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 Gatiti Calea Domnului! Drepte Faceti Cararile Lui!: NU E Vrednic Cel Ce Are Suflet MIC in Casa Mare. Vrednic E Cel Ce Ridica Suflet Mare-N Casa Mica. Dr Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu 9781468095326 Createspace
Aceasta carte a fost alcatuita si tiparita cu binecuvantarea Parintelui Nicolae Marinescu, Preot Arhimandrit la Schitul Sitaru (sau Schitul Sf. Nicolae), de catre fiul sau duhovnicesc, robul Domnului, Dr. Florian Ion Petrescu. Nu e vrednic cel ce are suflet mic in casa mare. Vrednic e cel ce ridica suflet mare-n casa mica. (Versuri de Vasile Militaru)
cena: 28,80
Gatiti Calea Domnului! Drepte Faceti Cararile Lui!: NU E Vrednic Cel Ce Are Suflet MIC in Casa Mare. Vrednic E Cel Ce Ridica Suflet Mare-N Casa Mica.
 Faith: Found Absolute Love in the Higher Power T. N. Norris 9780615438610 Tiffany Nhung Norris
Memoirs of an unwanted child who was sent away at birth because her mother believed her to be "unlucky." However, she later returned home only to endure many harsh years of torment and unimaginable abuse. When she lost all hope and will to live, God sought out to her, and through faith she found absolute love in the higher power.
cena: 56,27
Faith: Found Absolute Love in the Higher Power
 Christianity 101: Christianity 101 Apos Paul Taiwo Adenuga Dr Tunde Olorunfem 9781439202968 Booksurge Publishing
In attempting to find pragmatic meanings to the words of God, many approach the Church for explanations. But the Church is just like any other social institution, for instance, a hotel; the doors are open to all. People within the walls of its physical building represent the larger society in attitudes and behaviors, as well as influences. The outcome of this milieu is bound to confuse the...
cena: 60,27
Christianity 101: Christianity 101
 Oh, How I Love You!: Find Freedom and Hope in Your Garden of Gethsemane Taylor Faith 9781929921249 Victory Publishers
When Everything you believed to be true is suddenly, consistently, and painfully eroded, what will you do? To whom will you turn? OH, HOW I LIVE YOU is the true story of conquering helplessness and loneliness in the midst of constant control and manipulation. Taylor Faith imparts practical, step-by-step skills to help you find your way through your own "Garden of Gethsemane" and take you into...
cena: 77,10
Oh, How I Love You!: Find Freedom and Hope in Your Garden of Gethsemane
 Number 2 But Not in 2nd Place Melissa Dean 9781594674761 Xulon Press
cena: 49,92
Number 2 But Not in 2nd Place
 Absence of Light Kenny Pence 9781492262480 Createspace
The man Maria loves is losing his battle against Satan. He's half a world away, and all she knows is that he is in trouble. Accompanied by her beloved Uncle Orvel, she sets out for Jerusalem and an unforeseen confrontation with the powers of darkness. Following clues and searching for closure, they find themselves in the very pit of the center of evil, forced into a battle which none of them is...
cena: 47,76
Absence of Light
 A Quiet Time with Quotes Nancy Winningham 9781491854181 Authorhouse
Dear Believer, In this book I have written for you will give you the words that is needed to provide you the inspiration and love when one may feel weighed down, broken hearted, or friendless. I believe as the word says, "Let no corrupt communication, proceed out of your mouth but which is good to the use of edifying, but it may minister grace unto the hearers." Ephesians 4:29. My prayer is for...
cena: 72,19
A Quiet Time with Quotes
 How to Start Your Own Business While Employed: From Procrastination to Action Gbenga Omotayo 9781505231564 Createspace
How can you live your entrepreneurial dream while minimizing your risks and maximizing your chances of success? Simple: Start your business-and keep your full-time job

Have you considered the possibility of quitting a job that you hate or doesn't let you enough time for your family and starting a business that fulfills you?
If so, most probably your first concern was:
How am I...

cena: 47,83
How to Start Your Own Business While Employed: From Procrastination to Action
 The Star of Opening: A Morningstar Mystery School Anthology Anthony Rella Kathy Nance T. Thorn Coyle 9780692387658 Solar Cross Publishing / LVX Nox
Draw Down the Light... and open the Mysteries. In this anthology, members of Morningstar Mystery School share insights from years of study on the paths of magic and self knowledge. Devotional poetry and art, the exploration of practice, and wisdom gleaned from years of spiritual work fill these pages. They are our offerings to the Gods, and to you. We Remember. We Practice. We Serve. Edited by...
cena: 64,45
The Star of Opening: A Morningstar Mystery School Anthology
 Twisted Tony L. Gulledge 9781499630718 Createspace
A fictional Christian novel of mystery, suspense and humor for the purpose of disciplining believers in the faith.
cena: 64,49
 Who Is Jesus to You? Patrick Obeng Gyamera 9781482809626 Partridge Africa
He possessed neither wealth nor worldly influence. His relatives were inconspicuous, and had neither training nor formal education. He died and yet lives - He is fully divine and fully man; His divinity touches the Father in Heaven whiles His humanity touches our infirmities. He lived a sinless live in this sinful world. He is the greatest man this world has ever known. This book will introduce...
cena: 81,63
Who Is Jesus to You?
 Broken Cathy Jackson 9781511905534 Createspace
cena: 56,13
 The Christian Track 2nd Edition Eric Reinerth 9781682561621 Litfire Publishing, LLC
BIBLE PROPHECY IN PLAIN ENGLISH. WHAT A GOOD IDEA The chaos is getting worse. There's daily anxiety in the Holy Land, and the fear of sense-less murder abounds. From shooting on college campuses, to airplanes blown out of the sky. Refugee crises are everywhere. How low can the world sink into chaos? The Christian Track lays a firm foundation for understanding Bible prophecy. In plain English,...
cena: 65,64
The Christian Track 2nd Edition
 Reformation Letters Michael Parsons 9781842279328 Authentic
Reformation Letters is a detailed look at the reformer's letters - mostly of a pastoral nature - letters that help define the Reformation and demonstrate Calvin's concerns, his strengths, his weaknesses, against the background of his own time and contemporaries.
cena: 227,92
Reformation Letters
 Disease and Faith Robert W. Tompkins 9781532873508 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 35,43
Disease and Faith
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