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 Katie in the Kitchen Fran Manushkin 9781404857247
Katie Woo wanted to help her mom, so she started dinner on her own. She was enjoying her time in the kitchen when she heard a strange noise.. Was there a ghost cooking up something too?
cena: 91,08
Katie in the Kitchen
 Boss of the World Fran Manushkin 9781404860582
It was supposed to be a fun day at the beach, but Katie Woo is being bossy. Can she stop being bossy and have fun with her friends?
cena: 22,51
Boss of the World
 Katie Woo's Crazy Critter Jokes Fran Manushkin 9781515809753
Katie Woo has enjoyed lots of funny animal adventures, so naturally, she knows a few great animal jokes too. Laugh along with Katie's collection of animal knock-knocks, riddles, and more. Katie includes tips on telling jokes too.
cena: 30,72
Katie Woo's Crazy Critter Jokes
 Katie and the Fancy Substitute Fran Manushkin 9781479551880
Every day, Katie Woo is excited to go to school to see Miss Winkle. Except one day, Miss Winkle is sick and fancy Miss Bliss is there, teaching in her place. Katie wants to impress her new teacher, but no matter what she does, she just can't get it right.
cena: 91,08
Katie and the Fancy Substitute
 Best Season Ever Fran Manushkin 9781404857308
Pedro says winter is the best. JoJo thinks summer is number one. For Katie Woo, spring is tops! So who is right? Which is the best season ever?
cena: 91,08
Best Season Ever
 Big Girl Panties Fran Manushkin 9780307931528
Big Girl Panties features a light, positive approach to motivate toddlers to become toilet trained. What could be more rewarding for a little girl than wearing big girl panties, just like mommy? Adult caregivers and toddlers alike will love the snappy, rhyming text and colorful, hip illustrations. Valeria Petrone's stylized artwork ensures that this commercial yet heartwarming book will...
cena: 39,10
Big Girl Panties
 A Nervous Night Fran Manushkin 9781404860605
Lets young readers to join the adventures of Katie Woo, a spunky, stylish and sassy schoolgirl.
cena: 22,51
A Nervous Night
 Katie Woo's Hilarious Holiday Jokes Fran Manushkin 9781515809722
Make this collection of laughs part of your holday traditions. Katie Woo and her friends can't wait to make you giggle with this collection of holiday-themed jokes. Also included are tips on how to tell a joke, sure to make you the funniest person at the party.
cena: 91,08
Katie Woo's Hilarious Holiday Jokes
 Katie and the Fancy Substitute Fran Manushkin 9781479551903
Every day, Katie Woo is excited to go to school to see Miss Winkle. Except one day, Miss Winkle is sick and fancy Miss Bliss is there, teaching in her place. Katie wants to impress her new teacher, but no matter what she does, she just can't get it right.
cena: 30,72
Katie and the Fancy Substitute
 A Happy Day Fran Manushkin 9781404854963
Katie Woo has a wonderful life. From morning to night, lots of things make her feel good. Katie loves having a happy day!
cena: 91,08
A Happy Day
 The Best Club Fran Manushkin 9781479596416
Katie Woo would love to be part of Sophie's club, but it seems like Sophie doesn't think Katie is special enough. In fact, no one is How will Katie and her friends manage to join the best club around?
cena: 22,51
The Best Club
 Make-Believe Class Fran Manushkin 9781404857322
Katie Woo's teacher, Miss Winkle, is the best teacher around. One day, it was cold and gloomy. But Miss Winkle showed her students how to warm up the day by using their imaginations. Who knew a gray day could be so fun?
cena: 91,08
Make-Believe Class
 Belly Book Fran Manushkin 9781447225935
Bellies come in all shapes and sizes: baby bellies, grown-up bellies, animal bellies. Some bellies are soft. Some bellies are firm. Round or flat, all bellies deserve a happy pat Celebrate your belly too with this funny book about tummies.
cena: 43,14
Belly Book
 Too Much Rain Fran Manushkin 9781404854949
One day it rains so much that Katie Woo and her family have to take shelter at the high school gym. Katie feels strange sleeping in the gym, and she is worried about her house. Will it ever stop raining?
cena: 91,08
Too Much Rain
 The Big Lie Fran Manushkin 9781404860551
Jake's new toy plane is missing. No one knows where it is, except Katie Woo. But Katie wants to keep the plane. What should she do?
cena: 22,51
The Big Lie
 Katie Woo's Funny Friends and Family Jokes Fran Manushkin 9781515809777
Katie Woo has some of the funniest friends and family around, so it is no surprise that she has a joke book filled with laughs all about them. Her jokes about Pedro, JoJo, and her mom and dad are sure to make you giggle. Then learn how to tell jokes yourself with Katie's tips. A glossary rounds out this fun-filled book.
cena: 30,72
Katie Woo's Funny Friends and Family Jokes
 No More Teasing Fran Manushkin 9781404854925
A mean boy always teases Katie Woo. It makes Katie sad and mad. How can she make the bully stop teasing her?
cena: 91,08
No More Teasing
 Goodbye to Goldie Fran Manushkin 9781404860575
Katie Woo's dog, Goldie, was very old. Goldie became sick and died. Katie will miss her friend. She is glad that she has lots of happy memories of Goldie.
cena: 22,51
Goodbye to Goldie
 Katie Woo's Silly School Jokes Fran Manushkin 9781515809746
Katie Woo loves to make her teacher Miss Winkle laugh with this collection of school-themed jokes. You can make your classmates giggle too with knock-knocks, riddles, and more. At the end of the book, be sure to check out Katie's joke-telling tips and helpful glossary.
cena: 91,08
Katie Woo's Silly School Jokes
 Keep Dancing, Katie Fran Manushkin 9781479551873
Katie loves to dance, but when a new girl, Mattie, joins her dance class, dancing just isn't as fun. Mattie can spin faster and jump higher than Katie, and Katie is jealous. Will Katie stop worrying about Mattie and remember how fun it is to just keep dancing?
cena: 91,08
Keep Dancing, Katie