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 Mexican Food Made Simple Thomasina Miers 9780340994979
Here, Wahaca chef and food writer Thomasina Miers shares the recipes she has gathered since she first fell in love with Mexico, reinventing the classics with accessible ingredients to demonstrate how exciting and delicious traditional Mexican food can be.
cena: 116,49
Mexican Food Made Simple
 Chilli Notes Thomasina Miers 9781444776881

Most people think about chillies in terms of heat and their capacity to blow one's head off. I think about how they can delicately pep up a pile of silky aubergines, perhaps already spiced with cardamom, cinnamon and faint dusting of cumin; how dark, tobacco-flavoured chillies can add deep mysterious tones to molten chocolate, how smoky chillies can add body to slow-cooked, unctuous stews,...

cena: 131,51
Chilli Notes
 Wahaca: Mexican Food at Home Thomasina Miers 9781444722390
Cook authentic Mexican food at homewith top chef andfood writer Thomasina Miers'ssimple, accessible recipes.Eat your way through the repertoire of delicious Mexican market food with this vibrant collection of mouth-watering recipes. With Banana and Pecan bread in the morning, a quick snack of Broad Bean, Mint and Feta Quesadillas, hearty mains like Pork Pibil and wicked puddings like Peanut...
cena: 116,49
Wahaca: Mexican Food at Home
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Cantina Mexicana
 Home Cook: Over 300 Delicious Fuss-Free Recipes Thomasina Miers   9781783350964
Thomasina Miers, founder of Wahaca and Guardian columnist, has collected her favorite, life-friendly recipes so that you can cook good food any day of the week. Enjoy mouth-watering Mexican crab mayo or pomegranate-glazed chicken thighs, rapid ravioli or cheat's roast dinner, sticky coconut cake or heavenly panna cotta with blood oranges and tequila. Every recipe includes a follow-up meal...
cena: 131,51
Home Cook: Over 300 Delicious Fuss-Free Recipes