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 Remembering the Roman People: Essays on Late-Republican Politics and Literature T. P. Wiseman 9780199239764
In the Roman republic, only the People could pass laws, only the People could elect politicians to office, and the very word republica meant 'the People's business'. So why is it always assumed that the republic was an oligarchy? The main reason is that most of what we know about it we know from Cicero, a great man and a great writer, but also an active right-wing politician who took it for...
cena: 810,98
Remembering the Roman People: Essays on Late-Republican Politics and Literature
 Catullus and His World: A Reappraisal T. P. Wiseman 9780521319683
This book is an attempt to read the poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus in his own context; to look at the poet and his works against the cultural realities of the first century BC as recent advances in historical research allow us to understand them. Catullus' own social background, the circumstances of the literary life of his time, the true extent of his works and the variety of audiences he...
cena: 230,99
Catullus and His World: A Reappraisal
 The Myths of Rome T. P. Wiseman 9780859897044
Winner of American Philological Association: C.J. Goodwin Award of Merit 2005. Shortlisted for British Academy Book Prize 2005. Widely reviewed and celebrated in hardback on publication in 2004, "The Myths of Rome" is now available in a paperback edition.This major re-evaluation of Roman history and its afterlife in western culture through the mediums of myth and art is fast becoming the standard...
cena: 138,08
The Myths of Rome
 The Roman Audience: Classical Literature as Social History T. P. Wiseman 9780198718352
Who were Roman authors writing for? Only a minority of the population was fully literate and books were very expensive, individually hand-written on imported papyrus. So does it follow that great poets and prose authors like Virgil and Livy, Ovid and Petronius, were writing only for the cultured and the privileged? It is this modern consensus that is challenged in this volume.
In an ambitious...
cena: 314,65
The Roman Audience: Classical Literature as Social History
 Roman Drama and Roman History T. P. Wiseman 9780859895606
In this sequel to Historiography And Imagination (UEP 1994), Professor Wiseman explores the question of how the Romans understood their own past and the role of early drama in generating and transmitting legends. The first six of the book's twelve essays are concerned with stories and scenarios in the surviving literature which are best explained as having been first created for the stage. The...
cena: 101,13
Roman Drama and Roman History
 Julius Caesar: Pocket Giants T. P. Wiseman   9780750961318
Why is Caesar a giant? Because he effectively created the Roman Empire, and thus made possible the European civilization that grew out of it. As the People's champion against a corrupt and murderous oligarchy, he began transformation of the Roman republic into a quasi-monarchy and a military and fiscal system that for four centuries provided western Europe, north Africa and the Middle East with...
cena: 43,14
Julius Caesar: Pocket Giants
 Classics in Progress: Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome T. P. Wiseman 9780197263235
This intriguing collection of essays by contemporary classicists reveals new discoveries, new interpretations and new ways of exploring the experiences of the ancient world. Offering a wide variety of authorial style, the chapters range in subject matter from contemporary poets' exploitation of Greek and Latin authors, via newly discovered literary texts and art works, to modern arguments about...
cena: 148,56
Classics in Progress: Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome
 Chess for Schools MR P. a. Wiseman 9781539388760
About Chess for Schools So you know how the pieces move - but what do you do next? The answers are to be found in this book which explains the important knowledge that all good players have at their fingertips. Modern chess has evolved from 19th & 20th century pioneers. Their fresh ideas and discoveries are still relevant today; hence many of the examples in this book have been chosen to show...
cena: 47,82
Chess for Schools
 Morris the Moose B. Wiseman Bernard Wiseman 9780833569998
Determined to prove that the cow he meets is really a moose, Morris the moose enlists thehelp of a rather confused deer and horse.
cena: 61,93
Morris the Moose
 Remus: A Roman Myth T. P. Wiseman T. P. Wiseman 9780521483667
Romulus founded Rome -- but why does the myth give him a twin brother Remus, who is killed at the moment of the foundation? This mysterious legend has been oddly neglected. Roman historians ignore it as irrelevant to real history; students of myth concentrate on the more glamorous mythology of Greece, and treat Roman stories as of little interest. In this book, Professor Wiseman provides, for the...
cena: 230,99
Remus: A Roman Myth
 Fabiola Nicholas Wiseman 9780983180012
Cardinal Wiseman's classic story of the Christian persecution under Emperor Diocletian in the 300s AD. Fabiola is perplexed by the new-found faith of her cousin Agnes as well as her servant, but is especially intrigued when she finds the noblest Roman soldier she knows, Sebastian, is also a Christian. In this moving description of the Roman catacombs and the captured Christians who faced cruel...
cena: 107,23
 Refined: Book Two: Foundations Series Paula Wiseman 9780989028868
When Doug Bolling sues for custody of his grandchildren, he sincerely believes he's rescuing them from a life of religious fanaticism, but it is also the latest battle in his long war with God. Mark Bolling finally found the acclaim and respect he so desperately craved as a missionary in Kenya, but it meant abandoning a promise he had made to his dying mother years earlier. Now, this father and...
cena: 88,15
Refined: Book Two: Foundations Series
 Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing Sara Wiseman 9781539327851
Channeling and channeled writing isn't just for gurus and mystics. Each of us has the ability to make a direct connection with a higher power for personal transformation and profound life change. With humor and warmth, Sara Wiseman shares clear, step-by-step instructions for channeling and channeled writing, including what to expect when first starting out. You will learn to use a journal for...
cena: 79,54
Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing
 Jeremy Visick David Wiseman 9780618345144
When Matthew Clemens ventured into the churchyard to gather information about the Cornish miners buried there, one gravestone in particular seemed to call his attention. The inscription was to Reuben Visick and his two eldest sons, all three killed in a mining accident more than a hundred years before. But below the inscription were the words that echoed again and again in Matthew's head: "And to...
cena: 55,36
Jeremy Visick
 An Amish Year: Four Amish Novellas - audiobook Beth Wiseman 9781613757482
Spend a year in Amish co untry withfour sweet romances.
Rooted in Love(previously published in An Amish Garden)
Rosemary Lantz is doing her best to run her family s household. She excels at all her tasks except one: gardening. Saul Petersheim haspursued Rosemary for years, but Rosemary keeps turning him down. What Saul doesn t know is that she has good reason something...
cena: 129,42
An Amish Year: Four Amish Novellas - audiobook
 Plain Peace Beth Wiseman 9780718036409

Anna loves the grandfather who raised her, but his strict adherence to the Ordnung is scaring away any boy who might be interested in her--except newcomer Jacob.

Under normal circumstances Anna Byler would have her choice of any of the young men in her Amish community. But because of the strict rules enforced by her grandfather, the bishop, the available suitors are...

cena: 32,60
Plain Peace