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 Prickly Animals Nadia Higgins 9781620313114
cena: 130,84
Prickly Animals
 Tundras (Tundras) Nadia Higgins 9781620318072
cena: 110,08
Tundras (Tundras)
 Blimey, That's Slimy! Nadia Higgins 9781602700918
cena: 116,13
Blimey, That's Slimy!
 Discover Water Nadia Higgins 9781626873070
Drink it. Spill it. Splash it. Water is wet. But water changes as it warms up and cools down. This simple, colorful book teaches kids about the three forms of water.
cena: 130,79
Discover Water
 Deadly Adorable Animals Nadia Higgins 9781467708883
cena: 36,05
Deadly Adorable Animals
 Wetlands Nadia Higgins 9781620316832
cena: 110,08
 Welcome to Everglades National Park Nadia Higgins 9781503823396
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-01-2018
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Welcome to Everglades National Park
 World's Oddest Inventions Nadia Higgins 9781406292022
Grab readers attention with strange and fascinating inventions such as odor-trapping underwear, digital tattoos, and ships made from ice. Using dozens of cool photos and fun trivia facts, The World s Oddest Inventions offers young readers a peek at weird and amazing contraptions and devices from around the world.
cena: 70,81
World's Oddest Inventions
 Slimy Animals Nadia Higgins 9781620313060
cena: 130,84
Slimy Animals
 Experiment with Pollination Nadia Higgins 9781467757348
cena: 135,69
Experiment with Pollination
 Natural Disasters Through Infographics Nadia Higgins 9781467712873
The facts about natural disasters are so big and devastating they could make your head explode You hear about huge costs (like the $360,000,000,000 in damage caused by the 2011 tsunami in Japan), huge speeds (the fastest-moving tsunami waves have been recorded at 500 miles per hour), and even huger mysteries (where, exactly, the danger zones arefor natural disasters).

How can all these big...

cena: 135,69
Natural Disasters Through Infographics
 Sistemas Solares: Planetas, Estrellas y Orbitas (Solar Systems: Planets, Stars, and Orbits) Nadia Higgins 9781683422600
Our closest solar system is about 10 light years away. It has two main types of planets. Some are rocky and small, like planet Earth, while others are huge balls of gas, like Jupiter. Learn about how astronomers once thought our solar system was the one and only, to how they have now discovered hundreds of stars with planets orbiting them, which means there could be billions of solar systems in...
cena: 40,82
Sistemas Solares: Planetas, Estrellas y Orbitas (Solar Systems: Planets, Stars, and Orbits)
 Area 51 Nadia Higgins 9781626171015
cena: 132,30
Area 51
 Bosques (Forests) Nadia Higgins 9781620318010
cena: 110,08
Bosques (Forests)
cena: 127,48
Robots in Fiction
 Stinky Animals Nadia Higgins 9781620313121
cena: 130,84
Stinky Animals
 Experiment with a Plant's Roots Nadia Higgins 9781467760737
cena: 49,95
Experiment with a Plant's Roots