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 So You Want to Do a Solo Show? Gareth Armstrong 9781848420847

A unique guide to every aspect of putting on your own solo show: choosing the subject, raising the finances, booking the venue, and performing it Being a veteran of the solo-show circuit as a writer, performer, and director, Gareth Armstrong is the ideal guide.

cena: 64,69
So You Want to Do a Solo Show?
 Fondly Remembered Gareth Armstrong 9780573113284

Is a man's Memorial Service the right time to tell the truth?

Reunited for the occasion a group of friends gather to celebrate a life. But who are they remembering? A creative genius, a former lover, a bitter rival - or the man who deceived them all? A five-strong cast in a wickedly funny play full of revelations, rediscoveries and revenges.

cena: 87,56
Fondly Remembered
 The Cellist of Sarajevo - audiobook - audiobook Steven Galloway Gareth Armstrong 9789626343333
Steven Galloway constructs his extraordinary novel around the true story of a cellist's resistance in the midst of war-torn Sarajevo. Against this, Galloway touchingly describes three ordinary townspeople and their efforts to retain their humanity, sanity and autonomy as war takes hold of their lives. This bestselling novel is immediate, vivid and deeply affecting on audiobook, fully immersing...
cena: 112,51
The Cellist of Sarajevo - audiobook - audiobook
 The Madman of Bergerac - audiobook Georges Simenon David Bellos Gareth Armstrong 9781511366564

A new translation of Simenon's tense novel, book sixteen in the Maigret series. "He recalled his travelling companion's agitated sleep was it really sleep? his sighs and his sobbing. Then the two dangling legs, the patent-leather shoes and hand-knitted socks. An insipid face. Glazed eyes. And Maigret was not surprised to see a grey beard eating into his cheeks." A distressed passenger leaps...

cena: 47,52
The Madman of Bergerac - audiobook
 Felicie - audiobook Georges Simenon David Coward Gareth Armstrong 9781531835828

Imperious, clever, mysterious: Maigret meets his match in the alluring form of Felicie in book 25 of the new Penguin Maigret series.

In his mind's eye he would see that slim figure in the striking clothes, those wide eyes the colour of forget-me-not, the pert nose and especially the hat, that giddy crimson bonnet perched on the top of her head with a bronze-green feather shaped like a...

cena: 47,52
Felicie - audiobook
 A Case for Shylock: Around the World with Shakespeare's Jew Gareth Armstrong Judi Dench 9781854597854

Gareth Armstrong has performed his solo play Shylock over 600 times in more than 30 countries. Traveling the world from San Francisco to Sri Lanka, his myriad encounters have enriched both him and the show, adding ever more threads to his one-man story of the Jew and the Jewish people.

cena: 133,73
A Case for Shylock: Around the World with Shakespeare's Jew