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Literatura piękna

 Into the Firestorm Kat Martin 9781420139044 Zebra
-I love her books - --Linda Lael Miller
-Martin is superb.- --RT Book Reviews
At Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc., following your instincts is company policy . . .
M. Cassidy--Luke Brodie had heard the name before, some novice bounty hunter working Seattle, catching tricky skips with more success than a newcomer should expect. But the dark curls, sparkly top, and...
cena: 38,51
Into the Firestorm
 The Maverick Cowboy Pearce Kate 9781420140026 Zebra
The heartbreak of their childhood drove the Morgan brothers far from their family's California ranch--and one another. But as they face the wounds of the past, each feels the land calling him home . . .

Blue Morgan never thought he'd crave long days on horseback, working the cattle ranch where he grew up. But after a decade of getting shouted and shot at in the Marines, fresh air and...

cena: 38,51
The Maverick Cowboy
 Whispers Lisa Jackson 9781420141689 Zebra
Set in a small town on the Oregon coast, #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson's chilling novel explores a family's twisted legacy of lies and murder...

Even a man as powerful as Dutch Holland can't keep a scandal buried forever. That's why he's summoned his children home to Oregon before announcing his run for governor. Sixteen years ago, his rival's son, Harley...

cena: 38,51
 Titanias Veilchen Und Oberons Wermut Gabriele Kisser-Priesack 9783741222948 Books on Demand
Pflanzen bei Shakespeare? Da findet sich eine Elfenkonigin, die so zart ist wie ein Veilchen, mit einem Esel als Liebhaber, den sie mit Trauben und Feigen futtert - damals bekannte Fruchtbarkeitssymbole Freundinnen, die lieblich sind wie Kirschen aber wie Kletten an einem hangen. Und Verlobte, die schon vor der Hochzeit aussehen wie verblasste Rosen. Und was haben Schlusselblumen,...
cena: 69,38
Titanias Veilchen Und Oberons Wermut
 Vampirblut Angela Mackert 9783741237317 Books on Demand
cena: 103,25
 Forty Thieves Thomas Perry 9780802126382 Mysterious Press
From New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry comes a whip-smart and lethally paced standalone novel, Forty Thieves.
Sid and Ronnie Abel are a husband-and-wife detective team, both ex-LAPD. Ed and Nicole Hoyt are assassins-for-hire living in the San Fernando Valley. Except for deadly aim with a handgun, the two couples have little in commonuntil both are hired to do damage...
cena: 70,81
Forty Thieves
 Ginny Gall Charlie Smith 9780062434968 Harper Perennial

A sweeping, eerily resonant epic of race and violence in the Jim Crow South: a lyrical and emotionally devastating masterpiece from Charlie Smith, whom the New York Public Library has said "may be America's most bewitching stylist alive."

Delvin Walker is just a boy when his mother flees their home in the Red Row section of Chattanooga, accused of killing a white man. Taken in by...

cena: 70,77
Ginny Gall
 Most Dangerous Place LP: A Jack Swyteck Novel James Grippando 9780062644206 HarperLuxe

Defending a woman accused of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her, Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck must uncover where the truth lies between innocence, vengeance, and justice in this spellbinding tale of suspense--based on shocking true-life events--from the New York Times bestselling author of Gone Again.

According to the FBI, the most dangerous place for a woman...

cena: 115,12
Most Dangerous Place LP: A Jack Swyteck Novel
 Heat and Light Jennifer Haigh 9780061763496 Ecco Press

Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Haigh returns to the Pennsylvania town at the center of her iconic novel Baker Towers in this ambitious, achingly human story of modern America and the conflicting forces at its heart--a bold, moving drama of hope and desperation, greed and power, big business and small-town families.

Forty years ago, Bakerton coal...

cena: 52,27
Heat and Light
 Wilde Lake Laura Lippman 9780062083463 William Morrow & Company

An African-American man accused of rape by a humiliated girl. A vengeful father. A courageous attorney. A worshipful daughter. Think you know this story? Think again.

Laura Lippman, the "extravagantly gifted" (Chicago Tribune) New York Times bestselling author, delivers "one of her best novels " (Washington Post)--a modern twist on To...

cena: 70,77
Wilde Lake
 Only Son Kevin O'Brien 9780786039869 Pinnacle Books
Every parent's worst fear has become her reality...
It only takes a minute for Amy McMurray to run from her car to the cash machine. That brief, unforgivable minute is enough time for her infant son to be snatched from the back seat and for Amy's family, her marriage, and her peace of mind to be shattered beyond repair.
cena: 46,58
Only Son
 The Drifter Christine Lennon 9780062457578 William Morrow & Company

Megan Abbott meets M.O. Walsh in Christine Lennon's compelling debut novel about a group of friends on the cusp of graduating from college when their lives are irrevocably changed by a brutal act of violence.

Present Day...

For two decades, Elizabeth has tried to escape the ghosts of her past...tried to erase the painful memories...tried to keep out the terrifying...

cena: 66,74
The Drifter
 Most Dangerous Place: A Jack Swyteck Novel James Grippando 9780062440556 Harper

Defending a woman accused of murdering the man who sexually assaulted her, Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck must uncover where the truth lies between innocence, vengeance, and justice in this spellbinding tale of suspense--based on shocking true-life events--from the New York Times bestselling author of Gone Again.

According to the FBI, the most dangerous place for a woman...

cena: 115,12
Most Dangerous Place: A Jack Swyteck Novel
 The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories Osama Alomar C. J. Collins 9780811226073 New Directions Publishing Corporation

Personified animals (snakes, wolves, sheep), natural things (a swamp, a lake, a rainbow, trees), mankind's creations (trucks, swords, zeroes) are all characters in The Teeth of the Comb. They aspire, they plot, they hope, they destroy, they fail, they love. These wonderful small stories animate new realities and make us see our reality anew. Reading Alomar's sly moral fables and sharp...

cena: 62,55
The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories
 Leaving Las Vegas John O'Brien 9780802125934 Grove Press
Leaving Las Vegas, the first novel by John O'Brien, is the disturbing and emotionally wrenching story of a woman who embraces life and a man who rejects it. Sera is a prostitute, content with the independence and routine she has carved out for herself in a city defined by recklessness. But she is haunted by a specter in a yellow Mercedes, a man from her past who is committed to taking...
cena: 70,81
Leaving Las Vegas
 Boat of Dreams Rogerio Coelho 9780884485285 Tilbury House Publishers
*2017 IPPY Independent Publishers Gold Medalist*
cena: 98,84
Boat of Dreams
 Nk3 Michael Tolkin 9780802125439 Atlantic Monthly Press
With The Player and The Return of the Player, Michael Tolkin established himself as the master novelist of modern Hollywood. In his new novel, NK3, the H LYW OD sign presides over a Los Angeles devastated by a weaponized microbe that has been accidentally spread around the globe, deleting human identity.

In post-NK3 Los Angeles, a sixty-foot-tall fence surrounds the hills...

cena: 107,10
 Devils in Daylight Junichiro Tanizaki J. Keith Vincent 9780811224918 New Directions Publishing Corporation

One morning, Takahashi, a writer who has just stayed up all night working, is interrupted by a phone call from his old friend Sonomura: barely able to contain his excitement, Sonomura claims that he has cracked a secret cryptographic code based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold-Bug and now knows exactly when and where a murder will take place--and they must hurry if they want to witness...

cena: 78,68
Devils in Daylight
 The Old Man Thomas Perry 9780802125866 Mysterious Press
Edgar Award-winning author Thomas Perry writes thrillers that move "almost faster than a speeding bullet" (Wall Street Journal). The Old Man is his latest whip-smart standalone novel.

To all appearances, Dan Chase is a harmless retiree in Vermont with two big mutts and a grown daughter he keeps in touch with by phone. But most sixty-year-old widowers don't have multiple driver's...

cena: 111,13
The Old Man
 Bright Air Black David Vann 9780802125804 Grove Press, Black Cat
"A writer to read and reread."--The Economist

Following the success of Aquarium which was a New York Times Editor's Choice and garnered numerous rave reviews, David Vann transports us to 13th century B.C. to give a nuanced and electric portrait of the life of one of ancient mythology's most fascinating and notorious women, Medea.

In brilliant poetic prose...

cena: 70,81
Bright Air Black
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