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 Journal of Ict Standardization Anand R. Prasad 9788792982575
cena: 243,84
Journal of Ict Standardization
 Journal of Ict Standardization 1-3 Anand R. Prasad 9788793102798
Objectives: Bring papers on de-jure as well as de-facto standards to the readers Cover pre-development, including technologies with potential of becoming a standard, as well as developed / deployed standards Publish on-going work with potential of becoming a standard technology Publish papers giving explanation of standardization process Publish tutorial type papers giving new comers a...
cena: 243,84
Journal of Ict Standardization 1-3
 Universal Wireless Personal Communication Ramjee Prasad Prasad 9780890069585
Written by a leading authority in the communications industry, this single-source reference provides in-depth understanding of the fundamental and advanced principles behind the development of a global personal communication system capable of providing convenient multimedia communications to individuals in every corner of the world. The book explores the behaviour of macro-, pico-satellite- and...
cena: 418,56
Universal Wireless Personal Communication
 802.11 Wlans and IP Networking Neeli Prasad Anand Prasad 9781580537896
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) offer practitioners an effective way to achieve network connectivity in difficult wiring areas and provide enhanced flexibility for moving and extending networks. Today the most critical WLAN/Wireless IP (Internet Protocol) issues involve security, mobility, and quality of service, and this practical new resource addresses these hot topics head-on. The book...
cena: 619,52
802.11 Wlans and IP Networking
 Journal of Ict Standardization Anand R. Prasad 9788793519060
cena: 191,06
Journal of Ict Standardization
 IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks John R. Farserotu Ramjee Prasad Ramjee Prasad 9781580531122
This practical resource gives professionals the information needed to analyze and evaluate the performance of satellite links and networks, and to understand the issues and limitations of IP/ATM over SATCOM technology.
cena: 522,93
IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks
 Security in Next Generation Mobile Networks: Sae/Lte and Wimax Anand R. Prasad Seung-Woo Seo 9788792329639
Starting from voice services with simple terminals, a mobile device today is nothing short of a small PC in the form of smart-phones. The result has been a huge increase in data-services, giving mobile communication access to critical aspects of human life. This has led to the standardization of System Architecture Evolution/Long Term Evolution (SAE/LTE) by 3GPP and IEEE 802.16e / WiMAX. Together...
cena: 467,15
Security in Next Generation Mobile Networks: Sae/Lte and Wimax
 Towards the Wireless Information Society, Volume 1: Systems, Services, and Applications Ramjee Prasad 9781580533638
The first of a three-volume series on the latest research and developments in the field of mobile communications, this cutting-edge resource offers practical insight into the next generation of wireless systems, services, and applications. Culled from groundbreaking research associated with the Information Society Technologies (IST) program, this unique book helps professionals understand how the...
cena: 799,00
Towards the Wireless Information Society, Volume 1: Systems, Services, and Applications
 On Borrowed Wings Chandra Prasad 9780743297837
Adele Pietra has heard her mother say that her destiny is carved in the same brilliantly hued granite her father and brother cleave from the Stony Creek mine: she is to marry a quarryman. But when Adele's brother, Charles, dies in a mining accident, Adele sees the chance to change her life. Enrolling at Yale as Charles, Adele assumes his identity -- and gender -- as a way to leave behind her...
cena: 94,24
On Borrowed Wings
 Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions: Book 2: Wizardry Goes Wild Sunayna Prasad 9781490770215
After months of living a normal life, thirteen-year-old Alyssa McCarthy faces magic again. Only this time, though, she is cursed with it, thanks to an old depressed skeleton named Errol. Alyssa's time with her godfather, Alex, will never be the same again, as she can perform sorcery, but never control it. From letting out enchantments at school to creating outdoor disasters, Alyssa is bound to...
cena: 60,72
Alyssa McCarthy's Magical Missions: Book 2: Wizardry Goes Wild
 The Royal Blue: Maharani Krishna Kumari KI Romanchak Gaatha Ayodhya Prasad 9789352069552
"A princely state that decides to go against Nehru.
A Queen who knows that the King will marry thrice.
A palace witnessing betrayals and vengeances.
This is the middle of 20th Century. Indian subcontinent is witnessing the biggest bloodbath in its known history- the partition. Princely states are face to face with the questions of existence and democracy is slowly creeping in the...
cena: 59,04
The Royal Blue: Maharani Krishna Kumari KI Romanchak Gaatha

Death of a Circus tells the story of the Bringlebright Circus, a small fictional troupe traveling the United States in the early twentieth century, an era when circuses are falling out of favor and only the largest shows are enduring. Initially, the book follows Lor Cole, a young African American man from Connecticut who dreams of leaving behind his provincial past and making a name for...

cena: 85,69
Death of a Circus
 Nine Principal Upanishads Ramananda Prasad 9781494922399
cena: 32,66
Nine Principal Upanishads
 Introduction to Ultra Wideband for Wireless Communications Ramjee Prasad 9781402066320
asakta-buddhih sarvatra . jitatma vigata-sprhah . . . . naiskarmya-siddhim paramam . sannyasenadhigacchati Detached by spiritual intelligence from everything controlling the mind, without material desires, one attains the paramount perfection in cessation of re- tions by renunciation. The Bhagvad Gita (18.49) Compared to traditional carrier-based, Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), or carrier-less, systems...
cena: 752,97
Introduction to Ultra Wideband for Wireless Communications
 Reinkarmation Rajeev Prasad 9780595217687
cena: 115,73
 Data Analysis with Stata Prasad Kothari 9781782173175
cena: 211,52
Data Analysis with Stata
 Apocrita Sheela Prasad 9780615667003
cena: 182,26
 Out There Simi Prasad 9781908746771
What if the Earth were deserted with only one city remaining? What if there were only one gender? Ava Hart has only ever known what she's been told. But Ava, unlike everyone else, insists on believing that there's more. More to her thriving yet doomed matriarchal civilization, the only city that survived the terrors of The Great Wars. More to her sheltered, carefree life with so many hovering...
cena: 68,87
Out There
 Everything Animal Reiki: A Simple Guide to Meditating with Animals for Healing Kathleen Prasad 9781512027990
Learn how to heal yourself and your animals with Reiki meditation. Reiki is a system of spiritual practice which uses meditation and compassion as keys to unlock healing potential. Sharing meditation with animals can help guide us toward being better people and creating a healthier planet, one where people nurture wellness through the practice of peace and a life of joyful service to others....
cena: 58,86
Everything Animal Reiki: A Simple Guide to Meditating with Animals for Healing