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 Developmental Social Psychology Kevin Durkin 9780631148296
This book is the first to synthesise this exciting new area for undergraduates. Taking a topic-based approach, it emphasises the social contexts of development and the developmental aspects of social reasoning and social behaviour.
cena: 178,40
Developmental Social Psychology
Focusing on infancy and childhood, this title presents an account of social development from infancy to old age. It looks at various aspects of cognitive development from a social perspective. It is suitable for social development courses, and for those whose focus is on social development.
cena: 123,13
Developmental Social Psychology
cena: 85,94
Adulthood: An Introduction
 The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychology in Practice: Implementation and Impact Kevin Durkin H. Rudolph Schaffer  9781405163361

An authoritative new work exploring the themes of communication and implementation of research within developmental psychology - a scientific field with extensive real world value in addressing problems faced by individuals, families and services

  • Brings together the insights of a stellar group of contributors with personal experience translating developmental psychology research...
cena: 580,10
The Wiley Handbook of Developmental Psychology in Practice: Implementation and Impact
 Adolescent Reputations and Risk: Developmental Trajectories to Delinquency Annemaree Carroll Stephen Houghton Kevin Durkin 9780387799872

The news of teenagers and even younger children committing ever more serious and violent crimes continues to shock and baffle. The escalating psychological and social toll of youth crime is being paid by all from victims to offenders to parents and siblings to teachers and to the community as a whole. "Adolescent Reputations and Risk" looks beyond traditional theories to examine, from a solid...

cena: 611,53
Adolescent Reputations and Risk: Developmental Trajectories to Delinquency