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 Rush Oh! Shirley Barrett 9780349006628
Virago's lead debut for 2016, Rush Oh! is a deeply moving and captivating novel that will capture readers' imaginations and launch a brilliant new voice in fiction.
cena: 86,26
Rush Oh!
 Rush Oh! Shirley Barrett 9780316261548
" An] epic tale."--"O: The Oprah Magazine"
"Irresistible."--"Wall Street Journal"
"A fresh and subversive take on a genre traditionally owned by male leviathans."--"New York Times Book Review, *Editors' Choice*"
"Heart-warming and hilarious."--Jennifer Niven, author of "All the Bright Places"
"A book to never forget."--Markus Zusak, " "author of "The Book Thief"
cena: 114,71
Rush Oh!
cena: 93,82
Rush Oh!
 Rush Oh! Shirley Barrett 9780316261531
An impassioned, charming, and hilarious debut novel about a young woman's coming-of-age, during one of the harshest whaling seasons in the history of New South Wales. 1908: It's the year that proves to be life-changing for our teenage narrator, Mary Davidson, tasked with providing support to her father's boisterous whaling crews while caring for five brothers and sisters in the...
cena: 75,64
Rush Oh!
 The Changing Face of Land and Conservation in Post-Colonial Africa: Old Land, New Practices? George Barrett Shirley Brooks Jenny Josefsson 9781138832732
The year 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Land Act in South Africa which legalised the violent dispossession and alienation of the African majority from the land. It is common cause that the alienation of land for conservation purposes, introduced to Africa under colonial rule, has continued more or less uninterrupted until today. However, while nature conservation practices...
cena: 513,03
The Changing Face of Land and Conservation in Post-Colonial Africa: Old Land, New Practices?