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A A Gill

 Golden Door A A Gill 9780753829165 0
A A Gill
Where were you when John F. Kennedy was shot? Today the answer more often than not is going to be 'not born'. You have to be some way past 45 to know where you were when Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963. A generation later, you could ask the same question about the World Trade Centre. Where were you when the plane hit the twin towers on 11 September 2001? But this book is about what happened...
cena: 51,61
Golden Door
 A.A. Gill is Further Away A A Gill 9780753829295 0
A A Gill
A new collection of dazzling travel pieces from SUNDAY TIMES journalist and critic A.A. GILL.
cena: 56,65
A.A. Gill is Further Away
 Breakfast at the Wolseley A A Gill 9781844004447 0
A A Gill
Serves as a guide to producing breakfast in the Wolseley style. This work also helps you learn about the background and ethos of the Wolseley with a description of the building and how it became the icon, including a look at how breakfast service is run at the Wolseley both at front of house and behind the scenes.
cena: 71,77
Breakfast at the Wolseley
A A Gill
cena: 81,85