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Literatura piękna

 Truman's Spy Noel Hynd 9781491081907 Createspace
It is early 1950, the midpoint of the Twentieth Century. Joe McCarthy is cranking up his demagoguery and Joseph Stalin had intensified the cold war. In Washington, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI is fighting a turf war with the newly founded Central Intelligence Agency. Harry Truman is in the White House, trying to keep a lid on domestic and foreign politics, but the crises never stop. It should be a time...
cena: 84,23
Truman's Spy
 The Morning After Sally Clements 9781491204498 Createspace
One photo changes everything... A mortifying incident in her youth has shaken sense into Cara Byrne. No more bad-boys. No more getting arrested. Instead, hard work and good behaviour has earned her a job teaching at the local Boys Secondary School, and a proposal from a worthy man. So what if he doesn't exactly light her fire - surely passion is overrated? When her friend since childhood, Ethan...
cena: 45,79
The Morning After
 Sam's New Adventure Jay F. Cabanillas 9781491214169 Createspace
The ending story of our favorite evolved pterodactyl, now living in Florida and making a pest of himself there.
cena: 47,83
Sam's New Adventure
 Communion: A Worlds of the Dead Novel Bernard Wilkerson 9781491226667 Createspace
Gary Lomax has it all going for him. A beautiful wife, a lot of money, and now the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime - moving to Southern France and traveling throughout Europe. Dying from a heart attack changes everything. Gary learns the ins and outs of the Afterlife from his guide, Tilly, his counselor, Lance, and Laura, a victim of domestic violence to whom he feels deeply...
cena: 60,29
Communion: A Worlds of the Dead Novel
 The Children of Wasafa: A Message to Gang Bangers Jacqueline Pitts 9781491236680 Createspace
The Children of Wasafa: A Message to Gang Bangers, addresses the problem of gang violence in the African American community by using historical facts, archaeology and fiction to illustrate commonality. That is, who we think is our enemy or inconsequential to us, may be our relative. An embellished Chokwe symbol created by an Angolan man named Wasafa during the 17th Century reunites his diasporic...
cena: 75,92
The Children of Wasafa: A Message to Gang Bangers
 Hurricane Warnings: Collected Poems 1980--2013 T. Richard Williams 9781491237670 Createspace
HURRICANE WARNINGS is a collection of verse written over a thirty year period that explores some of the important fundamental questions we are all asked to confront: How do we respond when someone tries to make off with our personal and/or political freedom? How do we react to major life events such as birth, marriage, and death? How do we deal with the difficult people in our lives, especially...
cena: 60,12
Hurricane Warnings: Collected Poems 1980--2013
 Cabin Fever Joe Bob Newman 9781491242629 Createspace
"Cabin Fever" is the exciting story of Larry and Fran, their beginning. They are married, just not to each other. They meet and fall in love with each other. Larry must constantly get Fran out of trouble which usually comes from Fran walking on the edge of danger. They become best friends, which complicates their marriages. When Fran is critically injured, Larry has to make some crucial...
cena: 72,77
Cabin Fever
 Havoc Heresy: Book Two of the Havoc Journals Keith G. Seegmiller 9781491243336 Createspace
Previously, Daine's sister was disabled by the affliction known as Havoc. Now his best friend has been killed by his own blade in a Havoc-provoked fight. Daine is incapacitated by overwhelming guilt for both these tragedies. The promise of access to Brotherhood historical records may be his only chance to solve the mysteries of Havoc and absolve his guilt. But he must first, overcome his...
cena: 43,67
Havoc Heresy: Book Two of the Havoc Journals
 Covert Ops: Take It Back: A Neville-MacKenzie Adventure M. G. Chapman 9781491257852 Createspace
No good deed ever goes unpunished. A personal favor for the boss of their Covert Ops outfit results in a nerve-racking salvage job for the crew of the Covert Ops tugboat License2Chill. And the recovery of the object is just the beginning. Sent from their home waters of Washington State to St. Petersburg, Neville, Mackenzie and Stanhope are propelled into cliff edge danger and complex intrigue....
cena: 60,29
Covert Ops: Take It Back: A Neville-MacKenzie Adventure
 Shattered Ties Dean Murray 9781491269794 Createspace
Brittle Bonds (The Guadel Chronicles Volume 3) saw Va'del and Jain driven from their mountain home by traitors among the People. The pair's time in the lowlands, surrounded by hostile priests of a foreign religion, tested them in ways they never anticipated, but they never forgot their friends and family who were fighting and possibly even dying on the frozen slopes of the White Spike Mountains....
cena: 93,54
Shattered Ties
 The Hunters for Justice D. J. Stephens 9781491275672 Createspace
cena: 85,27
The Hunters for Justice
 Infindan's Halls Kevin a. Overduin 9781491275696 Createspace
Life on the planet Bounty is brutal. For four thousand years after the Ieldin people were driven from their home planet Ironhelm, there has been constant war, scarcity, and despair. When the key to Ironhelm is found in a young adventurer, hope for reclamation and unity is rekindled. But there are those who watch from the shadows with other motivations.
cena: 47,83
Infindan's Halls
 Prince of the City: 1. the Cat's Whiskers MacKenzie Brown 9781491285398 Createspace
Vic Prince is a wise cracking detective, plying his trade in 1940's war torn Liverpool. Unable to enlist because of flat feet and asthma, Prince has an affinity with the City because his great grandfather was brought to the Mersey shores, on the last ever Slave Ship to dock, back in 1807. Prince has to wrestle with prejudice, the ostracising of his girlfriend and her Chinese father, his...
cena: 37,43
Prince of the City: 1. the Cat's Whiskers
 Lucky Sevens Cynthia Vespia 9781491296912 Createspace
Luca "Lucky" Lucazi is a man who lives for the job, until the job starts to threaten his life. A former Navy Seal, Lucky is ideal as the head of security for Lucky Sevens Casino. But when major names at the casino start falling victim to deadly and suspicious "accidents" Lucky must find out if a crazed killer is on the loose. Now Lucky must fight his way through a cast of eccentric characters...
cena: 60,29
Lucky Sevens
 A Haiku and an Equivoke: Pungencies Paul Treatman 9781491702116 iUniverse.com

These unique and magnificent haiku, each with an embedded pun or pun phrase, touch upon love, sports, sex, work, play, anger and many more human experiences, evoking giggles and/or groans. You will get a really good kick no matter how you will react. Revise this haiku And you'll be arrested for Disturbing the piece. Hoping to purge his Awful memories, dude drinks Milk of Amnesia.


cena: 109,69
A Haiku and an Equivoke: Pungencies
 Rosa's Gift and Other Stories Michael Cantwell 9781491704233 iUniverse.com

From a young writer trying to win a girl to a boy grappling with confusion about sin, each protagonist in this collection of nine short stories experiences a journey, an encounter, or a revelation that transforms them.

In "Rosa's Gift and Other Stories," author Michael Cantwell presents these stories reflecting the joys and sorrows of all stages of human life. In the title story, "Rosa's...

cena: 62,59
Rosa's Gift and Other Stories
 Noble Deeds J. J. Zerr 9781491706121 iUniverse.com

Navy Captain Pete Adler has finally attained his goals. As he arrives at San Diego harbor and bids his wife farewell, he feels the familiar magnetic pull of the ship tugging him toward his greatest naval adventure. Pete is more than ready to take over as the commanding officer of the USS Marianas. As he boards the aircraft carrier and heads for the pilothouse, Pete battles a mixture of...

cena: 81,44
Noble Deeds
 My Iranian Revolution John Robert Tipton 9781491706893 iUniverse.com

In the summer of 1977, twenty-seven-year-old John Tipton has grown weary of his job with Shell Helicopter Company in Fort Worth, Texas, and his wife has asked for a divorce. He's looking for an opportunity to leave his old life behind and start anew. That opportunity arises almost immediately when he is offered a position in Tehran, Iran. Tipton is intrigued and takes the job.

After a...

cena: 57,56
My Iranian Revolution
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