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Prawo i administracja

 History of the Legislation Concerning Real and Personal Property in England During the Reign of Queen Victoria dE Villiers, J. E. R. 9781316626191
Originally published in 1901, this book discusses the history of real and personal property legislation during the reign of Queen Victoria.
cena: 126,27
History of the Legislation Concerning Real and Personal Property in England During the Reign of Queen Victoria
 History of the Doctrine of Consideration in English Law  Jenks, Edward 9781316626214
Originally published in 1892, this book was formed from the content of the Yorke Prize Essay for 1891. The text was written by the renowned legal scholar and historian of law, Edward Jenks (1861-1939). It presents a comprehensive history of the doctrine of consideration in English law. Notes are incorporated throughout. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the doctrine of...
cena: 121,05
History of the Doctrine of Consideration in English Law

Although the connection of law, passion and emotion has become an established focus in legal scholarship, the extent to which emotion has always been, and continues to be, a significant influence in informing legal reasoning, decision-making, decision-avoidance and legal judgment rather than an adjunct is still a matter for critical analysis. Engaging with the underlying social context in...

cena: 449,87
Law and the Passions: A Discrete History
 European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou 9781107678019 Cambridge University Press
The most comprehensive and critical analysis of the application of European consensus by the European Court of Human Rights.
cena: 126,27
European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights
 The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations in Europe: A Guide to the Rome II Regulation  9781841139517 Hart Publishing (UK)
On 11 January 2009, Regulation (EC) No 864/2007 on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations (Rome II) became applicable in 26 EU Member States. The Rome II Regulation provides conflict of law rules for tort and delict, unjust enrichment, negotiorum gestio and culpa in contrahendo. This text studies this regulation.
cena: 267,23
The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations in Europe: A Guide to the Rome II Regulation
 Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System  0 9781316614013
The book explores bilateral and regional trade agreements and examines how they are changing international trade rules. It offers an important contribution to the current debate on the role of the WTO in regulating international trade and how WTO rules relate to new rules being developed by RTAs. The work is based on what is probably the largest dataset used to date. It provides a deep analysis...
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Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System
This book explores the two main mechanisms available for the recovery of overpaid tax: statutory schemes and claims in unjust enrichment. These two types of claim sit together uncomfortably, as they have different requirements and defences, whilst also overlapping. The courts have considered questions as to when one should apply rather than the other, but the answers have resulted in more...
cena: 397,69
Overpaid Tax
Despite being required by EU law, the role, structure and resourcing of equality bodies are surrounded by debate and controversy. These debates have been intensified by economic pressures. This volume brings together experts at the cutting-edge of this topic both from practice and from academia to explore issues such as these.
cena: 267,23
Equality Bodies in Europe: Impact and Effectiveness
 Local Space, Global Life: The Everyday Operation of International Law and Development Luis Eslava 9781107465091 Cambridge University Press
This book examines the everyday functioning and impact of international law and the development project, particularly across cities in emergent nations.
cena: 141,93
Local Space, Global Life: The Everyday Operation of International Law and Development

In the past decade, companies have become increasingly aware of their corporate, social and human responsibilities. However, with the exception of a few isolated cases, access to justice has barely improved, particularly for or violations of socio-economic rights. In most cases of human rights violations by corporations the victims remain without the right to effective judicial protection....

cena: 475,97
Corporate Accountability Under Socio-Economic Rights
 The Boundaries of Australian Property Law Hossein Esmaeili Brendan Grigg  9781107572652 Cambridge University Press
The Boundaries of Australian Property Law offers a unique perspective on real property law in Australia. As the overwhelming majority of land interests in Australia now fall under the Torrens title system, this book's particular focus on the development and operation of the Torrens system in Australia is both timely and welcome. Addressing the prescribed Priestly 11 requirements for a property...
cena: 371,54
The Boundaries of Australian Property Law
This is the new and completely revised edition of David Howarth's stimulating and original UK textbook on tort, which was the winner of the 1995 Butterworths d104book prize. Now fully updated to encompass the rapid growth in the law of negligence, and the impact of the UK's Human Rights Act, it remains not only a leading text on the subject but also the ideal book for students approaching the...
cena: 152,42
Tort Law: Second Edition
 Contemporary Challenges to the Laws of War: Essays in Honour of Professor Peter Rowe Caroline Harvey James Summers Nigel D. White 9781107685741 Cambridge University Press
This book brings together leading experts to explore contemporary issues facing the laws of war.
cena: 169,89
Contemporary Challenges to the Laws of War: Essays in Honour of Professor Peter Rowe

This book demonstrates how globalization or transnational governance affects everyone through an analysis of the FIFA agreements. It examines actors outside state boundaries and how they are influencing decisions that affect various aspects of public life inside state borders through the study of contracts and agreements signed by the state with transnational private actors. It illustrates how...

cena: 434,22
Transnational Policing: Fifa and Its Agreements
Although children's rights in the youth crime sphere may well be recognised, they are not always well protected. This book provides an in-depth examination of children's rights in the legislative context of England and Wales.
cena: 188,95
Children, Rights and Criminal Justice

The book, from the perspective of law and criminology, centers on environmental crime, its commission, the types of entities that commit it, the laws enacted to prohibit it, how it is committed and effective means to control and prevent it. It explains the importance of technological advances, increased public knowledge of potential harm, public groundswell, and how, this leads to legislative...

cena: 340,23
Crimes Against the Environment
Lawyers, learning and the challenge of corruption is designed to clarify our state of knowledge of the pedagogy of this field and create a reference and resource for teaching the generation of lawyers who face the challenge of modern corruption. It develops clear keys to understanding the challenges of an area that is the Wild West of jurisprudence, frequently without workable boundaries of...
cena: 502,06
Lawyers, Learning and the Challenge of Corruption

The Politics of Adjudication addresses the pragmatics of legal decision-making. Against a dominant constitutional paradigm that has asserted the primacy of ideals of independence and impartiality in governing the organisation and conduct of the judiciary, a more critical constitutional tradition has been sceptical about the possibility of genuine judicial neutrality and independence. Those in...

cena: 423,78
The Politics of Adjudication
 Eu Governance of Gmos Patrycja Dabrowska 9781841138039 Hart Publishing
This book presents a constructive exploration of the dilemmas the European Union faces in regulating the risks of the modern world. It examines the new European framework applicable to commercial releases of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which was adopted in response to the crisis that surrounded the use of these products in the EU. It also assesses the regulatory character of this...
cena: 267,23
Eu Governance of Gmos
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