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Technology - Automation

 Modeling and Control of Discrete-Event Dynamic Systems: With Petri Nets and Other Tools B. Hruz M. C. Zhou 9781846288722

Discrete-event dynamic systems (DEDs) permeate our world, being of great importance in modern manufacturing processes, transportation and various forms of computer and communications networking.

Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems begins with the mathematical basics required for the study of DEDs and moves on to present various...

cena: 375,50
Modeling and Control of Discrete-Event Dynamic Systems: With Petri Nets and Other Tools
 Process Control: The Passive Systems Approach Peter L. Lee 9781846288920

Passivity and associated stability conditions form one of the cornerstones in control theory and have begun to be applied in process control. In this book, passivity-based developments in all areas of control theory are addressed systematically for the first time. The emphasis is placed on real results that add insight. Case studies illustrate applications in all the main chapters. MATLAB(R)...

cena: 981,60
Process Control: The Passive Systems Approach
 Robot Motion and Control Krzysztof Kozlowski 9781846289736

Robot Motion Control 2007 presents very recent results in robot motion and control. Forty-one short papers have been chosen from those presented at the sixth International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control held in Poland in June 2007. The authors of these papers have been carefully selected and represent leading institutions in this field.

cena: 746,77
Robot Motion and Control
 Microprocessors in Process Control J. R. Borer 9781851665785
cena: 1873,97
Microprocessors in Process Control
 Neural Networks in Multidimensional Domains: Fundamentals and New Trends in Modelling and Control P. Arena G. Muscato L. Fortuna 9781852330064
In this monograph, new structures of neural networks in multidimensional domains are introduced. These architectures are a generalization of the Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP) in Complex, Vectorial and Hypercomplex algebra. The approximation capabilities of these networks and their learning algorithms are discussed in a multidimensional context. The work includes the theoretical basis to address...
cena: 464,97
Neural Networks in Multidimensional Domains: Fundamentals and New Trends in Modelling and Control
 H Control and Its Applications Ben M. Chen M. Thoma B. M. Chen 9781852330262
H... control theory is a subject that deals with the minimisation of the H... norm of the transfer matrix from an exogenous disturbance to a pertinent controlled output of a given plant. H... Control and Its Applications examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of H... control from the angle of the structural properties of linear systems. Constructive algorithms for finding solutions...
cena: 464,97
H Control and Its Applications
 Identification and Control Using Volterra Models F. J. Doyle R. K. Pearson B. a. Ogunnaike 9781852331498
This text covers recent results in the analysis, identification and control of systems described by Volterra models. Topics covered include: qualitative behavior of finite Volterra models compared and contrasted with other nonlinear model classes; structural restrictions and extensions to Volterra model class; least squares and stochastic identification approaches; model inversion issues; direct...
cena: 1263,40
Identification and Control Using Volterra Models
 Computer Controlled Systems: Analysis and Design with Process-Orientated Models E. N. Rosenwasser Efim Rosenwasser Bernhard P. Lampe 9781852333072

This book introduces the reader to a novel method of mathematical description, analysis and design of digital control systems, which makes it possible to take into account, in the most complete form, specific features of interaction between continuous-time and discrete time processes.

cena: 1498,23
Computer Controlled Systems: Analysis and Design with Process-Orientated Models
 Electronic Business & Commerce Mike Chesher Rukesh Kaura Peter Linton 9781852335847
Intended as a student text for undergraduate courses, this volume provides the reader with a sound foundation in the basic concepts of electronic commerce and business communications. It includes numerous examples, schematics and case studies to enhance the learning experience. Topics covered range from organizational issues and the evolution of business-to-business and business-to-consumer...
cena: 300,35
Electronic Business & Commerce
 Mobile Robotics: A Practical Introduction Ulrich Nehmzow 9781852337261
Mobile Robotics: A Practical Introduction (2nd edition) is an excellent introduction to the foundations and methods used for designing completely autonomous mobile robots. A fascinating, cutting-edge, research topic, autonomous mobile robotics is now taught in more and more universities. In this book you are introduced to the fundamental concepts of this complex field via twelve detailed case...
cena: 305,05
Mobile Robotics: A Practical Introduction
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