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Literatura piękna

 Locus Solus Raymond Roussel Rupert Copeland Cunningham 9780811226455 New Directions Publishing Corporation

The wealthy scientist Martial Canterel guides a group of visitors through his expansive estate, Locus Solus, where he displays his various deranged inventions, each more spectacular than the last. First, he introduces a machine propelled by the weather, which constructs a mosaic out of varying hues of human teeth, then shows a hairless cat charged with a powerful electric battery, and next a...

cena: 70,61
Locus Solus
 The Reception of the Homeric Hymns Andrew Faulkner Athanassios Vergados Andreas Schwab 9780198728788 Oxford University Press, USA
The Reception of the Homeric Hymns is a collection of original essays exploring the reception of the Homeric Hymns and other early hexameter poems in the literature and scholarship of the first century BC and beyond.
Although much work has been done on the Hymns over the past few decades, and despite their importance within the Western literary tradition, their...
cena: 420,49
The Reception of the Homeric Hymns
 The Midnight Cool Lydia Peelle 9780062475466 Harper

The Whiting Award--winning author of the story collection Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing delivers her enchanting debut novel, set in 1916 Tennessee: a rich and rewarding tale of two flawed yet endearing grifters who pursue women, wealth, and a surprisingly valuable commodity for the troops in Europe--mules.

A middle-aged Irish immigrant, Billy has a gift for...

cena: 115,12
The Midnight Cool
 Eveningland: Stories Michael, Sir Knight 9780802125972 Atlantic Monthly Press
"Michael Knight is more than a master of the short story. He knows the true pace of life and does not cheat it, all the while offering whopping entertainment."--Barry Hannah

Long considered a master of the form and an essential voice in American fiction, Michael Knight's stories have been lauded by writers such Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barry Hannah, and Richard Bausch. Now,...

cena: 107,10
Eveningland: Stories
 A Thin Dark Line Tami Hoag 9780399178917 Bantam
Terror stalks the streets of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. A suspected murderer is free on a technicality, and the cop accused of planting evidence against him is ordered off the case. But Detective Nick Fourcade refuses to walk away. He's stepped over the line before. This case threatens to push him over the edge.
He's not the only one. Deputy Annie Broussard found the woman's mutilated body. She...
cena: 46,58
A Thin Dark Line
 My Fair Duchess: A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel Megan Frampton 9780062412799 Avon Books

The unexpected duchess

Archibald Salisbury, son of a viscount, war hero, and proficient in the proper ways of aristocratic society, has received orders for his most challenging mission: Genevieve, Duchess of Blakesley. How she inherited a duchy isn't his problem. Turning her into a perfect duchess is. But how can he keep his mind on business when her beauty entices him...

cena: 38,51
My Fair Duchess: A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel
 Riveted: A Saints of Denver Novel Jay Crownover 9780062386007 William Morrow & Company

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men books comes the next installment in the Saints of Denver series.

Everyone else in Dixie Carmichael's life has made falling in love look easy, and now she is ready for her own chance at some of that happily ever after. Which means she's done pining for the moody, silent former soldier who works with her at the bar...

cena: 66,74
Riveted: A Saints of Denver Novel
 The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney: Volume V: 1789 Geoffrey Sill 9780199262076 Oxford University Press, USA
Frances Burney (1752-1840), author Evelina and other novels, was an active diarist and correspondent with a wide circle of relatives and friends throughout her adult life. Her journals and letters are an important source of information about English social life from 1768 to 1838. In the years 1786-91, she served Queen Charlotte as Keeper of the Robes, acquiring a detailed knowledge of...
cena: 581,57
The Court Journals and Letters of Frances Burney: Volume V: 1789
 Shining City Tom Rosenstiel 9780062475367 Ecco Press

A polished and gripping political debut that Michael Connelly calls "an edge of your seat thriller," Shining City is set in DC amid a harrowing Supreme Court nomination fight.

"Amazing. . . . Pulses with momentum. . . . A debut that will be remembered for years." --Michael Connelly

Peter Rena is a "fixer." He and his partner, Randi Brooks, earn...

cena: 115,12
Shining City
 The Kindness of Enemies Leila Aboulela 9780802126245 Grove Press
An absorbing novel . . . reminds us of the complexity of the web woven by those threads of faith, nationality, politics and history. New York Times Book Review
Aboulela has written a book for grown-ups... that speaks more forcefully than a thousand opinion pieces...she has done more than breathe life into legend. San Francisco Chronicle

From the first ever winner of...
cena: 70,81
The Kindness of Enemies
 The Accusation Bandi 9780802126207 Grove Press
The Accusation is a deeply moving and eye-opening work of fiction that paints a powerful portrait of life under the North Korean regime. Set during the period of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il's leadership, the seven stories that make up The Accusation give voice to people living under this most bizarre and horrifying of dictatorships. The characters of these compelling stories come...
cena: 107,10
The Accusation
 The Refugees Viet Thanh Nguyen 9780802126399 Grove Press
Viet Thanh Nguyen's The Sympathizer was one of the most widely and highly praised novels of 2015, the winner not only of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, but also the Center for Fiction Debut Novel Prize, the Edgar Award for Best First Novel, the ALA Carnegie Medal for Fiction, the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature, and the California Book Award for First Fiction. Nguyen's...
cena: 107,10
The Refugees
 Compass Mathias Enard Charlotte Mandell 9780811226622 New Directions Publishing Corporation

As night falls over Vienna, Franz Ritter, an insomniac musicologist, takes to his sickbed with an unspecified illness and spends a restless night drifting between dreams and memories, revisiting the important chapters of his life: his ongoing fascination with the Middle East and his numerous travels to Istanbul, Aleppo, Damascus, and Tehran, as well as the various writers, artists, musicians,...

cena: 114,96
 The Twelve Bullets of Samuel Hawley Hannah Tinti 9780812989885 Dial Press
A coming-of-age novel and a literary thrill ride about the price we pay to protect the people we love most.

"A father-daughter road trip you won't soon forget."--Richard Russo

Samuel Hawley isn't like the other fathers in Olympus, Massachusetts. A loner who spent years living on the run, he raised his beloved daughter, Loo, on the road, moving from motel to motel, always...

cena: 115,16
The Twelve Bullets of Samuel Hawley
 Piece of My Heart: An Inspector Banks Novel Peter Robinson 9780062431653 William Morrow & Company

New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson's Chief Inspector Alan Banks must turn to a murder committed in the 1960s in order to solve a present-day homicide as he races to uncover their common link.

1969 . . . In an era of free love and rebellion, a dead body is discovered among the detritus of a recently concluded rock festival--a beautiful young woman stabbed so...

cena: 70,77
Piece of My Heart: An Inspector Banks Novel
 Ancient Tillage Raduan Nassar Karen Sherwood Sotelino 9780811226561 New Directions Publishing Corporation
For Andre, a young man growing up on a farm in Brazil, life consists of -the earth, the wheat, the bread, our table, and our family.- He loves the land, fears his austere, pious father, who preaches from the head of the table as if from a pulpit, and loathes himself as he begins to harbor shameful feelings for his sister Ana. Lyrical and sensual, written with biblical intensity, this classic...
cena: 66,58
Ancient Tillage
 After the Crash Michel Bussi 9780316309691 Hachette Books
"Terrifically compelling ... Sit back and go along for the ride." --- Boston Globe
Just after midnight on December 23, 1980, a night flight bound for Paris plummets toward the Swiss Alps, crashing into a snowy mountainside. Within seconds flames engulf the plane, which is filled with holiday travelers. Of the 169 passengers, all but one perish.
The sole survivor is a...
cena: 66,78
After the Crash
 Not All Bastards Are from Vienna Andrea Molesini 9780802126306 Grove Press
In this critically acclaimed tour de forcean international bestseller and winner of the prestigious Campiello PrizeAndrea Molesini exquisitely portrays the depths of heroism and horror as a closely knit Italian community is forced to confront war's injustice at the end of World War I.
In the autumn of 1917, Refrontoloa small town near Veniceis invaded by Austrian soldiers as they advance into...
cena: 70,81
Not All Bastards Are from Vienna
 The Maids Junichiro Tanizaki Michael P. Cronin 9780811224925 New Directions Publishing Corporation

The Maids is a jewel: an astonishing complement to The Makioka Sisters, set in the same house, in the same turbulent decades, but among the servants as much as the masters. The Maids concerns all the young women who work--before, during, and after WWII--in the pampered, elegant household of the famous author Chikura Raikichi, his wife Sanko, and her younger sister....

cena: 98,84
The Maids
 The White City Karolina Ramqvist Saskia Vogel 9780802125958 Grove Press, Black Cat
Karolina Ramqvist has been hailed as one of Sweden s truly interesting young writers (Dagens Nyheter) with a great talent for creating imagery and building atmosphere (Dagbladet) and she s a powerful literary voice on contemporary issues of sexuality, commercialization, isolation, and belonging. An immediate bestseller upon publication, The White City is an arresting and...
cena: 70,81
The White City
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