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 The Black Witch of Mexico Colin Falconer 9781621252177
Would you sell your soul to have anything you wanted? Adam Prescott has everything; he's earning big money as an emergency specialist at one of Boston's biggest hospitals, he has a fancy apartment in Beacon Hill, everything is working out fine. But when his girlfriend dumps him, it hits him harder than he expected, and he lets himself spiral. On the advice of his boss he takes a sabbatical in...
cena: 61,43
The Black Witch of Mexico
 Godless: Book V in the Opium Series Colin Falconer 9781621251170
We have every respect for persons entertaining strict religious principles, but we fear that very godly people are not suited to the drug trade. - James Matheson co-founder of Jardine Matheson. 'Your father is a pit bull who has to tell himself he is a romantic because otherwise he would lie awake at night screaming at his own evil. He is the devil with a brandy balloon. All my life I try and...
cena: 61,43
Godless: Book V in the Opium Series
 Isabela Colin Falconer 9788075070265
cena: 57,67
 Stigmata Colin Falconer 9788074614163
Krveprolití křížové výpravy znamená peklo na zemi.

Píše se rok 1205 a rytíř Filip de Vercy bojuje s nevěřícími ve Svaté zemi. Po dlouhých měsících strádání a krvavých bitev se vrací domů, ale ani ve Francii ho nic příjemného nečeká. Jeho milovaná žena zemřela při porodu a jeho malý syn je vážně nemocný. Jakmile se Filip doslechne o léčitelce z...
cena: 57,67
 Rough Justice Colin Falconer 9781621252115
cena: 66,02
Rough Justice
 The Certainty of Doing Evil Colin Falconer 9781621252160
Book II in the brand new crime series by International Bestselling Author Colin Falconer 'The unique and supreme pleasure of love lies in the certainty of doing evil' She is naked. She is spreadeagled on a torture rack in a basement. She is dead. Well, this is what happens when you don't vet your clients properly. Madeleine Fox supposes she shouldn't yawn over a naked, dead woman but it is four...
cena: 66,02
The Certainty of Doing Evil
 Harem Colin Falconer 9781495408748
cena: 84,41
 Aztec Colin Falconer 9781494220099
cena: 84,41
 Zion Colin Falconer 9781621250975
Book 3 in the Jerusalem series: The story of how Israel became Palestine Anything would be better than this, Netanel Rosenberg thought. Anything at all. Even Auschwitz. 1946: after surviving the concentration camps, Netanel Rosenberg finds himself shipwrecked on a beach in Israel, and people are still shooting at him. This time it's the British. But at least in Zion, the Jews are organized and...
cena: 52,23
 The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The Dark Lady Colin Falconer 9781621252313
It is not easy having the same name as one of London's darlings. People make comparisons, and you are then forever known as the loafer, the idiot cousin, the burden. He had come to London to make something of himself, like his cousin THE William Shakespeare, but instead of fame and fortune there is just the humiliation of living penniless in Will's loft and having his heart broken by a titled and...
cena: 52,23
The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The Dark Lady
 Stigmata Colin Falconer 9781621251224
cena: 84,41
 Opium Colin Falconer 9781621250777
Vientiane, 1960. Laos is a sleepy post-colonial backwater, run by generals and at war with the communist Pathet Lao in the north. Corsican gangsters, left behind after the French departure five years before, run the opium trade, flying raw opium out of the mountains to Bangkok and Saigon. The most celebrated of the milieu is Rocco Bonaventure, cursed with a daughter who turns heads everywhere she...
cena: 52,23
 Istanbul Colin Falconer 9781621251071
cena: 75,21
 Valhalla Atlantis Colin Falconer 9781621252740
THE APOCALYPSE IS NOW "They set out that day to sail for Vinland. Tromdur Svensson planned to be away for just three years. How the gods were laughing at him, at all of them, on that day." -from The Saga of Harold Half-Face 1000 AD. When the North Men from Ingolfsfell sail from their icy fjord in a single longboat, to establish a settlement across the great sea, they thought they would be gone...
cena: 89,01
Valhalla Atlantis
 The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The School of Night Colin Falconer 9781621252139
"My name is William Shakespeare. No, not that Shakespeare; and no jests please, I've heard them all. I'm the other one, the ne'er do well cousin, the loafer, known to family and friends as the dunce, the one who could not recite Cicero or Horace, who could never be as good as his clever cuz, the one who has just come to Bishopsgate from Stratford with silly dreams in his head and a longing to...
cena: 47,63
The William Shakespeare Detective Agency: The School of Night
 Stigmata Colin Falconer 9780857891136
1205 AD: As the brutal Cathar crusades sweep through France, a Christian Knight and a persecuted Cathar woman must choose between God, love, and honour. A historical blockbuster for fans of Ken Follett and Kate Mosse.
cena: 54,06
 Corrigan's Run Colin Falconer 9781621251231
cena: 61,43
Corrigan's Run
 Freedom Colin Falconer 9781494220310
Book 1 in the Jerusalem series: The story of how Israel became Palestine It is 1933 and two young women from very different worlds face an uncertain future. Both are in love, but both are faced with an impossible choice. Marie Helder is a butcher's daughter in a little town in Bavaria, as Germany begins its love affair with Hitler and National Socialism. She has a schoolgirl crush on a boy in her...
cena: 52,23
 Israel Colin Falconer 9781621250982
The story of how Palestine became Israel And Rishou Hass'an thought: How many more sons must I bury? Every father on both sides of the divide are now thinking the same thing; the United Nations votes for partition, giving the Jews their own state for the first time since the time of the Romans. But in reality it just means all out war, with the armies of Egypt And Syria and Jordan mass on the...
cena: 52,23

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