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 Bridges Katie Marsico 9780531222690
cena: 33,09
 Rhinos Katie Marsico 9780531227299
cena: 118,05
 A Peachick Grows Up Katie Marsico 9780531186992
- Includes vocabulary word hunt with pronunciations, glossary, and index
- Labeled diagrams and timelines
- Beautiful, full-color photographs
- Simple interior design and easy-to-read fonts
- Web sites for further research and information
- Vocabulary preview and review pages plus backmatter pages that invite readers to think further on the study topics
cena: 33,09
A Peachick Grows Up
 King Cobras Katie Marsico 9780531209783
cena: 114,20
King Cobras
 What's It Like to Live Here? City Katie Marsico 9781624315640
Young readers will be introduced to the types of housing, the landscape, and the experiences and opportunities representative of living in a big city. Prompts, call-outs, and questions within the text encourage children to compare and contrast their own day-to-day life experiences with the information presented about big cities and living in them. d104 features such as captions, bold print, a...
cena: 110,62
What's It Like to Live Here? City
 Rhinos Katie Marsico 9780531232804
cena: 36,94
 Black Widow Spiders Katie Marsico 9780531212257
cena: 114,20
Black Widow Spiders
 The Red Cross Katie Marsico 9781631880711
cena: 55,59
The Red Cross
 World Wildlife Fund Katie Marsico 9781634710558
How do nonprofits and charities work? What problems do they need to solve? In World Wildlife Fund, readers will discover the ways this organization contributes positively to the world. Sidebars and backmatter ask questions for text-dependent analysis. Photos, a glossary, and additional resources are included.
cena: 110,62
World Wildlife Fund
 The Darkest and the Brightest Katie Marsico 9780531217870
cena: 33,09
The Darkest and the Brightest
 Drones Katie Marsico 9780531224809
cena: 125,76
 Arctic Fox Katie Marsico 9781432953294
Follow an arctic fox through its day as it eats, sleeps, and cares for its young.
cena: 96,16
Arctic Fox
 Isis Katie Marsico 9781624039010
ISIS covers the history of the terrorist organization and what it stands for, how its leaders recruit more followers, and the importance of understanding the threat this organization poses for the rest of the world. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Essential Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.
cena: 149,15
 Ball Game Math Katie Marsico 9781467745123
cena: 49,95
Ball Game Math
 Madam C.J. Walker Katie Marsico 9781602790742
Madam C. J. Walker's business skills, motivation, and determination helped her to develop a hair product and become the first African American woman millionaire. Readers will learn how those same skills also helped her reach out and help people living in poverty and speak out against injustice.
cena: 132,62
Madam C.J. Walker
 Saltwater Crocodiles Katie Marsico 9780531233610
cena: 114,20
Saltwater Crocodiles
 Otters Katie Marsico 9780531211717
cena: 114,20
 Bears Katie Marsico 9780531232767
cena: 36,94