What happens after you die? What happens if you die with Christ or without Christ? What happens when Jesus returns if you have or...

cena: 60,76
What Happens After You Die: A Biblical Guide to Paradise, Hell, and Life After Death
ilość książek w kategorii: 286527