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 Lovely, Dark, Deep: Stories Joyce Carol Oates 9780062356949

Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize

From the legendary literary master, winner of the National Book Award and New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates, a collection of thirteen mesmerizing stories that maps the eerie darkness within us all.

Insightful, disturbing, imaginative, and breathtaking in their lyrical precision, the stories in Lovely, Dark, Deep...

cena: 109,73
Lovely, Dark, Deep: Stories
 Zombie Joyce Carol Oates 9780061778919
Zombie is a classic novel of dark obsession from the extraordinary Joyce Carol Oates. A brilliant, unflinching journey into the mind of a serial killer, Zombie views the world through the eyes of Quentin P., newly paroled sex offender, as he chillingly evolves from rapist to mass murderer. Joyce Carol Oates--the prolific author of so many extraordinary bestsellers, including...
cena: 61,97
 Doll-Master and Other Tales of Horror  Oates, Joyce Carol 9781784971038
Six tales to chill the blood from the unique imagination of Joyce Carol Oates.
cena: 47,74
Doll-Master and Other Tales of Horror
 Big Mouth & Ugly Girl Joyce Carol Oates 9780064473477
Big Mouth

No I did not. I did not, I did not. I did not say those things, and I did not plan those things. Won't It anyone believe me?

Ugly Girl

All right, Ugly Girl made a mistake. I'd told my mom what I'd heard in the cafeteria, and she'd told Dad. Evidently. I'd thought for sure they would want me to speak up for the truth.

cena: 42,07
Big Mouth & Ugly Girl
 Black Water Joyce Carol Oates 9780452269866
The Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel from the author of the New York Times bestselling novel We Were the Mulvaneys
Taut, powerfully imagined and beautifully written, Black Water ranks with the best of Joyce Carol Oates's already long list of distinguished achievements. It can be read in a single afternoon, but, like every good book, it continues to haunt us. The...
cena: 65,99
Black Water
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Beautiful Days: Stories
 A Garden of Earthly Delights Joyce Carol Oates 9780812968347
Joyce Carol Oates's Wonderland Quartet comprises four remarkable novels that explore social class in America and the inner lives of young Americans. In A Garden of Earthly Delights, Oates presents one of her most memorable heroines, Clara Walpole, the beautiful daughter of Kentucky-born migrant farmworkers. Desperate to rise above her haphazard existence of violence and poverty, determined...
cena: 73,95
A Garden of Earthly Delights
 Jack of Spades Joyce Carol Oates 9781784970994
When a successful writer is accused of plagarism his life - and sanity - begins to unravel.
cena: 47,74
Jack of Spades
 American Appetites Joyce Carol Oates 9780062269232

Finally returned to print in a beautiful new trade paperback edition, American Appetites is classic Joyce Carol Oates--a suspenseful thriller in which the happy facade of an affluent suburban couple crumbles under the weight of tragedy and scandal.

For twenty-six years, Ian McCullough, a demographics researcher at a social science think tank, has been happily married to Glynnis,...

cena: 65,95
American Appetites
Two families. Two faces of America. An act of violence with far-reaching consequences.
cena: 73,68
Book of American Martyrs
 Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong - audiobook Joyce Carol Oates 9781611749601
Readers know that few authors are able to create an atmosphere of unease and terror as well as Oates, a fact confirmed by the four novellas presented here. In the title story, Evil Eye, a young woman has recently become the fourth wife of a highly demanding man. When his first wife comes to stay with them, she warns the new bride that her husband is insane, and that she must find a way to protect...
cena: 125,49
Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong - audiobook
 The Lost Landscape: A Writer's Coming of Age Joyce Carol Oates 9780062408686

Written with the raw honesty and poignant insight that were the hallmarks of her acclaimed bestseller A Widow's Story, an affecting and observant memoir of growing up from one of our finest and most beloved literary masters.

The Lost Landscape is Joyce Carol Oates' vivid chronicle of her hardscrabble childhood in rural western New York State. From memories of her...

cena: 65,95
The Lost Landscape: A Writer's Coming of Age
 I'll Take You There Joyce Carol Oates 9780060501181

"Anellia" is a young student who, though gifted with a penetrating intelligence, is drastically inclined to obsession. Funny, mordant, and compulsive, she falls passionately in love with a brilliant yet elusive black philosophy student. But she is tested most severely by a figure out of her past she'd long believed dead.

Astonishingly intimate and unsparing, and pitiless in exposing the...

cena: 61,97
I'll Take You There
 The Sacrifice Joyce Carol Oates 9780062332981

New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates returns with an incendiary novel that illuminates the tragic impact of sexual violence, racism, brutality, and power on innocent lives and probes the persistence of stereotypes, the nature of revenge, the complexities of truth, and our insatiable hunger for sensationalism.

When a fourteen-year-old girl is the alleged victim of...

cena: 65,95
The Sacrifice
 Oxford Book of American Short Stories Joyce Carol Oates 9780195092622
This volume offers a survey of American short fiction in 59 tales that combine classic works with 'different, unexpected gems', which invite readers to explore a wealth of important pieces by women and minority writers. Authors include: Amy Tan, Alice Adams, David Leavitt and Tim O'Brien.
cena: 86,66
Oxford Book of American Short Stories
 Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror Joyce Carol Oates 9780802126719
Bold and haunting, The Doll-Master and Other Tales is a collection of six psychologically daring stories from Joyce Carol Oates. In the title story, a boy becomes obsessed with his cousin's doll after she tragically passes away, and as he grows older, he begins to collect "found dolls" from surrounding neighborhoods. But just what kind of dolls are they? In "Gun Accident," a teenage girl...
Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror
 The Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction Joyce Carol Oates 9780061661587

A definitive collection of the very best short stories by contemporary American masters

Edited by Joyce Carol Oates, "the living master of the short story" (Buffalo News), and Christopher R. Beha, this volume provides an important overview of the contemporary short story and a selection of the very best that American short fiction has to offer.

cena: 81,87
The Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction
 Middle Age: A Romance Joyce Carol Oates 9780060934903

In Salthill-on-Hudson, a half-hour train ride from Manhattan, everyone is rich, beautiful, and -- though they look much younger -- middle-aged. But when Adam Berendt, a charismatic, mysterious sculptor, dies suddenly in a brash act of heroism, shock waves rock the town. But who was Adam Berendt? Was he in fact a hero, or someone more flawed and human?

cena: 65,95
Middle Age: A Romance
 Widow's Story: A Memoir Joyce Carol Oates 9780007388172
'My husband died, my life collapsed.'
cena: 63,30
Widow's Story: A Memoir
 Sacrifice Joyce Carol Oates 9780008114893
Best-selling author Joyce Carol Oates blends sexual violence, racism, brutality, and power in her latest incendiary novel.
cena: 52,93