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 Role Playing Gary Bryant 9781504375429 Balboa Press

In the struggle for human liberation, no question is more important than the question of identity. The conventional identity, so important in protecting our vulnerability during childhood, is the chief obstacle to our real Identity, much as the dragon of myth and legend guards a hoard of gold. The secret to undermining the hegemony of this false identity is to understand it as an activity, not...

cena: 43,49
Role Playing
 Morocco, Biblical Exodus True Location: Is Egypt the
This book, is a demonstration that the holy book the Koran is key to providing evidence, that the Kingdom of Morocco is a geographical area cited in the Koran and as a consequence, the real location of the Biblical Exodus, leading to the conclusion that "Misr of the Koran" was either intentionally confused with "Egypt," or lost in translation.
cena: 71,46
Morocco, Biblical Exodus True Location: Is Egypt the "Misr of the Koran"?
 Sacred Places: The Biblical Theology of Place, Exploring Its Central Importance in God's Creation and Mission C. J. Scott 9781512776348 WestBow Press

Sacred Places is a book that looks at the biblical theology of place, exploring its central importance in God's creation and mission. It takes its readers on an expository journey through place, from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem, discovering the pattern of placement, displacement, and replacement in life and faith.

If you are a Christian seeking to understand the Bible's...

cena: 101,24
Sacred Places: The Biblical Theology of Place, Exploring Its Central Importance in God's Creation and Mission
 Your Other Body Lisa Wagman 9781524675943 Authorhouse

Have you ever met someone you instantly felt you know? Why do our dreams hardly make sense? Why do some people feel like a female in male gender or a male in female gender? These are just some of many questions you may have.

Your Other Body takes you into a deep dive of your soul:
- Soul mates, connections, and guides - who they are, and your relationships with them.

cena: 75,17
Your Other Body
 God After Christendom? Brian Haymes Kyle Gingeric 9781532616631 Cascade Books
In the face of what appears to be a widespread questioning of the practical usefulness of serious theological reflection on the nature and purposes of God, the authors of this intriguing book argue that a return to the sources of the Christian tradition represents nothing less than a rich trove of resources for Christian living. By revisiting the story of speech about God in scripture and in the...
cena: 96,60
God After Christendom?
 The Seven Signs of Jesus: God's Proof for the Open-Minded MR Stan Guthrie 9781542322843 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
How can we know that Jesus is who He said He is-the Messiah and only Son of God? The Seven Signs. How can we rest assured that Jesus will be with us through all of life's ups and downs? The Seven Signs. How can we share this Jesus with friends, family, and neighbors who don't yet know Him? The Seven Signs. In a world of darkness, doubt, and confusion, the Seven Signs provide light to anyone about...
cena: 71,41
The Seven Signs of Jesus: God's Proof for the Open-Minded
 Faith Focus Meditation Journal Adrian Taylo 9781542765169 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Faith Focus Meditation Journal is a compilation of weekly encouragements designed to educate Christian Believers on the principles of faith. Since the Bible declares 4 times that -the just shall live by faith, - it is important that we grow in our knowledge of faith so our life can be enriched and strengthened as we endeavor to live a life that pleases God. This meditation journal is designed to...
cena: 75,80
Faith Focus Meditation Journal
 Dando Fruto En La Familia de Dios: Un Curso de Discipulado Para Fortalecer Su Caminar Con Dios  9781631467240 NavPress Publishing Group
La Serie 2:7 es un curso de discipulado que le ayudara a continuar creciendo dentro de la familia de Dios. Consiste de 3 libros de ejercicios con duracion de 11 semanas cada uno.

Este tercer libro Dando fruto en la familia de Dios le guiara a ser un miembro util y fructifero dentro de la familia de Dios al ensenarle como proyectar con naturalidad el caracter de Dios en su...
cena: 47,63
Dando Fruto En La Familia de Dios: Un Curso de Discipulado Para Fortalecer Su Caminar Con Dios
 From a Builder to a Healer MR John Povey 9781542303576 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The content of the biographical narrative is a historical account of my own awakening to the spirit realms. I have provided information gathered by myself during the past five years, and these accounts are a true reflection of what has been an incredible journey. I hope that some of you reading this will gain comfort in the knowledge that others have gone before you and there is little to fear.
cena: 49,74
From a Builder to a Healer
 Islam - A Definition Hossein Diba Blake Archer Williams 9781543048360 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Hojjat ol-Islam Hosein Diba's essay, -Islam - A Definition- first discusses the literal meaning of the word Islam and its etymology, drawing from traditional as well as modern sources, such as Toshihiko Izutsu's oeuvre. Dr. Diba then discusses the relationship between Islam and Iman (faith), before explicating the various characteristics of Islam, among which he includes: conformity with man's...
cena: 58,42
Islam - A Definition
 Influence of the Qur'an on Human Life Allamah Sayyid Muhammad H At-Tabataba'i 9781542323352 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The book, although short, distills many volumes into its pages and is like the synopsis of a major commentary. It brings out the significance of the Qur'an for the life of Muslims, the features of the sacred Text which seems enigmatic, the inner and outer levels of meaning of the Text and the sciences of the Qur'anic exegesis. It also treats in a clear and direct manner the Shi'ite understanding...
cena: 41,00
Influence of the Qur'an on Human Life
 Das Weie Kreuz Jack B. Smith 9783743109216 Books on Demand
cena: 44,96
Das Weie Kreuz
 The King's Robe: An Allegory of the Fall and Restoration of Man Kathy Zuziak 9781543196535 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Once upon a time there was a great and mighty King. His kingdom flourished and prospered for many years. One day, a wicked servant challenged the King, claiming his love and affection for his subjects was a sign of weakness. In response to the challenge, the King created a project designed to show the power and depth of his love for his kingdom. This is the story of the fall and restoration of...
cena: 41,00
The King's Robe: An Allegory of the Fall and Restoration of Man
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