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 Set the Christians Free: One Pastor's Calling to Help 25 Million Believers Find Theirs David Allen 9781542346016 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Through the centuries, Christians have accepted Baptism and Communion. But what about that forgotten tradition of Scripture to empower every believer, from pastors to pew-sitters - Ordination? Being called by God - what Ordination literally is according to Scripture - has nothing to do with pastoring a church and everything to do with one's personal, specific, God-given assignment for life. Five...
cena: 75,59
Set the Christians Free: One Pastor's Calling to Help 25 Million Believers Find Theirs
 101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions  Charles, Tony|||Rook, Stuart 9781472935786
cena: 89,43
101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions
 Creo: Guia Practica Para Comprender y Vivir El Credo Alejandra Maria Sos 9781544007465 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Que es la fe?, puede aumentar?, que significa lo que decimos en el Credo? Son cuestiones que responde esta obra. Escrita con sencillez y a la vez profundidad, va desglosando el Credo, palabra por palabra, frase por frase, para ayudar al lector a comprenderlo, disfrutarlo y, sobre todo, vivirlo.
cena: 62,77
Creo: Guia Practica Para Comprender y Vivir El Credo
 Islam on the People of Babylon Thomas McElwain 9781542362092 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Common beliefs and practices in Islam and Christianity including the concept of God, Divine Guidance, leadership, prayer, fasting, sacrifice and marriage
cena: 41,00
Islam on the People of Babylon
 You Are a Man's Wife Pst Prayer M. Madueke 9781544070100 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Every woman who maintain good relationship with God and wish to marry and remain married cannot be denied marriage or taken out of her marital home for too long. There are demons or angel who could not keep their place and habitation but come into this world to cause all manner of problems. They are in control of witchcrafts, marital delays, and hostilities in marriages, separations, divorce,...
cena: 71,41
You Are a Man's Wife
 The Methodology of the Quran Al-Kareem for the Dawah Sh Hafez Saleh Maktaba Islamia 9781542377928 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
In the past 2 centuries many Islamic groups and political parties were established with the aim of calling towards Islam. They all claimed to be following the Messenger of Allah (saw), his Seerah and his Sunnah whilst at the same time each of them would bring an evidence in an attempt to prove the validity of the particular direction and view that they had adopted, whether this was an incident...
cena: 62,73
The Methodology of the Quran Al-Kareem for the Dawah
 W odpowiedzi na dar Krzyża Derdziuk Andrzej Mantyk Tomasz 9788381010948 Wydawnictwo Diecezjalne
Niniejsze rozważania Drogi Krzyżowej obejmują teksty przygotowane na konkretne wydarzenia z życia wspólnot duszpasterskich prowadzonych przez braci kapucynów i ukazują różne sposoby patrzenia na Mękę Pańską, pomagając bardziej zgłębić się w misterium ukrzyżowanej miłości, która przez zwycięski krzyż prowadzi prowadzi do pokonywania dziedzictwa grzechu i uczenia się...
W odpowiedzi na dar Krzyża
 Reboot: New Words. New Thoughts. New Life. (Simple Edition) Joshua Greeson 9781544171777 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Our words affect our thoughts, our thoughts become beliefs, and our beliefs impact our lives. In Reboot, Joshua Greeson presents a balanced way to harness and apply this wisdom, become our truest selves, and live in the freedom we were born for. First, we learn the concepts: how words renew our minds, inform our faith, and change our world. We also identify some pitfalls to avoid while applying...
cena: 45,35
Reboot: New Words. New Thoughts. New Life. (Simple Edition)
 Catholics and Protestants: What Can We Learn from Each Other? Peter Kreeft 9781621641018 Ignatius Press

The widely read author and philosopher Peter Kreeft presents a unique book that focuses on the important beliefs that Catholics and Protestants share in common. He says this book is inspired by Christ's high priestly prayer in the Gospel of John -that they may be one, - and by St. John Paul II's ecumenical encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, which is also based on Christ's prayer for unity....

cena: 76,42
Catholics and Protestants: What Can We Learn from Each Other?
 Why Jesus William S. Sowards 9781544264783 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Follow two young boys on their journey to discovering life behind a dream. This book will answer the ultimate question that every child at one point in time in their life will ask themselves...... Why Jesus ?
cena: 49,74
Why Jesus
 In the Hopeland Mukayiranga Eugenie 9781460257593 FriesenPress
cena: 64,16
In the Hopeland
 Managing Your Emotions Women of Faith 9780310684640 Thomas Nelson
In this study, readers will explore what the Bible has to say about our emotions and how we can learn to manage them so that they do not end up controlling us.
cena: 43,22
Managing Your Emotions
 En La Palma de Sus Manos Nos Lleva Esculpidos Dr Jorge C. Talbot-Zavala George Patricio Cecilia Carme Talbot 9781544287096 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
El Proceso Juridico de la Muerte de Cristo ha sido el mas infame e injusto proceso legal que registra la historia de la jurisprudencia universal. Jesus fue ilegalmente juzgado e injustamente traicionado, negado, condenado castigado, flagelado, golpeado. vituperado, agredido, escupido y clavado en una cruz. Sin embargo, Cristo no murio por tormento fisico, sino por quebranto espiritual.
cena: 32,36
En La Palma de Sus Manos Nos Lleva Esculpidos
 Nagypentek 2017.1: Versek Vajk'a 9781544601519 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
- magyar versek mindenkinek ------------------ - az -olcso konyvek- sorozat kiadvanyai - NAGYPENTEK 2017 ------------------ - 14.1 konyv - cime: - versek - 2017-03-09 10 rovid vers ----------------- 1. - ebul 2. - domb 3. - anyo 4. - ereny 5. - letel 6. - sopri 7. - horog 8. - oda 9. - karok 10. - jonni --------------- -szep napot
cena: 58,38
Nagypentek 2017.1: Versek
 The Disciple-Maker's Handbook: Seven Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle Bobby William Harrington Josh Robert Patrick 9780310525271 Zondervan

Many people believe that discipleship is important, but they need help. In fact, the vast majority of Christians report that they have never been personally discipled by a more mature follower of Jesus. Is it any wonder that they have a difficult time knowing how to disciple others?

If making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth, how should we equip people to do it? This...

cena: 76,59
The Disciple-Maker's Handbook: Seven Elements of a Discipleship Lifestyle
 Jesus the Only Way to Heaven: Meet Jesus the Son of God Richard Spencer Blauvelt 9781684112104 Revival Waves of Glory Ministries
This is a book on Christian apologetics. It is for those who want to witness to others and show them who Jesus really is It will prove that the only way to heaven is through Him. There are over 20 chapters to show who Jesus the Christ is and why we call Him Lord. It will show through the Bible, the eternal Word of God, prophesies, miracles, DNA, Jesus Christ, the calendar that all countries have...
cena: 165,81
Jesus the Only Way to Heaven: Meet Jesus the Son of God
 And Then the Voices Stopped Chadwick Walsh 9781544614311 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
An excerpt from AND THEN THE VOICES STOPPED, -I began sleeping at odd hours because I was paralyzed by irrational fears. I could feel evil around me I believed these demons were going to kill me. I often saw shadowy figures scurrying about my hospital room. I believed they were reading my mind. I would often hear my mom screaming for me to come and rescue her. Someone was torturing her just next...
cena: 49,70
And Then the Voices Stopped
 Babylon - Are We There Yet John C. Burt 9781366316691 Blurb
cena: 147,84
Babylon - Are We There Yet
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