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 Off Limits Marine Kate Hoffmann 9780373799701

Forbidden desire...

Marine captain Gabe Pennington knows how to keep a secret--a little too well. He's been in love with his best buddy's wife since they met. And he can't forget the stolen, passionate kiss they once shared. But now Annie Jennings has been a widow for two years, and Gabe wants her more than ever.

Except that Annie still isn't ready to say...

cena: 28,52
Off Limits Marine
 The Mighty Quinns: Tristan Kate Hoffmann 9780373799176

Exposing the Enemy

Lawyer Tristan Quinn has never met a woman he couldn't charm, so he's confident he can convince three elderly women to sell their artists' colony to a developer. He poses as a writer to gain their trust. But then he meets Lily Harrisonthe ladies' sexy, quirky nieceand Tris realizes he's in for way more than he bargained for

Lily can smell a lawyer a mile...

cena: 27,55
The Mighty Quinns: Tristan
 The Mighty Quinns: Thom Kate Hoffmann 9780373799053

To tame the beastor set him free?

Pro hockey player Thom "The Beast" Quinn is the team's bad boythe street kid who hit pay dirt when he learned to shoot a puck. But when his reputation gets a little too naughty for the team's liking, they give him a warning: shape up, or be benched. And the one calling the penalties is none other than sexy Malin Pederson, the boss's daughter.

In her head,...

cena: 27,55
The Mighty Quinns: Thom
 The Mighty Quinns: Jamie Kate Hoffmann 9780373799534

This wolf is seeing red...

At first, Regan Macintosh was certain that the hot--and shirtless--stranger in the woods was harmless. That is, until he sweet-talks his way into her grandmother's lodge and gets her to sell him cherished family land. Yes, now Regan sees past Jamie Quinn's roguish charm to the wicked wolf she knows he really is.

Jamie has no...

cena: 28,52
The Mighty Quinns: Jamie
 The Ultimate Guide to Celta Emma Jones Amanda Momeni Kate Hoffmann 9783000446412
With only 1% of CELTA course participants worldwide failing the course, you would be forgiven for thinking it was just a case of enrolling. However, a quick internet search about the intensity of the course will show that it is not to be taken lightly. Follow Anxious Annie, Chilled-out Charlie, Fastidious Felicity and Harassed Henry through their course and let them help you to make sure yours is...
cena: 59,00
The Ultimate Guide to Celta