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Literatura piękna

 Anna, Banana, and the Puppy Parade Anica Mrose Rissi Meg Park Meg Park 9781481416153 Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Anna enters her beloved dog Banana in a contest in the fourth book of this -fast-paced, fun, and funny- (Megan McDonald, bestselling author of the Judy Moody series) illustrated chapter book series about the joys and challenges of elementary school friendships.
Anna can't wait for the Puppy Parade. She's certain Banana will win. Soon Banana will be famous--and that means Anna will be famous,...
cena: 29,95
Anna, Banana, and the Puppy Parade
From New York Times bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix comes the first book in a "crisp, intriguing, and thought-provoking" (Booklist, starred review) new series about twins who are on a quest to discover the secrets being kept by their new family.
Nick and Eryn's mom is getting remarried, and the twelve-year-old twins are skeptical when she tells them their lives won't...
cena: 37,84
Under Their Skin
 Spaced Out Stuart Gibbs 9781481423373 Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
In this New York Times bestselling novel the moon base commander has gone missing and Dash Gibson is on the case. The second mind-boggling mystery of the Moon Base Alpha series from beloved author Stuart Gibbs.
There's nowhere to hide on the world's first moon base. After all, it's only the size of a soccer field. So when Nina Stack, the commander of Moon Base Alpha, mysteriously...
cena: 37,84
Spaced Out
 Rutabaga Boo! Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Bonnie Adamson Bonnie Adamson 9781481424615 Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Two simple words--rutabaga and boo--tell a clever, playful, and heartfelt story celebrating the special bond between a mother and her son.
Mom isn't always nearby...but she's never too far away.
Through their -Marco Polo--inspired back-and-forth of -Rutabaga?- and -Boo , - a mother and son spend a day full of fun. Whether they're bouncing out of bed, playing in the...
cena: 69,43
Rutabaga Boo!
 Little Cat's Luck Marion Dane Bauer Jennifer Bell Jennifer A. Bell 9781481424899 Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
From Newbery Honoree Marion Dane Bauer comes an -endearing tale...told with warmth and humor- (School Library Journal) that's a companion to the -wholly satisfying- (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) Little Dog, Lost.
When an indoor calico cat named Patches spots a golden autumn leaf fluttering past her window, she can't help but venture outside to chase it. But soon,...
cena: 37,84
Little Cat's Luck
 The Absoluteness of Nothing Carrie Gordon Watson C. G. Watson 9781481431859 Simon Pulse
A mind-bending and captivating mystery about one teen's surreal experiences after surviving a major trauma.
Caleb Tosh has suffered one personal trauma too many, but this last one--the sudden departure of his mom--has pushed him down a dark and disorienting path. His favorite video-game, Boneyard, becomes his go-to coping mechanism, and Tosh gladly gets lost in the maps of the game rather...
cena: 49,69
The Absoluteness of Nothing
 Daughters of Ruin K. D. Castner 9781481436663 Margaret K. McElderry Books
Game of Thrones meets Graceling in this thrilling debut that features four fierce princesses, "jewelry as weaponry, political double crosses, and surprise twists. What's not to love?" (School Library Journal, starred review).
Rhea, Cadis, Suki, and Iren have lived together since they were children. They are called sisters. They are not. They are called equals. They are...
cena: 53,63
Daughters of Ruin
 This House, Once Deborah Freedman Deborah Freedman 9781481442848 Atheneum Books for Young Readers
-Tender, comforting, and complex.- --Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
-Drawn with exquisite precision and quiet dashes of humor.- --Publishers Weekly (starred review)
-A lovely, ruminative selection.- --School Library Journal (starred review)
-A blueprint for mindfulness and gratitude for the homes in which we...live.- --The New York Times Book Review
cena: 77,32
This House, Once
 Withering-By-Sea Judith Rossell Judith Rossell 9781481443685 Atheneum Books for Young Readers
A stalwart orphan sets out on a spine-tingling adventure in this wildly imaginative and darkly funny Victorian middle grade novel.
High on a cliff above the gloomy Victorian town of Withering-by-Sea stands the Hotel Majestic. Inside the walls of the damp, dull hotel, eleven-year-old orphan Stella Montgomery leads a miserable life with her three dreadful aunts. Stella dreams of adventuring on...
cena: 37,84
 The Way I Used to Be Amber Smith 9781481449366 Margaret K. McElderry Books
A New York Times bestseller.
In the tradition of Speak, this extraordinary debut novel "is a poignant book that realistically looks at the lasting effects of trauma on love, relationships, and life" (School Library Journal, starred review).
Eden was always good at being good. Starting high school didn't change who she was. But the night her brother's best friend rapes...
cena: 49,69
The Way I Used to Be
 Cheaper to Keep Her 5 Kiki Swinson 9781496700766 Dafina Books
"Kiki captures the heat of the streets." --Wahida Clark

It's do--or die brutal--for Lynise Washington. With her vicious gangsta ex, Bishop, closing in, she's busting out of the FBI's safe house no matter what. But when she's promptly betrayed by two Bureau agents, she nearly winds up in the ground for good. And flipping their deadly script plunges her into a serial...
cena: 37,84
Cheaper to Keep Her 5
 The Inheritance Rochelle Alers 9781496707307 Dafina Books
In bestselling author Rochelle Alers' passionate, uplifting new series, four friends from very different backgrounds find new beginnings amid the sultry beauty of New Orleans...
Corporate attorney Hannah DuPont-Lowell always pictured herself returning to New Orleans to retire--just not yet. But after her Manhattan company abruptly lays off its staff, there's no better place to figure...
cena: 45,58
The Inheritance
 Relativity Antonia Hayes 9781501105081 Gallery Books
A "beautifully written, heartbreaking" (S. J. Watson) debut novel about a gifted boy who discovers the truth about his past, his overprotective single mother who tries desperately to shield him from it, and the father he has never met who has unexpectedly returned.
"Original, compassionate, cleverly plotted, and genuinely difficult to put down." -Graeme Simsion, New York Times...
cena: 69,47
 The Flower Street Happenings Lu Nei Poppy Toland 9781503953086 Amazon Publishing

Through interconnected stories spanning four decades, A Tree Grows in Daicheng is a rich, multilayered portrait of life, love, and longing as the neighbors on Rose Street grapple with disease and poverty, marriage and society, during a transformative time when China's old ways wither and fade.

The tight-knit neighborhood of Rose Street, Daicheng, China, is an enclave...

cena: 65,32
The Flower Street Happenings
 Baby Momma Saga: Part 1 Ni'chelle Genovese 9781622864713 Urban Books
Welcome to the fast-paced, high stakes world of Rasheed, an anti-hero you'll love to hate much like Scarface. Caught up in a game of fast money, faster women, and a hustler's dream, Rasheed's secrets and lies threaten to completely sever his alliance with his baby's mother, Michelle.
Trapped in an emotional whirlwind of sex, love, and mistrust, Michelle attempts to hold the threads of their...
cena: 65,32
Baby Momma Saga: Part 1
 The Cartel R.H. Ed. Ashley Jaquavis 9781622865024 Urban Books
cena: 45,74
The Cartel
 Bi-Satisfied Nikki- Michelle 9781622867738 Urban Renaissance
cena: 33,89
 Conglomerate: A Luxurious Tale Danielle Santiago 9781622867776 Urban Books
Joey, Evan, and Cee hail from Charlotte's infamous west side. Best friends since childhood, they have experienced highs, lows, and everything in between together.

Evan is one of the country's most sought-after wedding and event planners. Cee is an A-list celebrity hairstylist. Joey is the East Coast's most popular female club promoter. Combining their talents, they form The Luxe Group...

cena: 33,89
Conglomerate: A Luxurious Tale
 Big Girls Drama: Carl Weber Presents Tresser Henderson 9781622867882 Urban Renaissance
Whether it's being told you have to purchase two seats on an airplane or getting dirty looks when you're with a handsome man, being a big girl in a superficial world can come with more issues than any woman should have to deal with. Add to that some over-the-top family and marriage issues, and you have the perfect recipe for some Big Girls Drama.

When Vivian married Sheldon, she thought...

cena: 33,89
Big Girls Drama: Carl Weber Presents
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