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 Not Without My Sister: The True Story of Three Girls Violated and Betrayed Kristina Jones 9780007248070

The bestselling, devastating account of three sisters torn apart, abused and exploited at the hands of a community that robbed them of their childhood. It reveals three lives, separate but entwined, that have experienced unspeakable horror, unrelenting loyalty and unforgettable courage.

From as early as three years old, Juliana, Celeste and Kristina were treated as sexual beings by their...

cena: 51,42
Not Without My Sister: The True Story of Three Girls Violated and Betrayed
 Untamed Nature: An Adult Coloring Book Inspired by Nature Kristina Jones 9781523864591
Untamed Nature- Over 40 custom animal images Stress relieving animal patterns, featuring some unique animals to color and some all time favorites, such as elk, grizzly bear, sharks, Pegasus, and many more. This book is sure to have something for everyone, from simple to very complex. You will love the attention to detail in the designs. Children and grownups alike will love the calming designs...
cena: 46,75
Untamed Nature: An Adult Coloring Book Inspired by Nature
 Surviving in Montana: 10 Things Every Montana Woman Should Know Heather Turner Kristina Jones 9781496155108
When writing this book, we wanted to include some of the regular things you might encounter when you are out enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer. Having some prior knowledge and knowing how to deal with certain things as best as possible, while also having a bit of humor involved is always the best way to approach a problem. So we tried to keep it light and fun, yet as educational as...
cena: 30,61
Surviving in Montana: 10 Things Every Montana Woman Should Know
 Córki Dzieci Boga Buhring Juliana Jones Kristina Jones Celeste 9788324157068
Wstrząsająca autobiografia Juliany Buhring, autorki Drogi,
którą jadę, i jej sióstr opisujących koszmar życia w sekcie

W samej Anglii 400 000 sprzedanych egzemplarzy!
5 tygodni na 1. miejscu „Sunday Timesa”!

Bite, gwałcone, głodzone, indoktrynowane, zmuszane do niewolniczej
pracy, żebrania, prostytucji. Tak wyglądało ich dzieciństwo
i młodość w okrutnej sekcie Dzieci...
Córki Dzieci Boga
 Before Too Long Dr Kristina Kahil MR Kevin Jones 9781530947539
A Children's picture book about a mother bear and her son growing up too fast Delightful and fun. Sure to be a true classic. Great for boys and girls pre K-3.
cena: 54,99
Before Too Long
 A Zebra Like Me Amy Maurer Jones Kristina Circelli Kelsey Kukal Keeton 9781494995133
Maybelle Dawson longs for normalcy and belonging. Often misunderstood, she struggles with a rare disorder, labeling her a Medical Zebra. Maybelle's happiness and well-being threaten to slip through her fingers as she battles to take control of her life. She faces a never-ending battle on her journey to find love, courage and friendship in a world lacking acceptance. With the guidance of her...
cena: 59,25
A Zebra Like Me