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 Individual Christian Responsibility: Robertson's Notes John Robertson 9781505836127
A life of service begins when one becomes a Christian. The hope of eternal heaven resides in the grasp of those who manifest their love toward Jesus by fulfilling his commandments (John 14:15). Each individual has his or her God ordained responsibilities to meet. This study shall examine many of the Christian's individual responsibilities so that we may be pleasing to the Lord (John 6:27-29).
cena: 31,13
Individual Christian Responsibility: Robertson's Notes
 Acts John Robertson 9781491299005
The book of Acts is an introduction to Christianity. It deals with three simple subjects. First, Acts reveals the day that Christ's kingdom, the church, was established. Secondly, we find the beginnings of preachers, apostles, and prophets teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Thirdly, we find varying responses to the gospel message. Some people believed some people...
cena: 82,99
 Truth John Robertson 9781514198353
Jesus said that we can and must understand truth in order to be saved (John 8:32). The reason people do not know and understand truth today is because they do not read (see John 8:43). This booklet identifies the truths of God's Word and explains its value.
cena: 28,60
 Psalms John Robertson 9781502571977
A study of the Psalms will leave you a better person. Your character, approach to life, and faith will all be enriched. We learn more about God and his providential work in our lives by studying the Psalms. Studying the Psalms also awakens our self awareness. We see ourselves for what we really are or what we are not. We are humbled at what we find. Our senses are sharpened so that we identify...
cena: 114,08
 A Father's Love John Robertson 9780881441895
A book written by a father who knows how inadequate he was as a father, and has learned more about what a father should be like by looking at the story of God the Father and His children, from a perspective of A Father's Love for His children, and by relating to his own love for his children and grandchildren. By studying the bible from this perspective He has learned much about The Father's Love...
cena: 57,58
A Father's Love
 The Holy Spirit: Bible Topic Series John Robertson 9781500702465
The Bible Topic Series is a detailed study of the parenthetical numbering system found in Robertson's Notes. Read about every aspect of the Holy Spirit found in the Bible in this study.
cena: 31,13
The Holy Spirit: Bible Topic Series
 Revelation: Robertson's Notes John Robertson 9781481064859
The book of Revelation illustrates the eternal consequences of following a life of sin rather than glorifying God. Satan is depicted as a ferocious red dragon of great power and persuasion. Christ is depicted in the Revelation as eternally glorious and victorious. Each generation of man faces the same things that the previous generation did. Man faces tribulation and powerful temptation in the...
cena: 72,59
Revelation: Robertson's Notes
 Dare to Dream John Robertson 9781481760621
cena: 175,38
Dare to Dream
 The Minor Prophets John Robertson 9781502829986
A study of the Minor Prophets will leave one with a greater reverence and respect for the authorized words of God. As we read these twelve books we are inserted into the lives of those who made the choice to be righteousness and those who chose sin. Those who did not follow God's word were chastised by God as a father would an unruly child. The Lord punished his erring people by way of droughts,...
cena: 89,21
The Minor Prophets
 The Hot Sauce Encyclopedia John Robertson 9781534791053
cena: 171,91
The Hot Sauce Encyclopedia
 What Must I Do to Be Saved: Bible Topic Series John Robertson 9781500880606
The Bible Topic Series is a detailed study of the parenthetical numbering system found in Robertson's Notes. The booklet, "What Must I do to be Saved" answers the most important question one will ever ask in their life. This book examines what the Bible has to say about the matter rather than looking to some man made dogmas.
cena: 31,13
What Must I Do to Be Saved: Bible Topic Series
 John: Robertson's Notes John Robertson 9781539122470
To study the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is to grow closer to Jesus. Too many in this world do not see the real Jesus because they have not spent the time getting to know him through Bible study (see John 7:34). Jesus carried a commanding persona that demanded man's complete attention. Jesus was fearless in the face of intense opposition and expected all men to know and understand his...
cena: 64,33
John: Robertson's Notes
 John Robertson: Super Tramp: My Autobiography John Robertson 9781780575339

The footballing legend reveals all in a humorous memoir that switches engagingly between footballing glory and personal heartache

The unprecedented success of Nottingham Forest under master manager Brian Clough is one of the greatest stories in football folklore. Winning the European Cup in 1979 and 1980 were the remarkable highlights of that era in the club's history, and the player at the...

cena: 47,16
John Robertson: Super Tramp: My Autobiography
 1 and 2 Thessalonians John Robertson 9781503105591
1 and 2 Thessalonians are two epistles addressed to a group of Christians that faced many of the same anxieties and issues that God's people do today. The Apostle Paul spends a considerable amount of space in these two epistles teaching and easing the minds of these new converts in the faith. They had anxiety regarding the second coming of Jesus. The Thessalonians Christians were also being...
cena: 35,28
1 and 2 Thessalonians
 Ezekiel John Robertson 9781491079744
cena: 72,59