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Ghachar Ghochar Vivek Shanbhag Srinath Perur 9780143111689 Penguin Books - książka


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Ghachar Ghochar

-A wise and skillfull book.- --Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal
-Within the tight confines of a hundred pages or so, Shanbhag presents as densely layered a social vision of Bangalore as Edith Wharton did of New York in The House of Mirth...He's one of those special writers who can bring a fully realized world to life in a few pages.- --Maureen Corrigan, NPR
-One of the best novels to have come out of India in recent decades.- --Pankaj Mishra

A young man's close-knit family is nearly destitute when his uncle founds a successful spice company, changing their fortunes overnight. As they move from a cramped, ant-infested shack to a larger house on the other side of Bangalore, and try to adjust to a new way of life, the family dynamic begins to shift. Allegiances realign; marriages are arranged and begin to falter; and conflict brews ominously in the background. Things become -ghachar ghochar---a nonsense phrase uttered by one meaning something tangled beyond repair, a knot that can't be untied.
Elegantly written and punctuated by moments of unexpected warmth and humor, Ghachar Ghochar is a quietly enthralling, deeply unsettling novel about the shifting meanings--and consequences--of financial gain in contemporary India. Longlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award
One of the BBC's -10 Books You Should Read in February-
One of Publishers Weekly's -Writers to Watch Spring 2017-
One of the NewYorker.com contributors' -Books We Loved in 2016-

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Ghachar Ghochar
Kategorie: Literatura piękna
Kategorie BISAC:
Fiction > Literary
Fiction > Family Life
Fiction > Psychological
Wydawca: Penguin Books
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9780143111689
Rok wydania: 2017
Ilość stron: 128
Waga: 0.14 kg
Wymiary: 17.78 x 11.68 x 1.52 cm
Oprawa: Miękka
Wolumenów: 01
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