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Grafika komputerowa

 How to Do Everything with Macromedia Flash 5 Bonnie Blake 9780072127140 McGraw-Hill Companies
Macromedia is currently a red-hot topic in the web development community. Macromedia estimates that over 3 million computer browsers now have the Flash player - that's roughly 80% of web browsers - and in addition, Macromedia has an aggressive and open licensing policy which guarantees that millions more Flash-ready browsers are installed worldwide.
cena: 135,45
How to Do Everything with Macromedia Flash 5
 Macromedia Flash Animation & Cartooning: A Creative Guide Ibis Fernandez 9780072133233 McGraw-Hill Companies
A comprehensive guide to Flash animation and cartooning, this book includes an eight-page colour insert which details the stages of the animation process. The tutorial format addresses every facet of character creation and animation, while applied projects illustrate concepts and practices.
cena: 217,25
Macromedia Flash Animation & Cartooning: A Creative Guide
 PageMaker(R) 7: The Complete Reference Carolyn M. Connally 9780072193589 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
A comprehensive reference guide that covers all the features, old and new, of PageMaker. New product features are highlighted with a New to Version 7 icon, while design/product tips and techniques are included to expand the experienced-user appeal. A 16-page colour insert shows projects in process and shows how to use and customize the hundreds of templates, stock illustrations, and photos...
cena: 217,25
PageMaker(R) 7: The Complete Reference
 Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide Simon Dabkowski 9780072195200 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Due to its tight integration with Photoshop, LiveMotion X promises to be a strong competitor to Macromedia Flash in the vector-based animation space. This title assumes that the reader does not have previous LiveMotion or multimedia design experience. It addresses the spectrum of design issues - from analysis to finished product.
cena: 124,98
Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide
 How to Do Everything with Photoshop (R) 7 Laurie McCanna 9780072195545 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Photoshop is the world's most popular image editing tool. This guide breaks down the features of the programme and instructs the reader with step-by-step tasks for scanning, retouching, creating graphics for Web pages and creating special effects.
cena: 135,45
How to Do Everything with Photoshop (R) 7
 Macromedia Flash MX: A Beginner's Guide Brian Underdahl 9780072222661 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This is a comprehensive introduction to Macromedia Flash, combined with special beginner's-level coverage of ActionScript, Flash's native programming language.
cena: 165,59
Macromedia Flash MX: A Beginner's Guide
 Flash 99 Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability Kevin Airgid Stephanie Reindel 9780072222876 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
In this guide, the authors discusses the balance between design and usability from the perspective of a Flash designer and an information architect. They focus on good content by providing design approaches to typography, graphics and animation.
cena: 238,77
Flash 99 Good: A Guide to Macromedia Flash Usability
 Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX Robert Penner 9780072223569 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Aims to reveal the programming and design concepts behind the author's creations. This book showcases his work that merges maths and design with Flash. It gives a look at his approach to design which incorporates advanced ActionScript programming and helps you discover techniques associated with some of the interactive designs.
cena: 217,25
Robert Penner's Programming Macromedia Flash MX
 Fireworks MX: A Beginner's Guide Kim Cavanaugh Michael Mueller Lyssa Wald 9780072223675 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This comprehensive introduction to creating and exporting graphics for the Web with Fireworks, covers: changes to the tool panel; the Properties Inspector feature; the use of fills, strokes and gradients; integrating Fireworks with Photoshop, Flash and other programs; and the automated features.
cena: 165,59
Fireworks MX: A Beginner's Guide
 Photoshop 7 (R): Tips and Techniques Wendy Willard 9780072224467 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This work provides tips and techniques with real-world examples targeted for Web design. Users tearn to prepare and plan for Web page development first, before moving on to the design and production phases. It includes specifics on Photoshop for Web design so designers don't have to wade through unnecessary Photoshop print details. The guide deals with Web-specific issues in Photoshop, such as...
cena: 217,25
Photoshop 7 (R): Tips and Techniques
 Photoshop Elements 2: The Complete Reference Ken Milburn Gene Hirsh 9780072224757 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This comprehensive guide to Photoshop Elements - a low cost image editing software package for business professionals and hobbyists. It offers in-depth coverage, step-by-step projects and an image bank online.
cena: 217,25
Photoshop Elements 2: The Complete Reference
 ActionScript: The Complete Reference William B. Sanders 9780072226430 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This is a reference on ActionScript, Macromedia Flash MX's native programming language. It examines the enhanced UI components, new object-oriented features of ActionScript and more. For those who wish to integrate sophisticated interactive elements into their Flash applications, and take Web application development to the next level.
cena: 268,91
ActionScript: The Complete Reference
 Mobile Macromedia Flash MX: With Flash Remoting & Flash Communication Server Alan Yeung Nicholas Pang 9780072226454 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
A guide to building mobile Macromedia Flash MX applications for multiple platforms and devices.
cena: 217,25
Mobile Macromedia Flash MX: With Flash Remoting & Flash Communication Server
 Create! Photoshop Elements 2 Greg Simsic Katy Bodenmiller Kate Bodenmiller 9780072227383 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This introductory guide aims to help the reader learn to perform all kinds of image editing tasks, including photo restoration, collage-making, overlaying images, and much more.
cena: 101,01
Create! Photoshop Elements 2
 Totally Tasteless Photoshop Elements Wally Wang 9780072228847 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Using step-by-step tutorials, this book shows the amatuer photographer and hobbyist how to express his or her deepest secrets by using Photoshop Elements to digitally enhance and manipulate photographs.
cena: 135,45
Totally Tasteless Photoshop Elements
 Macromedia Flash MX Bonnie Blake Doug Sahlin 9780072229691 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Whether creating Web content, business presentations or publishing multimedia interactive content, this results-oriented resource shows you how Macromedia Flash X will bring your presentations to life.
cena: 135,45
Macromedia Flash MX
 Macromedia Flash MX Brian Underdahl 9780072229820 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Animate your productions and publish Flash movies. Take advantage of Flash's functionality and flexibility, and discover even greater creativity and brighter, more effective Web content. Get fascinating, step-by-step coverage of arguably the most exciting Web authoring tool ever created. Learn the fundamental tools as well as ActionScript, Flash's native programming language.
cena: 165,59
Macromedia Flash MX
 Corel Paint Shop Pro X: The Official Guide Dave Huss Lori J. Davis 9780072262629 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
This step-by-step guide shows users how to get the most out of this highly affordable professional image editing software. Corel Paint Shop Pro 10: The Official Guide covers the entire product, including the suite of art media features, professional photo editing tools, and precision graphic design capabilities. Readers will learn to restore and revive images through editing, color correction,...
cena: 178,50
Corel Paint Shop Pro X: The Official Guide
 How to Do Everything with Photoshop Elements 4.0 David Plotkin 9780072262674 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media

Edit, organize, and show off your photos using Photoshop Elements 4.0 and the expert tips in this full-color guide. You'll learn to customize the program to suit your preferences, and then get started retouching, repairing, and enhancing digital images in no time. Step-by-step examples show you how to crop images, fix color, focus, and exposure problems, eliminate defects, manipulate images,...

cena: 144,06
How to Do Everything with Photoshop Elements 4.0
 How to Do Everything with Adobe Acrobat 8 Doug Sahlin 9780072263930 McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media
Get more out of the latest version of Adobe Acrobat than ever

Create and share sophisticated electronic documents easily using Adobe Acrobat 8 and the helpful tips in this hands-on guide. How to Do Everything with Adobe Acrobat 8 shows you how to generate Adobe PDF files that retain the look and feel of the original documents, edit PDFs, collaborate with other...
cena: 122,54
How to Do Everything with Adobe Acrobat 8
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