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Literatura piękna

 The Corpus Conundrum: A Third Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger Albert A. Bel 9781543252439 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
While out hunting, Pliny discovers a man's body. He appears lifeless, but Pliny cannot find a cause of death. Even though he locks it in a stable, in the morning the body is gone. Strangers appear at Pliny's door, claiming to be the man's children. One sings siren songs and claims his -father- is immortal. Another may be an empusa, a shape-shifting, blood-drinking monster. Bodies pile up: a...
cena: 76,76
The Corpus Conundrum: A Third Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger
 Sandokan El Rey del Mar (Sapnish Edition) Emilio Salgari 9781543252361 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
La historia se ambienta en 1868, y relata episodios que transcurren despues de lo narrado en Le due tigri y antes de Alla conquista di un impero. Se situa, pues, en un momento decisivo en la vida de Sandokan y sus companeros: cuando el poderio colonial ingles se expande y los piratas malayos comprenden que el suyo es un mundo que se desvanece sin remedio. Llena de accion, El Rey del Mar tiene un...
cena: 46,62
Sandokan El Rey del Mar (Sapnish Edition)
 10 Minutes Before Sleeping: A Story of Abandonment, Domestic Terror & Bitter Revenge Tanya R. Taylor 9781543252071 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Never push a woman to her limit when all she knows is pain. A powerful story of a young woman named Eva left on the doorstep of a neighbor as a child by her very own mother. She is abused, neglected, rejected and without a legal footing in the only place she knows as -home-. All the odds appear to be stacked against her and those looking from the outside in seriously wonder how one human being...
cena: 56,13
10 Minutes Before Sleeping: A Story of Abandonment, Domestic Terror & Bitter Revenge
 La Reina de Los Caribes (Spanish Edition) Emilio Salgari 9781543252057 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
El mar Caribe, en plena tormenta mugia furiosos lanzando verdaderas montanas de agua contra los muelles de Puerto-limon y las playas de Nicaragua y de Costa Rica. El astro dia, rojo como un disco de cobre, solo proyectaba palidos rayos. No llovia; pero las cataratas del cielo no debian de tardar en abrirse. Tanto solo algun os pescadores y soldados de la pequena guarnicion espanola se habina...
cena: 47,87
La Reina de Los Caribes (Spanish Edition)
 Beethoven, Teosofo Mario Ros Madison Clark 9781543251821 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Este estudio sobre Beethoven, es una muestra mas del amplisimo conocimiento y enorme bagaje cultural del gran teosofo MARIO ROSO DE LUNA. Desde una perspectiva teosofica, Roso de Luna va entretejiendo de una manera audaz y amena la obra del insigne musico, con aquellos puntos en comun de la filosofia tradicional y del esoterismo. Es asi como va descubriendo y sacando a la luz las claves ocultas...
cena: 35,40
Beethoven, Teosofo
 La Fanfarlo (Spanish Edition) Charles Baudelaire 9781543251784 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Este ceunto ha sido publicado en el Boletin de la Sociedad de la Gente de Letras en enero de 1847 bajo el seudonimo de Charles Dufays. Narra la historia de los amores y desamores del joven poeta Samuel Cramer.Una pequena joya de la literatura clasica.
cena: 43,71
La Fanfarlo (Spanish Edition)
 Ethan Frome (Special Edition) Edith Wharton 9781543251760 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Set against the bleak winter landscape of New England, Ethan Frome is the story of a poor farmer, lonely and downtrodden, his wife Zeena, and her cousin, the enchanting Mattie Silver. In the playing out of this short novel's powerful and engrossing drama, Edith Wharton constructed her least characteristic and most celebrated book.
cena: 41,42
Ethan Frome (Special Edition)
 Blinded by His Love 3 Courtney 9781543251326 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Kasi Jordan welcomed a brand new baby boy into her world full of drama and chaos; however, before she could enjoy motherhood, her schizophrenic sister snatched it from her. She finds herself struggling with the infidelity of her longtime boyfriend, Legend Daniels, battling a paternity test with her lover, Preston Black, and the kidnapping of her son. The independent Kasi doesn't know how much...
cena: 51,98
Blinded by His Love 3
 Dulce Sueno (Spanish Edition) Emilia Pardo Bazan 9781543251272 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Esta coleccion de cuentos siete ha dado a conocer en textos impecables, basados en las primeras ediciones o en manuscritos de Emilia Pardo Bazan obras significativas en la escritura d ela autora espanola. I. Escuchad II. Lina III. Los procos IV. El de Farnesio V. Intermedio lirico VI. El de Carranza VII. Dulce dueno
cena: 47,87
Dulce Sueno (Spanish Edition)
 Married to a Savage Quanna Lashae 9781543250947 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
To be the wife of a savage, a lady must first know the game, and the rules that come with it. She must be an absolute rider; and she must be able to deal with the life. Ava Jefferson learned this the hard way. She is newly married to Jacobi, a 26-year-old successful businessman, who has his life on track until a series of bad events turn him cold, and he turns to a friend who ultimately lures him...
cena: 43,67
Married to a Savage
 Rebirth of a Boss: A Street Love Tale Courtney B 9781543250886 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Brice just spent ten years in prison for a crime that he didn't commit, on behalf of his older brother. While in prison, Brice made a lot of changes for the better. In hopes to get out and live his own life, being that he was caught up, living in the fast-lane at an early age. It didn't take long for him to see the era in his ways. Making a vow to himself that once he was released he would stay...
cena: 51,98
Rebirth of a Boss: A Street Love Tale
 Down to Ride for a King 2 Tyanna 9781543250787 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Avery and Ava are one in the same, except Avery is an undercover cop and Ava is the event planner whom she was sent in to be to get close to the infamous Creed Jones. Although Avery's career has been her everything, circumstances have forced her into a tight spot. The unforeseen feelings for the man whom she was supposed to be taking down have led her into a whirlwind of trouble and she doesn't...
cena: 47,83
Down to Ride for a King 2
 Archivo de Suenos 1 Lazara Nancy Dia 9781543250732 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Me llama la atencion, en la poesia de Lazara Nancy Diaz, esa nostalgia por los momentos idos y esas ansias femeninas por el tiempo sin llegar. Storni o Ibarbouru? No se, quizas. Sin el lirismo erotico de la Oliver Labra, Nancy sabe llegar a la almendra del verso y mostrarnos su esencia. Ernesto R. del Valle. Poeta y Editor de la Revista Guatini.
cena: 47,87
Archivo de Suenos 1
 Risking It All for My Hustla 2 Chyna L 9781543250664 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
After risking her freedom to get Q out of jail, Victoria is ready to move back home to Boston with Q and Aaliyah and leave Atlanta far behind them. But never in a million years would she have thought that moving back home might end up costing her happy home to come crashing in on her. From the time that they get back in Boston, Q becomes quite the ladies man, leaving Victoria wondering if he was...
cena: 47,83
Risking It All for My Hustla 2
 My Bae Is a Young Boss 2 Rikenya Hunter 9781543250350 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
n the previous installment of My Bae is a Young Boss, Dutch and Abrienne became a couple, and Abrienne quickly learned why her bae was a young boss. He swept her off her feet with his thuggish yet charming ways, and Abrienne learned how to be down for her man and to never question any of his actions when it came to his street affairs. After a bombshell was sprung on Dutch, it quickly changed...
cena: 43,67
My Bae Is a Young Boss 2
 The Moon Was a Witness C. R. Walker 9781543249774 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

There was a boy I once knew who had an abusive father.

There was a boy I once knew that became a werewolf after killing him.

There was a boy I once knew that was killed a year later.

There was a boy I once knew and his name was Brandon.

He was my best friend.

I killed him.

Maggie Thomas is sent to rehab...

cena: 59,91
The Moon Was a Witness
 Kangaroo D. H. Lawrence 9781543248371 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Kangaroo is an account of a visit to New South Wales by an English writer named Richard Lovat Somers, and his German wife Harriet, in the early 1920s. This appears to be semi-autobiographical, based on a three-month visit to Australia by Lawrence and his wife Frieda, in 1922. The novel includes a chapter ("Nightmare") describing the Somers' experiences in wartime Cornwall (St Columb Major), vivid...
cena: 55,77
 Two Souls, One Door: The Threshold of Reality Christopher Goodrum 9781543248364 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
How do you leave a room when the only door disappears and reappears at random, and moves away from you when you approach? How do you leave an endless void of darkness and silence? And when the only rule that governs the room is only one person may pass through the door? Alex Porter always enjoyed a mystery. Especially a paranormal one. But if it's not on a television screen or a in a book, it...
cena: 31,03
Two Souls, One Door: The Threshold of Reality
 The Chinese Parrot (Charlie Chan #2) Earl Derr Biggers 9781543248289 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Chinese Parrot (1926) is the second novel in the Charlie Chan series of mystery novels by Earl Derr Biggers. It is the first in which Chan travels from Hawaii to mainland California, and involves a crime whose exposure is hastened by the death of a parrot. The story concerns a valuable string of pearls which is purchased by a wealthy and eccentric financier. The handsome young son of the...
cena: 56,18
The Chinese Parrot (Charlie Chan #2)
 Seven Keys to Baldpate Earl Derr Biggers 9781543248173 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Baldpate Inn has a mystery and seven keys. The novelist has one. The other six fall into the hands of six apparent lunatics: 1. a hermit who flees from barbers and women has a key, 2. a peroxide blonde who "just loves" men has a key, 3. a college professor who has been laughed out of his job has a key, 4. a political "boss" who eats cigars has a key, 5. a Belle of High Societee has a key and, 6....
cena: 39,96
Seven Keys to Baldpate
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