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 Biblia nie gryzie czyli jak Słowo Boże zmienia życie Kaczmarczyk Marcin 9788374827959 eSPe
Biblia nie gryzie to zapis niezwykle osobistej drogi ku Prawdzie. Drogi, do przebycia której zaproszony jest każdy z nas. Marcin Kaczmarczyk pokazuje, jak Bóg realnie działa w jego życiu poprzez Słowo, modlitwę i innych ludzi. Udowadnia, że spotkanie ze Słowem Bożym jest niczym podpięcie się pod życiodajną kroplówkę, która stanowi odtrutkę na codzienne upadki, zwątpienia i...
Biblia nie gryzie czyli jak Słowo Boże zmienia życie
 The Wisdom of the Body: A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women Christine Valters Paintner 9781933495828 Sorin Books
The distorted view of the perfect female body created by popular culture, television, movies, and the media often causes women to become uncomfortable with their own bodies. Christine Valters Paintner, popular author of nine books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts, draws from Celtic, desert, and Benedictine traditions to help women connect with their bodies through...
cena: 76,42
The Wisdom of the Body: A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women
 In Love: The Larger Story of Sex and Marriage Messmore 9781925501384 Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd
cena: 109,52
In Love: The Larger Story of Sex and Marriage
 Light from the Ancient Past: The Archaeological Background of the Hebrew-Christian Religion, Volume 2 Jack Finegan 9780691628530 Princeton University Press

A photograph, map, or diagram illustrates the text for every site described in this pilgrimage to Palestine, beginning with places connected with John the Baptist and proceeding to Bethlehem and Nazareth, Samaria and Galilee, Jerash, Caesarea, Jericho, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, and Emmaus. Each entry concludes with a brief bibliography of pertinent literature. Professor Finegan's...

cena: 1042,74
Light from the Ancient Past: The Archaeological Background of the Hebrew-Christian Religion, Volume 2
 Andrew's View Andrew Robertson 9781364799519 Blurb
It all started one rainy Sunday afternoon back in the autumn of 2007. The doorbell rang and my Church Elder, handed me a copy of the Blackbraes and Shieldhill Church of Scotland Magazine. She happened to mention how great it would be if more people would put a little article in, even if it was a just few words about themselves and their faith. It was then that I realised that one of the biggest...
cena: 149,01
Andrew's View
 Paul Tillich Im Exil Christian Danz Werner Schussler 9783110500646 de Gruyter
Paul Tillich, der 1933 in die USA emigrieren musste, war einer der prominentesten deutschen Intellektuellen im Exil in den USA. Er engagierte sich nicht nur in der 1936 gegrundeten einflussreichen Organisation -Selfhelp for Emigrees from Central Europe-, dessen Vorsitzender er 15 Jahre lang war, er ubernahm auch - nach der Absage von Thomas Mann - den Vorsitz des am 17. Juni 1944 gegrundeten...
cena: 477,94
Paul Tillich Im Exil
 Shadow of Suspicion Christy Barritt 9780373456871 Love Inspired


First, computer specialist Laney Ryan's accused of kidnapping her neighbor's daughter--and now someone's trying to kill her. The police don't believe Laney's story...except for Detective Mark James, whose instincts say Laney isn't guilty. Together, Mark and Laney must figure out who really abducted the teen and uncover why they're framing Laney. But when their search for the...

cena: 31,08
Shadow of Suspicion
 Grace The Remarkable Life of Grace Grattan Guinness Guinness, Michele 9781444753417
The remarkable story of the young wife of Henry Grattan Guinness, one of the Victorian period's great evangelists - a life that sheds light on the interplay of faith, politics and family life through the historic times of the early twentieth century.
cena: 64,34
Grace The Remarkable Life of Grace Grattan Guinness
 Spiritual Gardening Jonathan Holifield 9781365339721 Lulu.com
Spiritual Gardening is a guide to help you grow in your Christian life. From a seed, -beginning Christian, - to a fruitful plant, -mature Christian, - this book will carry you through the step by step process of spiritual gardening your life in Jesus Christ. This book is filled with gospel principles that the reader can apply to his or her personal life. Spiritual Gardening is a definite must...
cena: 104,66
Spiritual Gardening
 Love Larry Mba Cochran 9781365733765 Lulu.com
cena: 84,82
 NKJV, Ultraslim Reference Bible, Imitation Leather, Black, Indexed, Red Letter Edition Nelson Bibles 9780718011079 Thomas Nelson

Make God's Word your everyday traveling companion. Thin and lightweight, Thomas Nelson's UltraSlim(TM) Reference Bible boasts a complete and easy-to-read Bible that is ready to go when you are A Bible you can be comfortable taking with you every day and everywhere you go, this UltraSlim Reference Bible is thin enough to tuck into your purse, briefcase, backpack, or glove...

cena: 138,34
NKJV, Ultraslim Reference Bible, Imitation Leather, Black, Indexed, Red Letter Edition
 Matilda Empress Lise Alin 9781941729144 Archer Books
Matilda, a twelfth-century Empress of the Holy Roman Empire and daughter of Henry I, is twenty-four years old and a widow. She returns to inherit her father's double realm of England and Normandy, but is promptly married against her will to Geoffrey, a minor continental nobleman. Absent from England at the time of her father's death, Matilda loses her throne to her cousin, Stephen, despite their...
cena: 113,65
Matilda Empress
 A Traves de Su Gracia Reinaldo Moraga 9781493535224 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
La Gracia de Dios era algo muy valioso entre los cristianos de la era apostolica, tanto asi, que no solo se saludaban deseandola en otros, sino que ademas anhelaban para sus hermanos: el crecimiento en la gracia, la abundancia de la gracia, la perseverancia en la gracia, el esfuerzo en la gracia y el aumento de la gracia. Este libro titulado "A traves de Su Gracia" presenta una coleccion de...
cena: 36,49
A Traves de Su Gracia
 The Essence of the Gnostics Bernard Simon 9781784284060 Arcturus Publishing
Long before there was a system of belief called Gnosticism there were those who reached for a special intimate knowledge of God and His mysterious ways. The possession of such knowledge, they believed, would bring salvation from suffering. All religious traditions acknowledged that the world is imperfect. Where they differ is in the explanations they offer for this imperfection-and in what they...
cena: 60,04
The Essence of the Gnostics
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