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 The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology ROBIN SKEATES 9780199237821
The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology seeks to reappraise the place of archaeology in the contemporary world by providing a series of essays that critically engage with both old and current debates in the field of public archaeology.
Divided into four distinct sections and drawing across disciplines in this dynamic field, the volume aims to evaluate the range of research strategies and...
cena: 540,60
The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology
Planowany termin premiery książki: 07-10-2017
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Prehistoric Italy
 Debating the Archaeological Heritage Robin Skeates 9780715629567

Throughout the world, competing interest groups lay claim to the material remains of the past. Archaeologists, developers, indigenous 'first peoples', looters, museum curators, national government officals, New Age worshippers, private collectors, tourists - all want their share. This introduction to contemporary debates surrounding their rival claims deals with defining, owning, protecting,...

cena: 139,24
Debating the Archaeological Heritage
Planowany termin premiery książki: 07-10-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Prehistoric Italy
 Museums and Archaeology Robin Skeates 9781138026230

Museums and Archaeology brings together a wide, but carefully chosen, selection of literature from around the world that connects museums and archaeology. Part of the successful Leicester Readers in Museum Studies series, it provides a combination of issue- and practice-based perspectives. As such, it is a volume not only for students and researchers from a range of...

cena: 222,13
Museums and Archaeology
 Caves in Context: The Cultural Significance of Caves and Rockshelters in Europe Knut Andreas Bergsvik Robin Skeates 9781842174746
Caves in Context provides the thriving interdisciplinary field of cave studies with a European-scale survey of current research in cave archaeology. It is unified by a contemporary theoretical emphasis on the cultural significance and diversity of caves over space and time. Caves and rock shelters are found all over Europe, and have frequently been occupied by human groups, from prehistory right...
cena: 265,36
Caves in Context: The Cultural Significance of Caves and Rockshelters in Europe
 An Archaeology of the Senses Skeates, Robin; 0; 0 9780199216604
Despite the fundamental importance of the senses in human experience, archaeologists have, until recently, tended to neglect the abundant sensory dimensions of the material world they investigate, with the exception of the sense of sight, which has dominated archaeological theory and practice. In this book Robin Skeates establishes a well-defined methodology for an archaeology of the senses,...
cena: 428,88
An Archaeology of the Senses