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Literatura piękna

 A Strange Justice Stephen J. K. Archer 9781782999355 FeedARead.com
Synopsis: Just over thirty three days of tracking down a dangerous raconteur, embezzler, a fraudulent man takes protagonist Inspector Ray Victor Green through horrific experiences. His father is killed in a bus crash causing problems preventing him from any involvement in the case. Investigations uncover the story like an archaeological find, piece by piece. Money, sex, violence, kidnap culminate...
cena: 85,83
A Strange Justice
 Unendlich Erdenhimmel Holm Kohlmann 9783848264735 Books on Demand
Sehr materialistisch gepragt wachst der Romanheld in der DDR auf. Er erfindet das runde Schachspiel und tragt seitdem den Spitznamen Rondor. Felsengewaltig reift er an seinen Abenteuern und wird erwachsen. Jahre nach der deutschen Wiedervereinigung von 1990 besitzt er ein umfangreiches Wissen und ein weit geoffnetes Bewusstsein. Er grundet eine Handelsfirma, gerat in die Fange der Russenmafia,...
cena: 71,93
Unendlich Erdenhimmel
 Devil on the Cross Ngugi Wa Thiong'o 9780143107361 Penguin Books
The great Kenyan writer and Nobel Prize nominee Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's powerful fictional critique of capitalism
One of the cornerstones of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o's fame, Devil on the Cross was written in secret, on toilet paper, while Ngũgĩ was in prison. It tells the tragic story of Wariinga, a young woman who moves from a rural Kenyan town to the...
cena: 70,81
Devil on the Cross
 Kater Tommy Gerhard Vohs 9783732278992 Books on Demand
Es waren die allgemeinen Regeln des Zusammenlebens, die einem total aus der Bahn warfen, wenn man auf das wochenendliche Ausschlafen verzichten musste, nur weil die Fressnapfe noch nicht gefullt waren; wenn man in die Beine hinein gebremst, weil man sie als Pylonengasse fur den Automobilslalom halt; wenn der Kater wie ein Krimineller mit angelegten Ohren und eingeklemmten Schwanz herumschleicht,...
cena: 82,08
Kater Tommy
 Das Furstenhaus Schwarzenberg Adolph Berger 9783741153648 Hansebooks
Das Furstenhaus Schwarzenberg ist ein unveranderter, hochwertiger Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1866. Hansebooks ist Herausgeber von Literatur zu unterschiedlichen Themengebieten wie Forschung und Wissenschaft, Reisen und Expeditionen, Kochen und Ernahrung, Medizin und weiteren Genres.Der Schwerpunkt des Verlages liegt auf dem Erhalt historischer Literatur.Viele Werke historischer...
cena: 127,19
Das Furstenhaus Schwarzenberg
 A Cowboy in Her Arms Mary Leo 9780373757480 Harlequin

A Cowboy's Second Act

After nearly being mowed down by an entire parade led by his former girlfriend, Joel Darwood wonders if Briggs, Idaho, is the ideal place to raise his young daughter. Making a home in the tiny ranching town means confronting his past--and the powerful feelings he still has for ornery, unforgiving Callaghan Grant.

Six years later, Callie still isn't...

cena: 29,48
A Cowboy in Her Arms
 The Texas Valentine Twins Cathy Gillen Thacker 9780373757459 Harlequin

A Sweetheart Deal

Wyatt Lockhart is bound to regret moving in with Adelaide Smythe. She's broken the Texas rancher's heart before, and their last spontaneous reunion resulted in a couple of surprises--twin babies Wyatt won't shirk his fatherly duties, but being this close to Adelaide makes it hard to remember why he should stay far away.

Adelaide knows she hurt Wyatt, and...

cena: 29,48
The Texas Valentine Twins
 Dawn Study Maria V. Snyder 9780778319856 Mira Books

New York Times bestselling author Maria V. Snyder brings her Poison Study series to its exhilarating conclusion

Despite the odds, Yelena and Valek have forged an irrevocable bond--and a family--that transcends borders. Now, when their two homelands stand on the brink of war, they must fight with magic and cunning to thwart an Ixian plot to invade Sitia....

cena: 74,80
Dawn Study
 The Cowboy's Valentine Bride Patricia Johns 9780373757473 Harlequin

A Time to Heal

Brody Mason needs a nurse. As soon as he can walk again, he'll leave Hope, Montana, and go straight back to the army. But Kaitlyn Harpe? That's adding insult to injury. Not just because she's a daily reminder that Brody's fiancee, Kate's sister, married his best friend while he was fighting in Afghanistan. But because Kaitlyn had kept the truth from him.


cena: 29,48
The Cowboy's Valentine Bride
 Orexia: Poems Lisa Russ Spaar 9780892554775 Persea Books
Thrumming with the triune hungers of mind, mouth, and spirit, Lisa Russ Spaar s fifth book plumbs daily life in order to transcend it, discovering and embodying the sacred and erogenous as it does so. Seductive and symphonic, Orexia is the latest glory by the ringleader of a stunning lexicon Shenandoah)."
cena: 110,93
Orexia: Poems
 Gilded Cage Vic James 9780425284155 Del Rey Books

In a darkly fantastical debut set in modern-day Britain, magic users control everything: wealth, politics, power--and you. If you're not one of the ultimate one-percenters--the magical elite--you owe them ten years of service. Do those years when you're old, and you'll never get through them. Do them young, and you'll never get over them.

This is the darkly...

cena: 86,94
Gilded Cage
 Rodeo Father Mary Sullivan 9780373757442 Harlequin


Travis Read never wanted to settle down anywhere--with anyone. He's in Rodeo, Montana, just long enough to fix up a house for his sister and he'll be on his way. Then he meets Rachel McGuire. Beautiful and kind--and with magnetic whiskey-colored eyes--Rachel is everything that Travis could want. Except that Rachel is also very, very pregnant.


cena: 29,48
Rodeo Father
 The Bull Rider's Cowgirl April Arrington 9780373757435 Harlequin


Jen Taylor is this close to becoming a world-champion barrel racer. But when tragedy strikes bull rider Colt Mead, she puts her ambitions on hold...temporarily. The playboy of the circuit suddenly has a child depending on him. She can't let her friend go it alone--no matter how much he hurt her...

Colt knew Jen deserved better than a...

cena: 29,48
The Bull Rider's Cowgirl
 Her Cowboy Lawman Pamela Britton 9780373757466 Harlequin

Not His First Rodeo

Sheriff Brennan Connelly knows he should avoid anything that could hint at scandal while he's running for reelection, such as falling for a gorgeous young widow. But despite the age difference and the political risks, Bren and Lauren Danners share a remarkable connection. And as he coaches her young son in the rodeo, the former Green Beret is drawn ever closer...

cena: 29,48
Her Cowboy Lawman
 A Valentine for the Cowboy Rebecca Winters 9780373757428 Harlequin


After a painful divorce that left him the sole parent of his sweet baby girl, Eli Clayton shut the door on relationships. Hard. Then he walks into his ranching family's small-town gem shop and sees his daughter in the arms of a stunning woman whose eyes are the color of Montana blue sapphires. And he melts.

Brianna Frost can't deny the...

cena: 29,48
A Valentine for the Cowboy
 Her Colorado Sheriff Patricia Thayer 9780373757411 Harlequin


Shelby Townsend and her orphaned five-year-old nephew have escaped to Hidden Springs, Colorado, leaving plenty of pain behind. New job, new home--a new start is just what they both need. Until a very delicious complication walks into her life. Sheriff Cullen Brannigan.

Cullen assumes he'll miss the hustle and bustle of his big-city life when he's forced to...

cena: 29,48
Her Colorado Sheriff
 Shadow Play John Harrison 9781365025662 Lulu.com
Shadow Play is the spellbinding continuation of the story started in Shadow Dance. This second book of the Shadow Saga carries the adventure to a whole new level of danger and intrigue The next steps of the prophecy are moving toward fruition and the world hangs in the balance. Dark forces reveal their plots as the forces of good struggle to uncover them. At each turn, those aligned with light...
cena: 198,22
Shadow Play
 Invasion of the Ortaks: Book 2 the Defeat Sveinn Benonysson 9781365064463 Lulu.com
As the Esthopians fret over the spread of the brutal Ortaks, they also face another, more ghoulish threat: creatures from the underworld, first encountered by Queen Jofrid's lieutenant and his men. The frightened armies, noblemen, and kings of Eniktronia, Montania, and Serpenia face off against the Ortaks and King Armus in a spectacular battle at Broad Valley. But their heroism is offset by their...
cena: 68,63
Invasion of the Ortaks: Book 2 the Defeat
 Princess of Fire Heather Graham 9781420138160 Zebra
An incredible storyteller. Los Angeles Daily News
The mighty Norman warrior destined for greatness forced to take sides in a bloody battle for power and glory
The willful Saxon princess born into a land divided by blackest treachery fighting for her life against the despised Norman invaders
He would rescue her from certain...
cena: 38,51
Princess of Fire
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