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Literatura piękna

In this the third of Boothby's Dr. Nikola novels, Nikola applies his almost hypnotic persuasion to convince an out-of-luck Australian, formerly from England, named Gilbert Pennethorne to assist Nikola unwittingly in an evil scheme. Nikola takes advantage of Pennethorne's intense desire for revenge against a former boss in Australia who stole information about the location of a gold field that...
cena: 60,14
The Lust of Hate
When Andrew Drayton, a collector of jewelry, is found stabbed to death and the young woman who tried to stop the murderer is wounded, Dr Thorndyke is called in to investigate. But although the scene of the crime seems awash with the fingerprints of the attacker, there may be good reason why the police can't trace the killer. But not only are the facts of the case proving to be vexing but the...
cena: 64,29
The Cat's Eye
Bernice Bobs her hair By Francis Scott Fitzgerald
cena: 39,42
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
cena: 72,59
Love Eternal
"Jehan de Mandeville," translated as "Sir John Mandeville," is the name claimed by the compiler of a singular book of supposed travels, written in Anglo-Norman French, and published between 1357 and 1371. By aid of translations into many other languages it acquired extraordinary popularity. Despite the extremely unreliable and often fantastical nature of the travels it describes, it was used as a...
cena: 60,14
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
The two girls were usually known by their surnames, Banford and March. They had taken the farm together, intending to work it all by themselves: that is, they were going to rear chickens, make a living by poultry, and add to this by keeping a cow, and raising one or two young beasts. Unfortunately, things did not turn out well. Banford was a small, thin, delicate thing with spectacles. She,...
cena: 39,42
The Fox
A story of love and adventure on a ranch in California.
cena: 60,14
The Gringos
Meno Plato Classic Greek Literature Translated with an introduction by Benjamin Jowett Meno is a Socratic dialogue written by Plato. It appears to attempt to determine the definition of virtue, or arete, meaning virtue in general, rather than particular virtues, such as justice or temperance. This Dialogue begins abruptly with a question of Meno, who asks, 'whether virtue can be taught.' Socrates...
cena: 39,42
The first of her renowned prairie novels--a story that expresses Cather's conviction that "the history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman." When Alexandra Bergson takes over the family farm after her father's death, she falls under the spell of the rich, forbidding Nebraska prairie.
cena: 47,71
O Pioneers!
A story about a mountain climber who discovers a civilization where everyone is blind and who have developed unique ways of using their other senses. They notice that their new arrival is very different from them and insist that he surgically remove his eyes if he wants to stay in their community. (The Plattner Story is available as an audiobook from librivox.org.) Contents: The Jilting of Jane;...
cena: 39,42
The Country of the Blind
 It Hurts Me to Love You MS T. Nicole 9781543254624 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The death of D.C.'s street legend, D. Money Mason, gives his protege's, Yam and Snake, control over D.C. Proper preparation prepares Yam to run the streets with ease as his boy Snake assists him in ruling D. Money's territories. Running the streets is easy, but trying to keep his daughter a secret and controlling her spoiled and sneaky ways is the toughest job Yam ever endures. Paisley is...
cena: 60,14
It Hurts Me to Love You
 Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy 9781543254396 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Anna Karenina is a novel by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, published in serial installments from 1873 to 1877 in the periodical The Russian Messenger. Tolstoy clashed with editor Mikhail Katkov over political issues that arose in the final installment (Tolstoy's negative views of Russian volunteers going to fight in Serbia); therefore, the novel's first complete appearance was in book form in...
cena: 35,28
Anna Karenina
 Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn't Really Happen Geoff Sturtevant 9781543254075 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
From the author of "Return to the Dirt" comes an outlandish collection of stories, including: "Anything for my Bubela," "Jar Baby," and "Night Fright." Sol Edelbaum, gambling addict, is in deep trouble with the Gambino family. Find out to what extent his doting mother, Edna, will go to protect her degenerate bubela from the Mafia. Learn what really happened that fateful day Paul Castellano was...
cena: 47,71
Just Speculating: Three Stories That Didn't Really Happen
 Alrededor de La Luna (Spanish Edition) Julio Verne 9781543254020 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Julio Verne narra las aventuras de los pasajeros instalados dentro de una bala gigante que los lleva hacia la Luna. Mientras en "De la Tierra a la Luna" se dedica a explicar minuciosamente como unos emprendedores planean y ejecutan todos los preparativos para un viaje hacia la Luna en una bala de canon, en "Alrededor de la Luna" describe el transcurso de ese viaje. El viaje se realiza durante la...
cena: 32,83
Alrededor de La Luna (Spanish Edition)
 Rimas (Spanish Edition) Ruben Dario 9781543253153 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Rimas es una obra poetica publicada en 1887. Se compone de 14 rimas de temas diversos
cena: 37,39
Rimas (Spanish Edition)
 Azul (Spanish Edition) Ruben Dario 9781543253061 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Azul... es un libro de cuentos y poemas considerado una de las obras mas relevantes del modernismo. Se publico por primera vez en Valparaiso el 30 de julio de 1888. En cuanto al estilo, era la epoca en que predominaba la aficion por la escritura artistica y el dilentatismo elegante.
cena: 42,78
Azul (Spanish Edition)
 El Diablo Desinteresado Amado Nervo 9781543252972 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Un joven pintor perdidamente enamorado es capaz de venderle su alma al diablo para lograr con fama y fortuna, que su amor sea correspondido. Nervo, en otra de sus novelas cortas, nos cuenta una historia de amor, fantasia y bondad que nos hace reflexionar sobre el bien sin recompensas. La tecnica modernista de Nervo, nos pasea por una lectura sencilla, rapida y amena sin hacer falta de sus...
cena: 28,90
El Diablo Desinteresado
 Prosas Profanas (Spanish Edition) Ruben Dario 9781543252958 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Prosas profanas y otros poemas es una obra crucial en la historia de la literatura. Su publicacion propiciara la ruptura definitiva con los canones del lenguaje poetico tradicional, pues constituye la maxima expresion de la nueva estetica que tan fervientemente buscaba Ruben Dario. Producto de su admira cion por la musicalidad de la poesia parnasiana y simbolista francesa, Prosas profanas se...
cena: 38,63
Prosas Profanas (Spanish Edition)
 Lira Postuma (Spanish Edition) Ruben Dario 9781543252828 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
La poesia de Ruben Dario reune todas las caracteristicas del Modernismo. En lo formal, el cromatismo, la sonoridad y el ritmo. En los temas, lo exotico, lo mitologico y tambien un mundo interior desgarrado. Su poesia que llama la atencion por la versatilidad: es frivola e intrascendente, pero tambien sensual, patriotica, grave y angustiada.
cena: 47,75
Lira Postuma (Spanish Edition)
 Sandokan Los Tigres de Mompracem (Spanish Edition) Emilio Salgari 9781543252637 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Sandokan, un joven principe malayo, subio al trono de Mulder, en la isla asiatica de Borneo, cuando apenas tenia veinte anos. Pronto comenzo a hacerse fuerte y a conquistar los reinos cercanos. Entonces, viendo amenazado su poder, los hombres blancos, principalmente ingleses y holandeses, se aliaron con el sultan de Varauni para derrotarlo. Las traiciones se sucedian y pronto se asesino a toda la...
cena: 46,52
Sandokan Los Tigres de Mompracem (Spanish Edition)
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