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 Life Science Through Infographics Nadia Higgins 9781467715928
Absorbing facts about the 11.3 million species on Earth might cause your brain to burst You need to take in huge timelines (the first life on Earth formed 3.8 billion years ago), huge numbers (your body is made up of trillions of cells), and even huger mysteries (why species go extinct).

How can all these big numbers and concepts make more sense? Infographics The charts, maps, and...

cena: 38,38
Life Science Through Infographics
 Prickly Animals Nadia Higgins 9781620313114
cena: 123,38
Prickly Animals
 Graph It! Nadia Higgins 9781620314074
cena: 123,38
Graph It!
 Brilliant Beauty Inventions Nadia Higgins 9781467710893
Can you believe that the paint used on cars inspired the invention of nail polish in the 1920s? Or that people have been making hair dyes for thousands of years, using everything from boiled walnuts to gold powder? Get ready to learn the strange stories behind inventions you use every day. From the woman who invented "kissproof" lipstick to the role toothpicks played in the creation of Q-tips,...
cena: 152,27
Brilliant Beauty Inventions
 Aye, My Eye! Nadia Higgins 9781602700901
cena: 130,19
Aye, My Eye!
 The Solar System Through Infographics Nadia Higgins 9781467715942
The enormous facts about our solar system can make your head spin You hear about huge distances (like the 483 million miles separating the sun and Jupiter), huge timelines (it's been 14 billion years since the big bang), and even huger mysteries (why the universe is expanding).

How can all these big numbers and concepts make more sense? Infographics The charts, maps, and illustrations in...

cena: 38,38
The Solar System Through Infographics
 Slimy Animals Nadia Higgins 9781620313060
cena: 123,38
Slimy Animals
 Count It! Nadia Higgins 9781620314067
cena: 123,38
Count It!
 Natural Disasters Through Infographics Nadia Higgins 9781467712873
The facts about natural disasters are so big and devastating they could make your head explode You hear about huge costs (like the $360,000,000,000 in damage caused by the 2011 tsunami in Japan), huge speeds (the fastest-moving tsunami waves have been recorded at 500 miles per hour), and even huger mysteries (where, exactly, the danger zones arefor natural disasters).

How can all these big...

cena: 152,27
Natural Disasters Through Infographics
 What's Great about Minnesota? Nadia Higgins 9781467745383
cena: 40,86
What's Great about Minnesota?
 Experiment with Parts of a Plant Nadia Higgins 9781467757331
cena: 152,27
Experiment with Parts of a Plant
 Experiment with Pollination Nadia Higgins 9781467760768
cena: 55,55
Experiment with Pollination
 Break a Sea Leg, Shrimp-Breath! Nadia Higgins 9781602700925
cena: 130,19
Break a Sea Leg, Shrimp-Breath!
 Planetas Enanos: Pluton y Los Planetas Menores (Dwarf Planets: Pluto and the Lesser Planets) Nadia Higgins 9781683422587
Five and counting So far, astronomers have discovered five dwarf planets in our solar system. Pluto, which was once thought of as the ninth planet, is today classified as a dwarf planet. This book looks at the current dwarf planets, characteristics, size, and orbital patterns, as well as the three rules scientists follow to characterize these tiny, round space objects. Every day new discoveries...
cena: 45,24
Planetas Enanos: Pluton y Los Planetas Menores (Dwarf Planets: Pluto and the Lesser Planets)