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 Judgment at John's Hollow Lionel Lavergne 9781599988290
It seemed too good to be true. It was. When an accident half-severs Dwight's hand, a mysterious organization offers him free medical treatment. Free medical treatment that turns out to reverse the aging process and give him super-human powers. The only person on whom the treatment has worked, he acquires the perfect body and the perfect mind. Unfortunately, to reproduce their success, the heads...
cena: 65,27
Judgment at John's Hollow
 The Rose of Tibet Lionel Davidson 9780571242917
Hugh Whittington has gone missing - reported dead while filming near Mount Everest. Determined to find him, his brother Charles embarks on a perilous and illegal journey from India into the forbidden land of Tibet, all the way to the monastery of Yamdring. There awaits a woman with a deadly and ghostly secret, an emerald treasure to guard.
cena: 96,62
The Rose of Tibet
 Kolymsky Heights  Davidson, Lionel 9780571326112
Waterstones Exclusive The book that came in from the cold; this much celebrated spy thriller on the Faber backlist is repackaged and reissued
cena: 54,63
Kolymsky Heights
 The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 Lionel Shriver 9780062467140

With dry wit and psychological acuity, this near-future novel explores the aftershocks of an economically devastating U.S. sovereign debt default on four generations of a once-prosperous American family. Down-to-earth and perfectly realistic in scale, this is not an over-the-top Blade Runner tale. It is not science fiction.

In 2029, the United States is engaged in a bloodless...

cena: 128,56
The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047
 Rape of Palestine and the Struggle for Jerusalem  Casper, Lionel 9789652292971
This detailed book begins with the period immediately following the death of the father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl. Rape of Palestine covers and explores fluctuations and changes in policy during the 20th Century and the consequences.
cena: 95,00
Rape of Palestine and the Struggle for Jerusalem
 Hermann von Stahleck Baumgärtner, Lionel 9783743377837
Hermann von Stahleck - Pfalzgraf bei Rhein ist ein unveranderter, hochwertiger Nachdruck der Originalausgabe aus dem Jahr 1877. Hansebooks ist Herausgeber von Literatur zu unterschiedlichen Themengebieten wie Forschung und Wissenschaft, Reisen und Expeditionen, Kochen und Ernahrung, Medizin und weiteren Genres. Der Schwerpunkt des Verlages liegt auf dem Erhalt historischer Literatur. Viele Werke...
cena: 66,03
Hermann von Stahleck
 The New Russia Lionel Decle 9781533299062
The New Russia by Lionel Decle. This book is a reproduction of the original book published in 1906 and may have some imperfections such as marks or hand-written notes.
cena: 129,68
The New Russia
 The World's Most Mysterious People Lionel Fanthorpe 9780888822024

Did Rasputin, the mad monk of Tsarist Russia, possess supernatural powers? Who was the mysterious prisoner in the Bastille who has gone down in history as "The Man in the Iron Mask"? Did he possess a priceless secret which Louis XIV desperately wanted to learn? Victorian Britain was terrorized by a weird super-athlete known to the popular press of those days as "Spring-heeled Jack." Was he...

cena: 93,62
The World's Most Mysterious People
 Beyond the Graven Image: A Jewish View Lionel Kochan 9780814747001

From the archetypical story of Abraham smashing his father's household idols to God's commandment at Mount Sinai that "You shall have no other gods before Me," the prohibition in Judaism against the worship of idols has been unyielding. Idolatry is conceived as the antithesis to the worship of the invisible, unnamed, and articulate God.

The proscription against using images in worship...

cena: 550,56
Beyond the Graven Image: A Jewish View
 Testen Von Informationssystemen: Integriertes Und Prozessorientiertes Testen Pilorget, Lionel 9783834818669
Das Buch behandelt das Thema Testing nicht aus Sicht der Entwickler, sondern aus Sicht der professionellen Anwender. Am Beispiel einer Bank werden Vorgehensweisen und Erfahrungswerte ermittelt, die die Bedeutung des Testwesens veranschaulichen. Tatsachlich ist das Testing am Anfang des Zyklus entscheidend, da hier das meiste Wissen gewonnen werden kann. In dem Band werden alle wichtigen Aspekte...
cena: 222,64
Testen Von Informationssystemen: Integriertes Und Prozessorientiertes Testen
cena: 237,36
Le Storytelling des Marques de Luxe
 Studies in Religious Fundamentalism Lionel Caplan 9780333419748
This book, which brings together nine studies of fundamentalism in disparate religions and regional contexts, examines the specific circumstances nurturing such beliefs and practices, and explores the possibilities for cross-cultural insights into this widespread phenomenon in the contemporary world.
cena: 747,14
Studies in Religious Fundamentalism
 Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World Lionel Casson 9780801851308

Lionel Casson's encyclopedic study is the first of its kind to use underwater archaeological data to refine and area of scholarship that had, for the most part, relied on ancient texts and graphic representations. Tracing the history of early ships and seamanship from pre-dynastic Egypt to the Roman empire, from skiffs and barges to huge oared warships and royal yachts, Casson describes not...

cena: 139,36
Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World
 Atencion a Las Relaciones Interpersonales En Adultos Mayores Lionel Infant 9783659033087
Las personas adultas mayores constituyen un grupo de atencion priorizada por especialistas de Cultura fisica, deportes y recreacion, ante la emergente situacion de elevar su calidad de vida, que se ve en muhos casos deteriorada por escasas relaciones interpersonales. Como parte del programa de atencion al adulto mayor que existe en Cuba, se encamina el trabajo a ofrecer acciones comunicativas que...
cena: 186,89
Atencion a Las Relaciones Interpersonales En Adultos Mayores
 The Max Kleinman Reader Lionel Endenberry 9780982766927
cena: 61,29
The Max Kleinman Reader
 Under Plum Lake Lionel Davidson 9780956368997
Originally published: Great Britain: Jonathan Cape, 1980.
cena: 64,10
Under Plum Lake
 The Post-Birthday World Lionel Shriver 9780061187896

American children's book illustrator Irina McGovern enjoys a secure, settled life in London with her smart, loyal, disciplined partner, Lawrence until the night she finds herself inexplicably drawn to kissing another man, a passionate, extravagant, top-ranked snooker player. Two competing alternate futures hinge on this single kiss, as Irina's decision to surrender to temptation or to preserve...

cena: 71,78
The Post-Birthday World