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 I, Michael Bennett James Patterson 9781846572692
A South American crime lord has brought New York the worst lawlessness and violence the city has ever seen. Police shot in the street. Judges murdered in the courtroom. Mayhem is unleashed and the mayor demands that Detective Michael Bennett find a way to stop it.
cena: 61,46
I, Michael Bennett
 The Thirteen James Patterson 9781585004782
cena: 134,82
The Thirteen
 Cross Justice James Patterson 9781780892665
Alex cross is going home. But what will he find when he gets there? When his cousin is accused of an unthinkable crime, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in over three decades. Chasing a ghost he believed was long dead, Cross gets pulled into a case involving a string of murders.
cena: 106,68
Cross Justice
 Violets Are Blue James Patterson 9780755379361
Detective Alex Cross must confront his most terrifying nemesis ever-and his own deepest fears-in this electrifying thriller from the master of suspense, James Patterson.
Alex Cross has never believed in vampires. But when two joggers are found slain in a manner that suggests a macabre ritual, he has to reconsider. Someone believes in vampires enough to have committed a series of bizarre...
cena: 33,80
Violets Are Blue
How can you prove your innocence when you can't remember the crime? Being a cop runs in Billy Harney's family. The son of Chicago's Chief of Detectives whose twin sister, Patti, also followed in their father's footsteps, there's nothing Billy won't give up for the job, including his life.
cena: 106,68
Black Book
 Woman of God James Patterson 9780316274029

St. Peter's Square, Rome.
White smoke signals that a new Pope has been chosen.
Is it possible that the new Pope...is a woman?

The world is watching as massive crowds gather in Rome, waiting for news of a new pope, one who promises to be unlike any other in history. It's a turning point that may change the Church forever. Some followers are ecstatic that the movement...
cena: 114,49
Woman of God
 Maximum Ride: Nevermore James Patterson 9780099544135
In the beginning, there was maximum ride... A girl. A fighter. A leader. A superhuman with a mission to save the world. She's gone to the ends of the earth seeking her destiny. And now, the end isn't near... It's here.
cena: 41,38
Maximum Ride: Nevermore
 First Love James Patterson 9780099567660
When Axi Moore decides to take a road trip across the US, the only person she wants to go with her is her best friend Robinson - who she also happens to be secretly in love with. She's planned it all out, and all he has to do is say yes. Axi has had a tough life: her little sister died young, her mother walked out and her father turned to the bottle for comfort. Her parents escaped their grief in...
cena: 56,44
First Love
 Bullseye  Patterson, James 9780099594383
As the most powerful men on earth gather in New York for a meeting of the UN, Detective Michael Bennett receives intelligence warning that there will be an assassination attempt on the US president. Even more shocking, the intelligence suggests that the Russian government could be behind the plot.
cena: 46,40
 16th Seduction James Patterson 9780316274036

The Instant #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the most explosive case of her career.

Lindsay Boxer is learning to love again. After the picture-perfect world she shared with her husband, Joe, and their beautiful young daughter shattered under the weight of Joe's double life, Lindsay is determined to put the...

cena: 118,36
16th Seduction
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Jack & Jill - audiobook
 Mary, Mary James Patterson 9780755349395
A well-known actress has been shot outside her Beverly Hills home. Shortly afterwards, the Los Angeles Times receives an email describing the murder in vivid detail. It is signed Mary Smith. More killings and emails follow. FBI agent Alex Cross and the LAPD scramble to find a pattern before Mary can send another chilling update.
cena: 51,30
Mary, Mary
 Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas James Patterson 9780747267294
A bittersweet and irresistible story about families, loss and new love
cena: 51,42
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
 The Moores Are Missing - audiobook James Patterson 9781478921455
From the world's #1 bestselling writer - 3 pulse-pounding novels in one book

THE MOORES ARE MISSING with Loren D. Estleman: The Moore family just vanished from their home without telling a soul. A last-minute vacation? A kidnapping? A run for their lives? You'll never see the truth coming.

THE HOUSEWIFE with Sam Hawken: Maggie Denning is a former...

cena: 83,58
The Moores Are Missing - audiobook
 Little Black Dress James Patterson 9781786530073
Can a little black dress change everything in her life? Magazine editor Jane Avery spends her nights alone with Netflix and Oreos - until the Dress turns her loose. Suddenly she's surrendering to dark desires, and New York City has become her erotic playground. But what began as a fantasy will go too far... and her next conquest could be her last.
cena: 18,80
Little Black Dress
 The Dangerous Days of Daniel X James Patterson 9780316119702
In the first book of the series, Daniel must conquer the deadly Ergent Seth. The fate of the world rests on Daniel X, and he will have his revenge, whatever the cost. Young adult.
cena: 37,21
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
 Private Vegas - audiobook James Patterson 9781478961246

Las Vegas is a city of contradictions: seedy and glamorous, secretive and wild, Vegas attracts people of all kinds--especially those with a secret to hide, or a life to leave behind. It's the perfect location for Lester Olsen's lucrative business. He gets to treat gorgeous, young women to five-star restaurants, splashy shows, and limo rides--and then he teaches them how to kill. Private Jack...
cena: 83,58
Private Vegas - audiobook
 Along Came a Spider  Patterson James 9781784757397
Along Came a Spider
 Hide and Seek  Patterson James 9781784757434
Hide and Seek