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 Paul Wilmott – Recent Advances in Stupid Ideas in Quant Finance Video Wilmott, Paul 9781118716991

Run Time: 30.59 minutes Paul Wilmott, one of the world's leading financial mathematicians criticizes popular concepts within economics and quantitative finance both at the big-picture level and in the detail for the benefit of Quantitative Analysts and Risk Managers everywhere:

- Economists are taking the wrong approach in their models
- The dangerous inconsistencies...

cena: 175,73
Paul Wilmott – Recent Advances in Stupid Ideas in Quant Finance Video
 Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance Paul Wilmott 9780470018705
Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance, Second Edition provides a thoroughly updated look at derivatives and financial engineering, published in three volumes with additional CD-ROM.

Volume 1: Mathematical and Financial Foundations; Basic Theory of Derivatives; Risk and Return.
The reader is introduced to the fundamental mathematical tools and financial concepts needed...

cena: 898,31
Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance
 The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction Paul Wilmott 9780521497893
Finance is one of the fastest growing areas in the modern banking and corporate world. This, together with the sophistication of modern financial products, provides a rapidly growing impetus for new mathematical models and modern mathematical methods. Indeed, the area is an expanding source for novel and relevant "real-world" mathematics. In this book, the authors describe the modeling of...
cena: 397,27
The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction
 Paul Wilmott Introduces Quantitative Finance [With CDROM] Paul Wilmott 9780470319581
Paul Wilmott Introduces Quantitative Finance, Second Edition is an accessible introduction to the classical side of quantitative finance specifically for university students. Adapted from the comprehensive, even epic, works Derivatives and Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance, Second Edition, it includes carefully selected chapters to give the student a thorough understanding of futures,...
cena: 260,81
Paul Wilmott Introduces Quantitative Finance [With CDROM]
 Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance Paul Wilmott 9780470748756
Getting agreement between finance theory and finance practice is important like never before. In the last decade the derivatives business has grown to a staggering size, such that the outstanding notional of all contracts is now many multiples of the underlying world economy. No longer are derivatives for helping people control and manage their financial risks from other business and industries,...
cena: 151,68
Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance
 WILMOTT's Greatest Hits Paul Wilmott 9781118519479

This book celebrates the last 10 years of WILMOTT magazine and features articles carefully selected by Paul Wilmot that are topical and reflect the latest developments in Quantitative Finance. Paul Wilmott introduces key subject areas and sections and places them in context.

The book includes introductions by Paul Wilmott as well as photo's and bio's of the regular contributors. An...

cena: 518,02
WILMOTT's Greatest Hits
 The Best of Wilmott Volume 2 Paul Wilmott 9780470017388
The Team at Wilmott is very proud to present this compilation of "Wilmott" magazine articles and presentations from our second year. We have selected some of the very best in cutting-edge research, and the most illuminating of our regular columns.

The technical papers include state-of-the-art pricing tools and models. You'll notice there's a bias towards volatility modelling in the book. Of...

cena: 466,85
The Best of Wilmott Volume 2
 New Directions in Mathematical Finance Paul Wilmott Paul Wilmott Henrik Rasmussen 9780471498179
A compilation of the most respected authorities in financial engineering
Based around a conference on financial modeling held in Milan in December 1999, New Directions in Mathematical Finance brings together the leading names in quantitative finance to discuss the most current modeling techniques in a variety of areas of financial engineering. The contributions featured in this volume are...
cena: 491,09
New Directions in Mathematical Finance
 Exotic Option Pricing and Advanced Levy Models Wim Schoutens Andreas Kyprianou Paul Wilmott 9780470016848
Since around the turn of the millennium there has been a general acceptance that one of the more practical improvements one may make in the light of the shortfalls of the classical Black-Scholes model is to replace the underlying source of randomness, a Brownian motion, by a Levy process. Working with Levy processes allows one to capture desirable distributional characteristics in the stock...
cena: 466,85
Exotic Option Pricing and Advanced Levy Models