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 Harlequinade / All on Her Own Terence Rattigan 9781848425415
Harlequinade follows a classical theatre company whose intrigues and dalliances are revealed with increasingly calamitous consequences in an affectionate celebration of the lunatic art of putting on a play.
A powerful one-woman play, All On Her Own tells the story of Rosemary who, alone at midnight in London, has a secret burden to share that is both heartbreaking and sinister.
cena: 58,54
Harlequinade / All on Her Own
Drama / Characters: 5 male, 3 female

Scenery: Interior

Hester Collyer's husband is a rich, talented lawyer; her lover, Freddie, is neither Hester's moral nor intellectual equal, but Hester loves him with an intensity that few, and especially not Freddie, are capable of matching. They are death to each other. Hester is driven to attempt suicide. Between the devil and the deep blue sea the...

cena: 92,22
Deep Blue Sea
 Harlequinade - A Farce Terence Rattigan 9780573020940
One of two Shakespearean ham actors touring the provinces has a dubious and shady past.
cena: 91,72
Harlequinade - A Farce
 The Browning Version - A Play in One Act Terence Rattigan 9780573020254
Ill health is forcing Andrew to retire from teaching. His wife despises him for his failures and finds consolation with Frank, a younger teacher. She openly taunts Andrew while Frank watches with disgust and shame. The wife knows she has lost Frank - but even more bitter is the realization he's now Andrew's best friend.
cena: 93,99
The Browning Version - A Play in One Act
 French Without Tears Terence Rattigan 9780573011443
This comedy by the author of Separate Tables and The Winslow Boy premiered in London with Rex Harrison, Trevor Howard and Jessica Tandy in the cast. At a villa on the South Coast of France, a group of young men are being coached in French by a gentleman and his daughter, Jacqueline. Learning French is hard, but the experience is made easier by the presence of the glamorous Diana Lake who proceeds...
cena: 92,38
French Without Tears
 First Episode Terence Rattigan 9781848421639
Written while he was still at Oxford, the first of Rattigan's plays to be staged tells of an infatuated undergraduate falling for an actress ten years older than himself.
cena: 63,77
First Episode
 After the Dance Terence Rattigan 9781854592170
First seen in 1939 but then largely ignored until a 1994 BBC production, After the Dance is regarded as one of the great, lost plays of the 20th century. As interest in Rattigan has revived so too has the play's reputation and it is now considered by many to be one of the great works of a master dramatist.
cena: 58,54
After the Dance
 Who Is Sylvia? and Duologue Terence Rattigan 9781848421653
This is a new edition of Terence Rattigan's 'Who is Sylvia?'. It includes an introduction by Rattigan expert Dan Rebellato.
cena: 74,22
Who Is Sylvia? and Duologue
 The Winslow Boy Terence Rattigan 9781854594679
Just filmed by David Mamet, starring Nigel Hawthorne and Jeremy Northam, "The Winslow Boy" is based on the real-life court case of a young naval cadet unjustly accused of stealing a five shilling postal order. An eminent and initially unsympathetic QC takes on the case, and the boy has to withstand the full might of the Royal Naval Establishment seeking to discredit him."
cena: 58,54
The Winslow Boy
 The Winslow Boy - A Play in Two Acts Terence Rattigan 9780573014949
Cadet Ronnie Winslow is expelled from the Royal Naval College accused of stealing. His father, refusing to believe his guilt and dissatisfied with the manner in which the investigation was conducted, demands a new inquiry. This is refused and Arthur Winslow settles down to fight for his son's honour. Following an independent inquiry the matter is taken to the House of Commons but Arthur ruins...
cena: 93,14
The Winslow Boy - A Play in Two Acts
 Winslow Boy Terence Rattigan 9780582060197
This volume is part of a series of novels, plays and stories at GCSE/Key Stage 4 level, designed to meet the needs of the National Curriculum syllabus. Each text includes an introduction, pre-reading activities, notes and coursework activities. Also provided is a section on the process of writing, often compiled by the author.
cena: 71,64
Winslow Boy
 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan 9781848422346
Written in the early fifties when Rattigan was at the height of his powers, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful account of lives blighted by love - or the lack of it. Special film tie-in edition published alongside the release of The Deep Blue Sea film (2011), starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston.
cena: 58,54
The Deep Blue Sea
 Cause Celebre Terence Rattigan 9780573110597

Terence Rattigan

Characters: 15 male, 5 female, 1 boy

Unit set.

A woman on trial with her 20 years younger lover for the murder of her husband creates the title drama in this incendiary recreation of the infamous case of Alma Rattenbury and 18 year-old George Percy Stoner. In 1935, when accused of murdering her husband in their Bournemouth home, the headlines created an...

cena: 92,15
Cause Celebre
 French Without Tears Terence Rattigan 9781854592125
'French Without Tears' is the play that made Terence Rattigan's name at the age of 25, when it ran for over 1000 performances in the 1930s.
cena: 58,54
French Without Tears
 In Praise of Love Terence Rattigan 9781854594648
An almost unbearably moving story of veiled emotions running deep, "In Praise of Love" is a fictional play based on the true life situation of Rex Harrison s wife Kay Kendall, and her early death from cancer. The ending is "among the most perfectly crafted and economically effective passages anywhere in British drama." Michael Darlow"
cena: 63,77
In Praise of Love
 Love in Idleness/Less Than Kind Terence Rattigan 9781848421646
This is a new edition of Terence Rattigan's 'Love in Idleness'. It includes an introduction by Rattigan expert Dan Rebellato.
cena: 84,68
Love in Idleness/Less Than Kind
 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan 9781854594235
Written in the early fifties when Rattigan was at the height of his powers, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful account of lives blighted by love - or the lack of it. The play opens with the failed suicide of Hester Collyer who has deserted her husband for the charms of an ex-fighter pilot.
cena: 58,54
The Deep Blue Sea
 The Browning Version and Harlequinade Terence Rattigan 9781854597106
The story of an unpopular and unloved classics master at a public school in the 1940s. Deserted by his wife and on the verge of retirement, Crocker-Harris finds a form of redemption in an unexpected parting gift from a previously unregarded pupil.
cena: 58,54
The Browning Version and Harlequinade
 Separate Tables - Two Plays Terence Rattigan 9780573014048
These two plays are set in a shabby genteel hotel on England's south coast. Except for the two leads in each (which may be doubled) the same characters appear in both. In Table by the Window, a down-at-the-heels journalist is confronted by his ex-wife, a former model who provoked him to the violent act that sent him to prison, destroying his future. Still in love, they nevertheless go through...
cena: 93,31
Separate Tables - Two Plays

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