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 Popular Music Journalism Martin James 9780415560672 Routledge
Working in the highly charged field of popular music journalism requires an understanding of a broad range of practical and theoretical approaches to the subject. This book will explore a variety of arguments and perspectives on the role of the music journalist and the wider popular music press within the cultural and operational contexts of popular music and its associated industries. By...
cena: 134,77
Popular Music Journalism

As the rate of scientific discoveries and developments accelerates, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand and relate these events to our everyday lives. The day-to-day activities of science now lie obscured behind an ever-thickening screen of corporate, civil and military secrecy, whilst the news media the only major space left for public engagement in science development represent...

cena: 124,06
Science, News, and the Public: Tackling the 'Red Shift' in Science Communication
What are the leading tools and archives in digital cultural heritage? How can they be integrated into research infrastructures to better serve their intended audiences? In this book authors from a wide range of countries, representing some of the best research projects in digital humanities related to cultural heritage discuss their latest findings, both in terms of new tools and archives, and...
cena: 568,58
Cultural Heritage Digital Tools and Infrastructures
 Depression: A Very Short Introduction Jan Scott Mary Jane Tacchi 9780199558650 Oxford University Press, USA
What is depression? What is bipolar disorder? How are they diagnosed and how are they treated? Can a small child be diagnosed with depression and treated with antidepressants - and should they be?
Covering depression, manic depression, and bipolar disorder, this Very Short Introduction gives a brief account of the history of these concepts, before focussing on the descriptions and...
cena: 49,09
Depression: A Very Short Introduction
 On Writtenness: The Politics of Style in International Higher Education Joan Turner 9781472505071 Bloomsbury Academic

The term 'writtenness' is used to describe highlight a socio-academic criterion that is often taken-for-granted. The trope 'well written' is widespread but it is rarely very clearly defined and not adequately described by theory.

This book redresses that neglect by contextualizing writtenness as a focal issue in the contemporary context of international higher...

cena: 274,05
On Writtenness: The Politics of Style in International Higher Education
 Translations into Greek Verse and Prose  Archer-Hind, Richard Dacre 9781316626078
Originally published in 1905, this book presents a series of translations from English into Greek verse and prose.
cena: 129,41
Translations into Greek Verse and Prose
Dr Helen Beer is Lecturer in Yiddish.at UCL and Departmental Tutor. She is also Tutor in Yiddish at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. She teaches and lectures extensively in Britain and Europe and has participated in numerous Yiddish summer programmes in Oxford, Brussels, Paris.
cena: 488,25
The Routledge Intermediate Yiddish Reader: Learning Through Lives
 Arabic Prose Composition  Weir, T. H. 9781316626085
A guide to Arabic, intended to carry the student 'on from the rudiments of the language to what may be considered advanced prose'.
cena: 113,35
Arabic Prose Composition

The Encyclopedia of the World s Endangered Languages presents expert analysis of the current language policy situation in every multilingual country and on every continent, detailed descriptions of little-known languages from all over the world, and clear alphabetical entries, region by region, of all the world's languages currently thought to be in danger of...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-01-2018
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cena: 1345,05
Encyclopedia of the World's Endangered Languages
 Talking at Work: Corpus-Based Explorations of Workplace Discourse Lucy Pickering Eric Friginal Shelley Staples 9781137496157 Palgrave MacMillan
This book offers original corpus research in a range of workplace contexts including office-based settings, call center interactions and healthcare communication. Chapters in this edited volume bring together leading scholars in the field of corpus analysis in workplace discourse and include data from multiple corpora. Employing a range of qualitative and quantitative analytic approaches...
cena: 423,00
Talking at Work: Corpus-Based Explorations of Workplace Discourse
 American Journalists in the Great War: Rewriting the Rules of Reporting Chris Dubbs 9780803285743 University of Nebraska Press

When war erupted in Europe in 1914, American journalists hurried across the Atlantic ready to cover it the same way they had covered so many other wars. However, very little about this war was like any other. Its scale, brutality, and duration forced journalists to write their own rules for reporting and keepingthe American public informed.

American Journalists in the Great...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-03-2017
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American Journalists in the Great War: Rewriting the Rules of Reporting
 Equipo 2/Book + CD Rom   9788495986252 0
cena: 133,88
Equipo 2/Book + CD Rom
 Gradability in Natural Language: Logical and Grammatical Foundations Heather Burnett 9780198724803 Oxford University Press, USA
This book presents a new theory of the relationship between vagueness, context-sensitivity, gradability, and scale structure in natural language. Heather Burnett argues that it is possible to distinguish between particular subclasses of adjectival predicates--relative adjectives like tall, total adjectives like dry, partial adjectives like wet, and non-scalar adjectives...
cena: 126,74
Gradability in Natural Language: Logical and Grammatical Foundations
 Get Started in Malay: A Teach Yourself Program with Audio CDs Christopher Byrnes Tam Lye Suan Eva Nyimas 9781444175080 Teach Yourself Books
Are you looking for a course in Malay written for the absolute beginner who has no experience of learning a foreign language? This book gives you the confidence to communicate in Malay.
cena: 166,90
Get Started in Malay: A Teach Yourself Program with Audio CDs
 The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner Ring, Jr. Lardner Ron Rapoport James Lardner 9780803269736 University of Nebraska Press

Ring Lardner s influence on American letters is arguably greater than that of any other American writer in the early part of the twentieth century. Lauded by critics and the public for his groundbreaking short stories, Lardner was also the country s best-known journalist in the 1920s and early 1930s, when his voicewas all but inescapable in American newspapers and magazines. Lardner s...

cena: 179,12
The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner
 Imagination and Convention: Distinguishing Grammar and Inference in Language Ernie Lepore Matthew Stone 9780198797418 Oxford University Press, USA
How do hearers manage to understand speakers? And how do speakers manage to shape hearers' understanding? Lepore and Stone show that standard views about the workings of semantics and pragmatics are unsatisfactory. They advance an alternative view which better captures what is going on in linguistic communication.
cena: 112,33
Imagination and Convention: Distinguishing Grammar and Inference in Language
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