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cena: 75,59
Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge
 Bound to the Billionaire Chantelle Shaw 9780263920710
Captive in His Castle Drago Cassari would stake his business on the fact that Jess Harper is a thief and a liar. In order to protect his family, he must keep her close. But, captive in his palazzo, feisty Jess soon gets under his skin. Drago knows he is a fool, but Jess is like a fire in his blood...
cena: 38,25
Bound to the Billionaire
 Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest Chantelle Shaw 9780263256826
Taming the playboy prince
Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar may be Europe's most notorious playboy, but since his bride-to-be finally came of age, he's sworn to be faithful to the princess he's never met.
Yet when feisty helicopter pilot Lexi Howard saves his life, she turns Kadir's regimented world upside down. His first duty must be to his country, but avoiding the sensual pilot is becoming...
cena: 86,26
Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest
 Master of Her Innocence Chantelle Shaw 9780263916263
The purest of diamonds
cena: 27,58
Master of Her Innocence
 Acquired by Her Greek Boss  Shaw, Chantelle 9780263923995
A mistress to seal the deal...
cena: 27,58
Acquired by Her Greek Boss
 Heir to His Legacy Chantelle Shaw 9780263920796
His Unexpected Legacy Sergio Castellano is dealing with a scandal of epic proportions. An alleged engagement, the arrival of an ex-lover and a business deal in ruins. Throw into the mix a three-year-old son he never knew he had - he's furious!
cena: 38,25
Heir to His Legacy
 To Wear His Ring Again Chantelle Shaw 9780263256413
For better or for worse?
Desertion. The word sticks in Isobel Blake's throat. How dare Marchese Constantin de Severino accuse her of abandonment? Their marriage might have been hasty, but the loss of their child nearly destroyed her and Constantin was nowhere to be found.
Having rebuilt her life, Isobel will use her newfound confidence to confront her powerful husband and end their...
cena: 86,26
To Wear His Ring Again
 Mistress of His Revenge Chantelle Shaw 9780373134069

Dressed in Delgado's diamonds

No longer the Brazilian boy born to the streets, Cruz Delgado is the renowned owner of a diamond empire. There is still one dent in his pride: aristocratic Sabrina Bancroft, the only woman to ever walk away from him.

With Sabrina's beloved home under threat, Cruz sees his chance for revengehe will help Sabrina if she becomes his mistress. Having her at his...

cena: 27,94
Mistress of His Revenge
 Seduccion Despiadada: (Ruthless Seduction) Chantelle Shaw 9780373521548



La supermodelo Anneliese Christiansen parecia tenerlo todo: exito profesional, amigos famosos y la adoracion de la prensa. Y tenia motivos mas que suficientes para resistirse al poder de seduccion del millonario griego Damon Kouvaris

Damon esperaba que la fria y hermosa Anneliese acabase en su cama, pero estaba a punto de descubrir que no...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 07-02-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Seduccion Despiadada: (Ruthless Seduction)
cena: 78,31
At Dante's Service
 Master of Her Innocence Chantelle Shaw 9780373139309

The purest of diamonds

When renowned diamond magnate Diego Cazorra is asked to escort Sister Clare Marchant halfway across Brazil, he feels duty-bound to get her thereafter all, without the help of the church he'd still be on the streets. But the look in Clare's innocent eyes tempts him like no other

After it's revealed that Clare is only disguised as a nun to save her kidnapped sister,...

cena: 32,28
Master of Her Innocence
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
Acquired by Her Greek Boss
Captured by Cassari Drago Cassari would stake his multinational business on the fact that Jess Harper is a thief and a liar.i In order to protect his family he must keep her close.i But, captive in his palazzo, feisty Jess soon gets under his skin. Drago knows he's a fool, but Jess is like a fire in his blood...For Jess, being with Drago is like heaven and hell - exquisite nights give way to...
cena: 80,92
Captive in His Castle
cena: 80,92
Greek's Acquisition
 The Secret He Must Claim Chantelle Shaw 9780373060900
Planowany termin premiery książki: 18-07-2017
Książkę można już zamówić z rabatem 5%
The Secret He Must Claim
Salvatore Castallano is haunted by the accident that left a blank in his memory. His young daughter is the one bright light in his dark existence and he'll do anything for her...Even if that means moving a delicious temptation under his roof Darcy Rivers can't refuse Salvatore's proposal. Unemployed and fleeing the memories of her recent divorce, time in the grand Torre d'Aquilla castle maybe...
cena: 80,92
Secrets of a Powerful Man
 Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress Chantelle Shaw 9780263200775
cena: 78,31
Di Cesare's Pregnant Mistress
 Trapped by Vialli's Vows Chantelle Shaw 9780373134670

Escapingwith his heir

After falling for the notorious Italian tycoon, waitress Marnie Clarke is horrified to discover thatin Leandro Vialli's worldshe's "his dirty little secret." It breaks her fragile heart and she flees with her dignityand their unborn baby

Leandro refused to believe the child was his until a paternity test proved him wrong. So when a shocking...

cena: 27,94
Trapped by Vialli's Vows
 Acquired by Her Greek Boss Chantelle Shaw 9780373060436

A mistress to seal the deal

Greek tycoon Alekos Gionakis thought he knew the value of his secretary, but her newly transformed appearanceand surprising secret parentagehas him reappraising his most precious asset

Alekos knows that he can offer beautiful Sara Lovejoy the ability to meet her family, under his protection, while also securing a secret...

cena: 29,06
Acquired by Her Greek Boss

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