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 Our Foster and Adoptive Experience: It Is Definitely a God Thing John Ro 9781502912565 Createspace

Once John Rop III, became a foster parent, it seemed he saw other foster families all around him: in the grocery store, at the mall, at church, and at the park. He wondered how he'd never noticed them before. It made him realize how many people might be just as ignorant to the needs of children-and to the joys of adoptive and foster care-as he once was.

Rop's new book, "Our Foster and...

cena: 46,83
Our Foster and Adoptive Experience: It Is Definitely a God Thing
 I: A Meditation and a Memoir Wiz Ji 9781503530713 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 98,22
I: A Meditation and a Memoir
 Children, Animals, and Energy Lisa Mohr 9781595983176 Henschelhaus Publishing, Inc.
cena: 61,88
Children, Animals, and Energy
 Better Than Ever: How to Improve Your Results, Live a Happier Life, and Attract Everything You Deserve! Kenya Conway-Jones 9781508822707 Createspace
From a life with bouts of depression, despair, and unhappiness, Kenya has had her fair share of struggles and fears that kept her from pursuing her dreams and realizing her true potential. It was out of these obstacles, and periods of ups and downs that Kenya was fueled with the desire to seek a better life. Through years of studying and application of life and success principals, Kenya began to...
cena: 59,00
Better Than Ever: How to Improve Your Results, Live a Happier Life, and Attract Everything You Deserve!
 Mindful Chaos: Journal Wm Journal Lynn Parker 9781512082906 Createspace
If you are going through life right now feeling like everything is out of control or that things are not happening the way you planned, you need a journal to write in. Not to be too direct, but it is time for you to discover why you feel the way you do and then figure out what to do about it. WM Journals provides you with the perfect place to write about all of that self exploration. Or you can...
cena: 50,60
Mindful Chaos: Journal
 Geborgenheit in Der Familie?! Jutta Hellmann 9783842338388 Books on Demand
cena: 107,32
Geborgenheit in Der Familie?!
 Canny Granny: How to Be the Favorite Grandparent Elizabeth Gardner 9780595475209 iUniverse
Being the favorite grandparent has its advantages. Favorites see more of their grandchildren, learn good and bad news first, enjoy grandchild initiated contact, host more grandchild sleepovers, participate in their grandchildren's school and after-school activities, enjoy frequent outings alone with their grandchildren, and share more holiday time. Every grandparent wants to be the favorite,...
cena: 60,95
Canny Granny: How to Be the Favorite Grandparent
cena: 28,94
Malen und entspannen: Sea Life
 Early Families of Herkimer County, New York William V. H. Barker A.J. Barker 9780806310787 Genealogical Publishing Company
In 1723 a number of Palatine families were allowed to take up lands in the Mohawk Valley of New York. Those settling in the bounds of the present county of Herkimer were known as the Burnetsfield Patentees, after the name of the grant made by New York Governor William Burnet, and are the subject of this formidable work. This book deals with the families established in the area before the...
cena: 167,71
Early Families of Herkimer County, New York
 Do Your Divorce Right Andrew Horton John David Kennedy 9780982795538 Tower Publishing Company
This book is written for people who aren't lawyers and who are thinking about going to family court, who are already involved with a family law case, or who have a family member or friend involved in a pending or active family law case.As judges, the authors have presided over more than 10,000 trials or other courtroom events in family law cases. Divorce is one of the most significant life...
cena: 97,49
Do Your Divorce Right
 Improbable Love: My Secret Affair in the 1950s John Wertime 9780983438809 Printemps Presse
Had my mother 's best friend, a widow eighteen years my senior, not seduced me that night as I read my high school text in her den, there would be no story to tell. Despite my initial shock and confusion, we quickly became lovers. For several years, a web of entangled emotions and deceptions promoted and protected our relationship. In it, I experienced great pleasure as well as despair at my...
cena: 81,35
Improbable Love: My Secret Affair in the 1950s
 Starlite the Secret Lomi - Discovering the Sacred Touch of Aloha Kevin England 9781909623149 Panoma Press
In this beautifully inspiring book the author takes us on a journey of self-discovery and his lifelong quest to find 'golden nuggets' of inspiration and information about the workings of the human mind and body. What he discovered was an ancient wisdom believed to be over 35,000 years old preserved by the 'keepers of the secret' and a complete and holistic healing system. We are then introduced...
cena: 88,05
Starlite the Secret Lomi - Discovering the Sacred Touch of Aloha
 Trust the Universe: That's Where the Magic Happens Mrs Vicki Williams Vicki Williams 9781490478166 Createspace
Journey inside 'Trust The Universe' and you will find that amongst life's challenges adversity always triumphs. Fears and doubts can be overcome and when you learn to believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and trust the Universe things start changing and in most cases it's for the best. Of course sometimes things don't go according to plan and we question why we are dealt with unbearable...
cena: 66,96
Trust the Universe: That's Where the Magic Happens
 Snack Attack Holly Sinclair 9781475127645 Createspace
cena: 46,87
Snack Attack
 Spiritual Laxative for the Constipated Soul Katherine Bowers 9781413750645 PublishAmerica
This book contains snippets of my humorous-and sometimes painful-life and the amazing transformation that took place from the inside out when God's word and truth were taken down from the dusty shelf in my medicine cabinet, chewed, swallowed and digested. He can take a diseased heart that looks like the back side of hard times, a life that looks like ground zero, and resuscitate it! I am a...
cena: 127,11
Spiritual Laxative for the Constipated Soul
 We Are the Youth of the Nation Brittany Simon 9781425187101 Trafford Publishing
We come from all walks of life but we are apart of one nation and we, the youth, have something to say on the direction it's headed.
cena: 48,53
We Are the Youth of the Nation
 You Are the One: Achieving More Happiness and Success Sam, Jr. Daniel 9780595011209 iUniverse
This first title in a pre-school series about Jewish festivals looks at Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year celebrations (27th/28th September). This book focuses on the way the festival is celebrated today, with bright illustrations of a family taking part. The text is very simple, and chimes in with the spirit of the celebrations. A double page spread at the end gives more detailed historical and...
cena: 56,37
You Are the One: Achieving More Happiness and Success
 Motivation & Achievement: Challenge Yourself to a Better Life Charlie Wardle 9780993559341 Mountain Coach

This book is a practical guide to help you become more motivated and achieve greater success through the challenges you face in life or the new ones you decide to take on. Motivation is key to challenging yourself, overcoming barriers and being successful in life and the more you achieve, the more fulfilling and happier your life will be.

cena: 39,72
Motivation & Achievement: Challenge Yourself to a Better Life
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