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 Jonah: God Is...: ...Love Jonah 9781420884760 Authorhouse
All of scripture indicates that we are working outside of Gods'' will when we operate under our own steam. Thus, our compassionate, loving actions must be the outcome of Gods'' holiness or righteousness, not the cause. This is a different understanding than many hold. It seems we are obsessed with finding a way to be more holy or more righteous in our actions when the truth is that in finding our...
cena: 82,56
Jonah: God Is...: ...Love
 Healing Deconstruction: Postmodern Thought in Buddhism and Christianity David R. Loy 9780788501227 American Academy of Religion Book
This collection reflects the confluence of two contemporary developments: the Buddhist-Christian dialogue and the deconstruction theory of Jacques Derrida. The five essays both explore and demonstrate the relationship between postmodernism and Buddhist-Christian thought. The liberating and healing potential of de-essentialized concepts and images, language, bodies and symbols are revealed...
cena: 266,93
Healing Deconstruction: Postmodern Thought in Buddhism and Christianity
 The Triune Creator: A Historical and Systematic Study Colin E. Gunton 9780802845757 Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
This book provides a theological history of the Christian doctrine of creation and explores the implications of the doctrine for our modern scientific age. Colin Gunton begins by looking at the origins of the doctrine of creation in the Bible and relating the biblical view to Greek cosmology. He then examines the history of the doctrine, showing how theologians from Irenaeus to Barth have spoken...
cena: 120,07
The Triune Creator: A Historical and Systematic Study
 Singing in the Valley Pat Lennon 9781606478028 Xulon Press
cena: 68,31
Singing in the Valley
 Gesprache Uber Das Neue Testament Angela Heider 9783833473128 Bod
Angela Heider hat seit 12 Jahren auf medialem Wege Kontakt mit dem Jenseits. Zuerst meldeten sich nur verstorbene Verwandte, spter hohe und hchste Engel und seit einigen Jahren sogar Jesus. Tglich spreche ich mit meinem Fhrerengel bzw. mit dem Herrn. Jesus mchte uns mitteilen, was im Neuen Testament richtig ist und was nicht stimmt, und schwer- oder unverstndliche Stellen erklren. So entstanden...
cena: 97,08
Gesprache Uber Das Neue Testament
 The Renaissance New Testament Volume 10: Acts 10:34-23:35 Randolph O. Yeager Randolph O. Yaeger 9781565544864 Pelican Publishing Company

The Renaissance New Testament is a monumental 18-volume work more than
fifty years in the making. Randolph O. Yeager has realized here a lifelong
dream, and created one of the most important biblical works of the twentieth
century. It offers:

The King James Version verse by verse

The Yeager translation

Exhaustive Greek/English...

cena: 122,14
The Renaissance New Testament Volume 10: Acts 10:34-23:35
 Climb from Darkness Sylvia Dorty Threlkeld 9781591605997 Xulon Press
cena: 84,86
Climb from Darkness
 The God of Jesus: A Comprehensive Examination of the Nature of the Father, Son and Spirit David A. Kroll 9781449772857 WestBow Press

Jesus said the Father is the one and only true God (John 5:43-44, 17:3). Apostle Paul taught the same thing (1 Corinthians 8:4-6, 11:3, 1Timothy 2:5). Jesus said the Father is greater than Him and that He receives his life from the Father (John 14:28, 5:26). Yet Christian theology teaches Jesus is also the one and only true God, is equal with the Father, and has existed eternally with the...

cena: 129,33
The God of Jesus: A Comprehensive Examination of the Nature of the Father, Son and Spirit
 What about Monday?: Problems That Impede the Church's Impact Larry Lane 9781492956846 Createspace
What About Monday? is a creative expose' on the American evangelical Church's struggle to impact her surrounding community with the Kingdom of God. It makes insightful observations into church life drawn from the author's years of pastoral experience, and sheds light on misunderstood Scriptures that have contributed in the Church's missional ineffectiveness. Using popular movies to illustrate...
cena: 71,46
What about Monday?: Problems That Impede the Church's Impact
 On a Prayer Mary May 9781496115720 Createspace
Klara looks around wondering how her life came to be like this? Her world was in shambles, and she hasn't spoken to her family in nearly two years. After losing her husband and little boy in a tragic accident Klara walked away from everything, her family, her church, and her relationship with Christ. Now she feels like there is nothing left to live for... From the outside Alec Adams appears to...
cena: 46,48
On a Prayer
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